Best Online Printing Services for Artists (10 Picks in 2022)

Whether you’re a photographer, painter, or digital designer, having a physical copy of your work is certainly satisfying! Gone are the days of traveling across town for the only print lab in a 50-mile radius; the internet has connected creators with labs all over the country.

Therefore, finding the right online printing service to bring your artwork to life is a pretty big deal. This is our list of the best online printing services for artists, which preserve original colors and offer a slew of gorgeous paper options.

best printing services for artists
There are many great online printing services for artists!

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1. Canvaspop

An excellent canvas lab with a unique twist

If you want your canvas prints done right, a specialty shop might be the best choice!

High-quality canvas prints
A variety of other options, including collages
You don’t need a high-resolution image for a large print
Great price and lifetime warranty
Limited printing options
Digital images made into paintings are limited to pets only

With a name like Canvaspop, you can probably guess what this company’s most popular product is! But believe it or not, Canvaspop offers much more than just canvas prints.

canvaspop 2

The print lab offers canvases, as well as framed prints (made of archival inks on fine-art paper), print collages, and triptych canvases. Canvaspop even offers the option to have your digital images converted into paintings (although the service is limited to pet photos at this time)! The company also lets you purchase wall art created by other artists, so you can always test out the products with a print or two!

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Something that makes Canvaspop an enticing print service for artists is that you don’t need to upload a massively high-resolution image. Yes, it’s always better to work with a higher resolution image, but that isn’t a requirement at Canvaspop. Why? Because the in-house designers can help smooth the image out and make it look great. Pretty neat! 

2. Miller’s Professional Imaging

A professional and consumer line for your needs

The largest print lab in the country, Miller’s offers a very large selection of options (including a consumer division with lower prices).

Professional line offers tons of options
Consumer line is very affordable
Extremely fast production and shipping
Gorgeous dropshipping design for clients
Professional line is expensive
Requires registration to use the professional line

Many have heard of Miller’s Professional Imaging and Mpix, but did you know they’re actually the same company?

In fact, Miller’s is the largest print lab in the country, and the store offers an impressive array of products to choose from. With a slew of papers, finishes, colors, and products, Miller’s easily draws in the pros of the industry. 

millers 1

But with pro-grade services comes a pro-grade price. For many consumers, Miller’s is just too expensive. Thankfully, Miller’s created Mpix so consumers could still access quality services at a fraction of the price. Sure, Mpix has fewer options and lower-grade papers and finishes, but the prices are much better! Plus, the quality sacrifice is not really noticeable to the non-professional eye.

Miller’s and Mpix together offer a tremendous number of fine art paper options so you can breathe life into any art piece. For those making prints for sale or for clients, both Mpix and Miller’s have extremely fast shipping and absolutely stunning packaging. This is bound to impress any customer!

3. Bay Photo Lab

Northern California’s hidden print gem

Like the other professional labs on our list, this one offers fantastic quality and excellent options.

Many of the same options as Miller’s
Can get deckled edges on prints
Fast turnaround time
Some have noted that prints can be color-casted
Can be on the pricey end of the spectrum

Another frequently discussed name in the photography world is Bay Photo Lab. Located in Northern California, Bay Photo was established in 1976 to handle photographers’ ever-so-demanding printing needs! 

bayphoto 2

But alongside the many options for photographic prints come 18 options for fine art prints. These give artists a lot of freedom and flexibility when selecting their products and are very enticing. A personal favorite is the Hahnemuhle, a cotton paper that is rather exquisite. You can even get neat features like deckled edges! These will give your prints nifty, hand-torn edges. 

And the lab’s turnaround time is quick, so you’ll get your art in no time!

4. Candela Fine Art Printing

A professional option for sales artists

For artists looking to sell reproduction prints, this lab makes it a (free) breeze.

A high-quality professional lab with hands-on support
Competitive pricing for the level of quality
Very detailed prints
Free dropshipping options
Not the best web interface for ordering

Candela Fine Art Printing entices artists with a variety of museum-grade archival prints. From turning paintings into prints to turning photographs into even more incredible works of art, Candela aims to satisfy even the most serious artists.

candela 2

Ordering prints is easy, with custom print sizes available to fit any artwork ratio. Square? You got it. A strange, off-the-wall rectangular size? No problem! Because prints are handmade and hand-inspected, you know the quality will be amazing.

Candela also offers dropshipping services for photo prints that are free to use. With Candela, you can fulfill online print orders, dropship with white label shipping, and even create special boxes and packages for those that ship frequently. Candela’s system is uniquely tiered, and the more orders you ship out, the better the free perks become. 


An elegant approach to fine-art prints

This lab’s gorgeous circle print option is impressive (and it offers plenty of more conventional options, too!).

Quality is outstanding
Offers circle prints
Great for professionals
Limited paper options
On the pricier side

LOKTAH is a unique fine-art print lab that caters to the professional (although consumers are absolutely welcome, too!). You can sense the lovely quality of the work immediately upon visiting the website. 

loktah 1

You can be certain that LOKTAH uses excellent, archival-quality materials. You do have limited paper options, which is something to keep in mind. Fortunately, before you even commit to a purchase, you can order studio samples that’ll help you really get a feel for what the papers have to offer. The Japanese Washi Fiber paper is an especially unique and beautiful choice.

