The 10 Best Photo Blankets You Can Buy in 2024

Few things in this world are more comfortable than a warm, fluffy, soft blanket on a cold day! Blankets make excellent gifts for loved ones, and they’re also great home accessories.

So, why not kick things up a notch and make your blanket personal and memorable? Using one of these 10 great labs, you can order one of the best photo blankets available in 2024!

Mpix personalized photo blanket of little girls holding pets that reads Love You Lots! Mia, Belle, Cindy & Del
Photo blanket from Mpix

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1. Mpix

Our Pick
The best photo blankets around

Mpix is the consumer version of a famous professional print lab, and the quality of the photographs on the custom blankets is incredible.

Absolutely superb image quality
Machine washable and soft
Quick turnaround time
Great price for the quality
Limited size and material options

Mpix, the consumer subdivision of Miller’s (one of the largest print labs in the country), offers a wide array of photo gift products for both the professional photographer and the everyday family. Custom photo blankets happen to be one of Mpix’s many options, and they’re a popular choice during the colder seasons! 

Three blanket sizes are available, ranging from 30” x 40” to 60” x 80”, which makes Mpix a great choice for baby blankets, twin-sized throws, and everything in between. Each blanket is machine washable and made of soft, fluffy fleece, so you can enjoy both comfort and ease of use. 

You can choose from lots of pre-made templates (and use a simple drag-and-drop interface), or you can design your own blanket from scratch. Mpix’s printers have been doing wonders with photography for years, and the blankets are no exception. 

2. Shutterfly

Also Great
Great blankets with plenty of templates

Shutterfly may love to advertise, but the photo blankets speak for themselves.

Lots of blanket fabric options to choose from
Great templates available
You can add text to the design
Some offerings are a bit pricey

Like Mpix, Shutterfly also has a wide assortment of blankets that can feature your photographs! The company is frequently seen advertising on social media and Google, but those who click on the ads generally don’t regret it. Although Shutterfly is more consumer-oriented than other types of labs, the impressive range of products makes the company a fine choice. 

Shutterfly has several different types of blanket materials, including fleece, plush, sherpa, and sweatshirt. The fleece, plush, and sherpa options are great for the home, whether you plan to use them as a couch throw or a bed cover, while the sweatshirt option is excellent for outdoor sports games and enjoying nature.

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Like Mpix, Shutterfly has lots of templates to pick from, including some collage and text options.

3. Costco

Budget Pick
A decent consumer option

Costco is more than a wholesale club, and the photo lab even offers blankets (in very large sizes, too!).

Affordable prices
Blankets are surprisingly nice for a consumer lab
Fast turnaround
Easy-to-use interface and great customer service
Requires a membership
A consumer-grade lab

Although Costco is frequently seen as a wholesale club for groceries and TVs, the company does have a print lab for consumers to use. The sizes are surprisingly large – blankets go up to an impressive 60” x 80” – so they’re perfect for wrapping up by the fire.

Screenshot of Costco Photo Center page showing a 50x60 plush fleece blanket product.
Costco’s blankets are very affordable, and the quality isn’t bad, either.

Although Costco is very much a consumer lab and you can’t expect the same attention to detail as a professional printing company, the quality is still very nice and the average person may not notice any small issues. What makes Costco especially great, however, is the store’s efficiency. Prints are produced at record speeds and are available soon after placing the order. That’s why Costco is great for last-minute gifts!

4. CanvasDiscount

A decent, budget-friendly option

Want a nice blanket that won’t break the bank? This lab may be a good choice.

Outstanding print quality, especially for the price
Large sizes available
Thousands of happy reviews
Very limited options

A print lab focused on bringing affordable options to your front door, CanvasDiscount has some lovely photo blankets that you can order right now! Making a blanket isn’t a hassle; simply upload your image of choice, select the blanket size, indicate whether you want a smooth or plush fabric, and hit that “Buy” button!

Though the options are fairly limited and the blankets use a single image, the quality of the print is truly outstanding. Your blanket will undoubtedly impress friends, family, and neighbors alike!

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Bottom line: CanvasDiscount is an amazing company that produces amazing products (if the 13,000+ great reviews didn’t already make that clear).

5. Vistaprint

Perfect for marketing materials

You may know Vistaprint thanks to its popular business-marketing products, but the photo blankets are good, too.

