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Microstock photography is a business model of sourcing and licensing of images. Images are sourced from a wide spectrum of photographers, not limiting to professionals alone. Microstock photography’s biggest lure is the prospect of making money with very limited tools.

Notwithstanding, Microstock photography has become extremely competitive and a highly congested platform in the light of more and more photographers joining the bandwagon. As a result, every Microstock photography company has raised their bar for acceptance of new photos with each one going through a series of quality and policy checks before being admitted as a part of the company’s stock image offering.

A reason why new entrants often find themselves working harder than ever and making less money than what the pioneers of stock photography used to make some 15-20 years ago. To compound the problem, Microstock prices have come down significantly which can be a deterrent for new entrants to look at Microstock as a source of regular income.

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