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An especially interesting LOKTAH offering is the circle print. You don’t necessarily have to think of artwork as square or rectangular, and the round prints offer a brand-new way of displaying (or selling) work. These are frameless and come with mounts. You can even have smooth or rough edges depending on the aesthetic you’re going for.

6. FinerWorks

Very unique print offerings

With options such as wood and textured metal, this lab really focuses on creating unique art reproduction prints.

Art-reproduction oriented
Large assortment of paper options
Wood prints are great
Amazing metal prints
Longer reproduction time than comparable labs

FinerWorks is a fine option, indeed. The company offers a slew of art reproduction options, whether you create with a camera or a pen and brush. 

The giclee printing option is wonderful and offers a large assortment of fantastic paper. Paper is picked according to the type of print you are looking to have made as some papers work better with photography while others do great with other art mediums. You can even order a presentation mat folder as an add-on to any of the prints. It’s a wonderful way to present printed works to a client or an art gallery! 

finerworks 1

FinerWorks even offers some unique options, such as prints done on wood or thick aluminum Dibond panels. Both are frameless and add three-dimensional life to your creations! The textured option of the Dibond panels is especially great for painters as it is raised to match the visible paint strokes.

7. Printkeg

Made for the retail artist

If you’re an artist who sells your work, this lab will feel like it was developed just for you!

Made for fine-art and commercial artists
Low cost and affordable
Can even print comic books and similar products
The paper selection is limited

Printkeg is a business that prides itself on being dedicated to artists – and you can tell just by the services they offer! The company can create anything from posters to watercolor prints. In fact, Printkeg actually designed its entire company philosophy and atmosphere to serve artists, not photographers.

printeg 1

Printkeg is one of the most cost-effective options out there, especially for the retail artist. That is why so many of the lab’s printing options revolve around art for sale. It’s quite easy to order plenty of Printkeg prints and begin selling at conventions and shows! The quantity discounts are great, as are the very fast production times.

You can even get full comic books printed. How cool is that?

8. Blazing Editions

The ultimate high-end art reproduction lab

If you require the best of the best, this lab is the way to go. Each job is customized to fit your needs.

Exceptional quality
100% satisfaction promise
Can even hand-texture canvases for a very authentic reproduction

Blazing Editions is here to blaze past all of the competition! With no prices available on the website, each job is custom quoted according to your needs. Though this may make the consumer wary, artists might actually be more appreciative of this approach as it means you have an actual, real-life human there to help guide you.

blazing editions 1

With so much of the company’s branding revolving around exquisite-quality art reproductions, you can certainly expect the best quality. Blazing Editions is frequently used by art galleries around the country and even goes as far as representing various artists! They guarantee satisfaction and continue working with the artist until the prints are pure perfection. If you’re looking for the best of the best, this is it.

As an added bonus, Blazing Saddles can even hand-texture canvas for you that matches the brush strokes. Talk about an authentic reproduction!

9. WhiteWall

Creates giclee masterpieces

This sophisticated print lab holds a slew of awards. Once you see their giclee prints, you’ll understand.

Beautiful giclee prints
Incredible quality
Gorgeous color reproduction

WhiteWall is a print lab that is sophisticated, simple, and incredibly elegant. The quality of the printing is outstanding, with superb color reproduction and a slew of offerings to satisfy any desires. Plus, as a winner of the TIPA World Awards in 2013, 2017, 2020, and 2021, WhiteWall has achieved worldwide fame.

whitewall 2

Arguably one of White Wall’s greatest print offerings is its stunning Hahnemühle Fine Art Print done in giclee, a French term that encompasses a unique printing process. Giclee is a pigment-based printing system, which ensures that colors remain superbly vibrant for up to 200 years! Your great-grandchildren will still be able to enjoy the saturated pallet of your favorite artwork.

10. Prints Giclee Shop

Best for color accuracy

If you’re a color fanatic, then Prints Giclee Shop is the way to go.

A wide range of giclee print offerings
Will comb through your digital files and correct color prior to printing
Local customers can come in and view print proofs
On the pricey side

Prints Giclee Shop is a giclee specialist, and they do amazing work. A glance at the website shows you all of the reasons that you should work with Prints Giclee; they offer plenty to be impressed by, ranging from hand-checked prints to gorgeous, large-scale printers. 

prints giclee shop 1

While Prints Giclee Shop offers many of the same perks as some of the other labs on our list (such as custom print sizes and superb quality), what makes the lab really stand out is its color proofing of all digital files before printing. This particular shop has professionals examine your photos or art files and correct any color abnormalities that may appear on the print. You can be assured that the color you get is the color you want!

Local customers can even come into the print lab and proof all the colors prior to printing. This should make the finicky color fanatics quite satisfied!

Pick an Online Printing Service and Start Printing!

Because art is so subjective, it’s tough for us to determine the perfect service for you and your work! It is best to order samples from the various labs on our list and see what suits your creations the best.

That being said, our overall favorite printer is Canvaspop – both for the quality of its canvas prints as well as its very consumer-friendly services. Miller’s is also a great choice thanks to the variety of papers and finishes and reasonable prices.

If you’re after a more unique touch, FinerWorks wood and aluminum panel options are pretty incredible! And for those needing the absolute best of the best, Blazing Editions is a no-brainer.

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