Great prices for large sizes
Quick turnaround time
Cheap (often free) shipping
Extremely limited options

Vistaprint probably isn’t the print shop you think of for custom blankets, but the company has started offering various fun gifts. Originally established as a business-marketing product lab, Vistaprint rose to fame due to its business cards, pamphlets, and other such marketing materials. 

Now that Vistaprint is an established name with great printers, the company has expanded into the photo gift category, and custom photo blankets are just one such product.

Although the blanket options are very limited compared to competitors, prices are fantastic for such large sizes. And just think of all the things you could do with blankets and business cards as marketing materials.

6. Walmart

Great for food, things, and (inexpensive) photo blankets!

Although photographers tend to shy away from Walmart prints, the blankets are surprisingly good.

Very convenient
Good prices
Great for last-minute needs
Print quality isn’t as good as professional labs

If you require convenience and affordability above all else, your friendly neighborhood Walmart can help! Walmart offers a variety of printing services, and while photographers tend to steer clear of the company’s paper and canvas prints, the photo products are surprisingly good! It seems the Walmart lab uses a different printer for gift-type products (one with more color inks). 

Thanks to an easy ordering process, Walmart is a good choice if you need to grab a few last-minute gifts. And the photo-blanket options are both wide-ranging and well-priced.

7. Personalization Mall

Personalization Mall
Personalization Mall
Great for home decor

As a company that specializes in personalizing your home, Personalization Mall lets you buy pillows and blankets all at once.

Lots of products
Really beautiful print quality
The cuddle wrap is a fun blanket-like product offering
On the pricier side

Need a custom photo blanket and some matching pillows? Personalization Mall has you covered! This long-standing product lab has a great reputation when it comes to custom photo gifts, and the quality of its printing is amazing, too. Blanket images come out sharp, clear, and lovely. 

Thanks to a vast array of elegant designs – and a make-your-own option – Personalization Mall has a lot to choose from. In fact, you could redecorate your entire home with PM offerings! The company even offers cuddle wraps, which are blankets with pockets so you can completely wrap yourself up.

8. Zazzle

Lots of customizable options

The go-to store for fun gifts and decor, Zazzle lets you customize blankets with any art piece.

Use any art for your blanket
Lots of custom photo gifts
Solid quality
Prices can be a bit high

Each year Zazzle pops up as a great gift option, and for good reason. A lab that doesn’t really focus on photographs printed in traditional formats, Zazzle specializes in products that’ll make anyone happy, including wedding invitations, tableware, photo pillows, and blankets! Zazzle is a pro at it all. 

Zazzle’s photo blankets are completely customizable, and you don’t even necessarily need a photograph. You can use Zazzle to print your drawings, patterns, and so much more. 

9. Snapfish

A worthwhile premium option

Snapfish is very similar to other consumer labs, but one of its premium products deserves notice.

Similar perks as Shutterfly and other such labs
The Premium Berber Fleece blanket is outstanding
Lots of sales
On the pricier side for a consumer lab

Snapfish is a consumer-oriented lab with an assortment of custom product offerings. While most of the options are similar to those offered by other labs on this list, we’ve highlighted Snapfish due to its Premium Berber Fleece blanket option, which is simply incredible.

Premium Berber Fleece is a comfortable and soft material that’s easy to care for and can certainly take a beating. The way the fleece is made ensures very vibrant prints, so your photographs will certainly look nice and colorful!

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10. Nations Photo Lab

Nations Photo Lab
Nations Photo Lab
Offers high-quality and affordable blankets

While Nations specializes in photos (rather than photo gifts), the blanket quality is fantastic.

Amazing image quality
Great prices
Lots of sales
Limited blanket options and sizes

Nations Photo Lab is similar to Mpix in that it’s a consumer lab for all things photography! Although the designs and options are very limited, the quality of the blanket images is amazing; every print features fantastic clarity, sharpness, and color rendering. This means a great deal to photographers (as sharpness and colors are the characteristics we focus on most!).

Given the quality of the blankets, you might expect to see steep prices, yet Nations manages to keep costs reasonable. No, the blankets aren’t super cheap, but thanks to frequent sales, the prices are very decent.

Get Cozy with an Amazing Photo Blanket!

Well, there you have it: 10 great blankets. If picking the perfect product still feels overwhelming, try to determine your preferred blanket size, material, and number of images, then select your lab from there.

We really love Mpix due to its high-quality blankets and reasonable prices. But Shutterfly is also great, and for budget-oriented consumers, CanvasDiscount and Costco are both fantastic choices.

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