10 Best Metal Prints (Top Picks in 2024)

Editor’s Key Takeaways: Top Metal Photo Prints of 2024

Metal print with bare trees above an orange forest floor hanging on concrete wall in front of table with two orange chairs

Metal photo prints look elegant and are popular in home decor for their modern aesthetic and durability in humid environments. Here’s a roundup of the best metal prints available in 2024:

  • CanvasDiscount: Best-Price Guarantee, UV-resistant, lightweight core; quality control may vary, limited preset sizes.
  • Pictorem: Custom-sized prints, lots of mounting options, archival-grade; can be pricey.
  • Nations Photo Lab: Good quality, easy ordering, fast shipping; sometimes off color.
  • Printique: Creative shapes available, durable build; limited sizes.
  • Bay Photo Lab: Five finishing options, fast turnaround; prices can add up fast.
  • Bumblejax: Superb color accuracy, various metals; outdated website, prints resemble various materials.
  • Mpix: 27 sizes, color correction, and retouching services; no custom sizes.
  • MetalPrints.com: Large variety, specializes in metal prints; shipping can be pricey.
  • CanvasChamp: Budget-friendly, vibrant prints; quality control issues.
  • ChromaLuxe: High-quality, sharp, and vibrant prints; cannot be ordered directly.

Your Top Choice for Metal Prints:

CanvasDiscount emerges as our top pick for its elegant and durable aluminum prints, offering extra discounts on multiple orders.

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Metal photo prints look elegant, and they’re all the rage in home decor. They offer a more modern aesthetic than canvas prints, and they can handle humid environments far better than paper products. So what are the best metal prints you can buy in 2024?

We’ve examined all the companies out there, paying careful attention to aesthetics, accessibility, and cost. Below, we share our ten favorite metal photo print options!

Company NameKey ProsKey ConsUnique Features or Notes
CanvasDiscountBest-Price Guarantee, UV-resistant, lightweight coreQuality control may vary, limited to preset sizesOffers an elegant and durable aluminum print with extra discounts on multiple orders
PictoremCustom-sized prints, lots of mounting options, archival-gradeCan be priceyOffers a variety of metal print types including HD Sublimation and Epoxy
Nations Photo LabGood quality, easy ordering, fast shippingSometimes off colorKnown for a great array of photographic products
PrintiqueCreative shapes available, durable buildLimited sizesOwned by Adorama, offers dry-erasable metal prints
Bay Photo LabFive finishing options, fast turnaroundPrices can add up fastKnown for Single MetalPrints and unique offerings like Curved MetalPrints
BumblejaxSuperb color accuracy, various metals to choose fromWebsite is outdated, prints don’t look like metalSubsidiary of Revolution Inc., offers unique printing methods
Mpix27 sizes, color correction and retouching servicesNo custom sizesConsumer division of professional print lab Miller’s
MetalPrints.comLarge variety, specializes in metal printsShipping can be priceyOffers outdoor metal prints with high-performance EXT metal
CanvasChampBudget-friendly, vibrant printsQuality control issuesOffers metal prints at a lower cost than many services
ChromaLuxeHigh-quality, sharp and vibrant printsCannot be ordered directlyKnown for high-definition metal prints available through distributors

Your Top Choice for Metal Prints:

1. CanvasDiscount

Our Pick
Sophisticated Aluminum Composite

Your Photo on Metal with best-price guarantee for the USA, offering UV resistant for lifetime performance.

Elegant and Durable Aluminum Prints
UV-resistant direct print
Lightweight polyethylene core
Best-Price Guarantee in the USA
Extra 50% off for the 2nd and additional metal prints
Quality control may vary due to international production
Limited to preset sizes, no custom dimensions

CanvasDiscount emerges as our top pick for metal prints, combining sophistication and affordability. Their metal prints, starting at just $22.00 for an 8” x 8” size, are not only budget-friendly but also offer the Best-Price Guarantee in the USA. Crafted on sophisticated aluminum composite, these prints are UV resistant, ensuring lifetime performance.

