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Editor’s Key Takeaways: Top Custom Photo Puzzles

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If you’re looking to commemorate a photograph or create a thoughtful gift, turning a photo into a custom puzzle is a great option. This blog post highlights the best custom photo puzzle prints for 2024, outlining the top eight products available.

  • Pictorem: Offers vibrant, rich color puzzles through a high-end dye sublimation process. Unique options include hearts and various sizes up to 1000 pieces. Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • CanvasChamp: Offers puzzles ranging from 6 to 1056 pieces with thick, durable materials. Reasonably priced but largest size is 20 x 20 inches.
  • Ravensburger: Premium quality puzzles known for their excellent fit and rich images.
  • Piczzle: Easy-to-use service with affordable options and quick shipping.
  • Shutterfly: Customizable puzzles with various sizes and a simple design interface.
  • PuzzleYou: Versatile puzzles with options for very large sizes and personalization.
  • Wentworth Wooden Puzzles: High-quality wooden puzzles with intricate, artistic designs.

Photo puzzles offer a fun and interactive way to cherish your memories, providing lasting enjoyment for yourself or as a thoughtful gift.

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If you’re looking to commemorate a photograph – or just create a thoughtful gift – then why not turn one of your gorgeous files into a custom puzzle?

Of course, picking the best custom photo puzzle can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we wrote this article. Below, we share our top eight favorite puzzle products, all of which allow you to upload a file and create a beautiful puzzle of your own.

1. Pictorem

Our Pick
Best for color images

If you like vibrant and flashy colors, you’ve found the right puzzle!

Excellent color
Sell beautiful, heart-shaped puzzles
Real human doing quality control
Heart puzzles only have 25 pieces

Pictorem is a well-rounded print lab that lets you print your favorite images on various products, including puzzles, and boy, do they look grand! Pictorem’s puzzles are very vibrant and rich in color, thanks to a dye sublimation process you’ll typically only see in high-end prints.

Also, unique are the shape options; you can actually make a heart-shaped puzzle, for instance, rather than just your average rectangle or square. Sure, the heart puzzle is only 25 pieces, but it can make for a fun family game night for children, not to mention a nice coffee table display. And Pictorem also offers puzzles up to 1000 pieces geared toward adults.

With a satisfaction guarantee and a real human reviewing all puzzle orders, you’ll love your Pictorem puzzle for years to come.

2. CanvasChamp

Best Value
Long-lasting puzzles

Made with long-term use in mind, CanvasChamp makes durable puzzle pieces.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Up to 1056 piece puzzles
Puzzle pieces are hardy and intended for lots of use
Reasonable prices
20 x 20 is the largest puzzle size

CanvasChamp puzzles range from six pieces all the way to 1056 pieces, and at very reasonable prices, too. The company offers a tremendous amount of print product options, from 3D photo lamps to plaques, and its puzzles are some of the best.

CanvasChamp emphasizes longevity, making the puzzle pieces thick and supported by a firm backing; that way, they can be assembled, taken apart, and reassembled countless times without wear and tear. 

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However, the largest size they print is 20 x 20, which is smaller than leading competitors (though still on the large side, of course). 

3. Ravensburger

Also Great
Specialty shop for puzzles

If the beautiful quality of German games strike your fancy, this is the way to go.

Excl. tax, excl. Shipping Cost

Incredible quality
Specializing in puzzles
Amazing traditional puzzle tin included
Satisfying click when pieces come together
Can be a long delivery time

Ravensburger is a well-known name in the conventional puzzle industry, but in addition to high-quality standard puzzles, they’ve been creating custom photo puzzles for a long time.

Ranging from 100 pieces all the way to 1000 pieces – there are numerous options to choose from – puzzles come in a traditional puzzle tin, which may (depending on your age) bring back childhood memories. The box can even be personalized with a greeting of up to 40 characters. 

What makes this brand stand out? Primarily the incredible quality. Pieces make a satisfying click when put together and are designed to be both sturdy and solid. The finish is a nice matte texture. 

4. Piczzle

As fun to say as it is to play

If traditional puzzles aren’t your jam, this lab offers magnetic puzzles, too.

Option to make magnetic puzzles
Great customer service
Can have significant delays during the holiday season

With a name such as Piczzle, the company sounds like fun; fortunately, they don’t disappoint. While Piczzle offers many of the same products as other puzzle companies, they stand out thanks to their magnetic puzzle option. Although the magnetic puzzles are more for a beautiful display than a fun game (they’re low in piece count), they still look quite eye-catching and lovely. 

Thanks to a decade of experience in the puzzle business, Piczzle knows what they are doing. The prints are beautiful and look quite glossy, while customer service has been touted as top-notch by independent reviewers, though with a complaint here and there about product delays during the holiday season (December). 

For those who want to add a bit more excitement to their puzzle, there are also drag-and-drop designs. 

5. Shutterfly

A one-stop shop for puzzles (and more)

Shutterfly is a big name in the print and product world; while you’re shopping, grab a puzzle.

Decent quality
Great prices
Does not specialize in puzzles

One of the biggest names in the photography print world, Shutterfly is a consumer-oriented print lab. It’s used by photographers of all stripes, from professionals to complete beginners, and Shutterfly has a long-standing reputation as a convenient and versatile print store.

Now, puzzles aren’t necessarily Shutterfly’s specialty, though if you’re ordering a slew of different products and are looking for a nifty little custom puzzle, you can pop one into your cart (and you certainly won’t end up dissatisfied).

Shutterfly puzzles have various pre-made designs you can choose from, or you can just upload one full-page image. The results are still beautiful, but may not be as thick as alternative options.

6. PuzzleYou

Another specialty shop

If you really can’t choose what photograph to use, why not use them all!

Specializes in puzzles
Add up to a 65-image collage
High-quality piece cuts
No top-notch quality control

PuzzleYou is another specialty store, capable of creating various puzzles for clients and photographers. You can add up to 65 photographs to a single puzzle (though if you add the maximum number of images, each one will be pretty small in the final product).

All the pieces feature high-quality cuts, which helps them fit together beautifully, along with a matte finish. To sweeten the deal, PuzzleYou offers a 15-year replacement guarantee should something happen to your puzzle (or a piece or two goes missing). 

Note that you should upload a high-quality image for printing because PuzzleYou doesn’t monitor pixelation as much as other brands. 

7. Wentworth Wooden Puzzles

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles
Wentworth Wooden Puzzles
Unique puzzle piece shapes are their specialty

For ultimate personalization, you can make differently shaped puzzles pieces.

Specialty company with very high-quality results
Make custom puzzle piece shapes
Wentworth staff can help you decide on piece shapes
Longer creation time (it can take about 10 days to make a puzzle)

Who needs boring old puzzle pieces, anyway? Wentworth Wooden Puzzles lets you select stilettos, flowers, hats, toys, and so much more than custom puzzle piece shapes. And if you’re not sure what shapes would work best, you can let Wentworth professionals pick out the piece style.

To go even fancier, you can even have letter-cut-out pieces! This allows you to personalize a message in words, making the puzzle even more memorable. 

It does take about 10 days to make the puzzle, so you should factor this in if ordering as a gift. But the wait is well worth it! 

Which Custom Photo Puzzle Is Right for You?

Jigsaw puzzles may all look the same at first glance, but they are certainly not! Although the best custom photo puzzles depend on personal preference, our overall favorite is Pictorem. Their puzzles are quality, and it really shows! For budget conscious buyers, CanvasChamp seems to offer the best value overall, especially with their frequent sales.

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