What sets CanvasDiscount apart is its combination of quality and value. Their metal prints are a testament to elegant durability, featuring a bold metal composite panel, solvent-free photo reproduction, and a UV-resistant direct print. The lightweight polyethylene core contributes to the product’s strength while maintaining a graceful slimness.

canvas discount metal print
Elegant and durable aluminum print from CanvasDiscount.com – their borderless, minimalist aesthetic makes them a versatile choice for any modern home.

CanvasDiscount’s aluminum prints make a bold statement in any contemporary design scheme. The matte finish lends a classic elegance to your photos, while the metal print’s resistance to humidity allows for versatile placement options, including kitchens and bathrooms. The hidden hanging system adds to the allure, making the print appear to float against the wall.

Built to last, these aluminum photo prints are the product of expert craftsmanship, using only the finest materials. They promise durability for decades while remaining light in weight. CanvasDiscount’s metal prints are not just a purchase but an investment in long-lasting, restrained elegance.

In addition to their remarkable quality, CanvasDiscount offers an extra 50% off for the second and additional metal prints, making it even more affordable to decorate your space with high-quality metal prints (as on time of publishing: 17 January 2024).

Choose CanvasDiscount for your metal prints and enjoy a blend of elegance, durability, and unmatched value.

2. Pictorem

Also Great
A fully customizable metal print lab

None of the standard options strike your fancy? This lab lets you customize down to the inch.

Create custom-sized prints
Lots of mounting options
Archival-grade prints
Can be pricey (though sales bring down costs to a reasonable level)

Pictorem is a multifaceted printing company that offers a slew of gorgeous options.

For instance, there’s the stunning Metal Aluminum Print, which is printed directly onto the metal. There’s the HD Sublimation Metal Print, which uses a dye-sublimation process to transfer your image onto aluminum. You can also opt for an Epoxy Metal Print, which protects the final product with a high-gloss resin coating.

Pictorem allows users to fully customize sizing by the inch, and every print is made with archival, museum-grade materials. UV-cured ink prevents yellowing and fading from the sun.

While you can order a metal photo print without a mount for a slight discount, back-float mounts and frame boxes can elevate the presentation. Lightweight build and built-in mounting make these prints easy to hang straight out of the box!

pictorem metal print
Pictorem HD Chromalux metal print with the back float mount.

Pictorem has a huge range of print sizes, styling options, and prices. The largest prints can cost you around $1000, which is actually pretty fair for a metal photo print measuring around 16 square feet!

You don’t have to spend big to enjoy Pictorem’s metal print selection, though. A simple aluminum print can cost as little as $44. Plus, sales and promotions can drive prices down by as much as 40%.

3. Nations Photo Lab

Nations Photo Lab
Nations Photo Lab
Another fantastic metal option

Nations Photo Lab offers consumer ease, professional quality, and great prices.

Fantastic metal print quality
Ordering is straightforward
Fast shipping
Offers retouching services
Low-quality print stands

Nations Photo Lab is an outstanding printing company that produces a great array of photographic products, including acrylic prints, paper prints, and photo pillows. Metal prints, however, are some of the company’s most-loved options.

1040w Metal Print 1
Nations offers metal prints that look great (and aren’t too expensive, either).

In our view, their metal offerings are definitely worth purchasing. Ordering is a breeze that doesn’t require any excessive technical knowledge; just upload your files, select your prints, and hit the “Place Order” button! Nations offers plenty of sizes, ranging from little 4×6 prints all the way up to large 8×12 prints.

4. Printique

Best for creative metal prints

Adorama’s own lab is capable of doing metal prints with lots of customization, and the results are truly impressive.

All sorts of print shapes available
Very durable build
A great selection of mounting displays
Limited sizes

Printique currently only offers one type of metal print, but the quality is outstanding, and the company offers plenty of options for customization.

For instance, there’s no need to stick to standard rectangles and circles. The prints are available in a variety of different shapes, including circles, hexagons, and even hearts!

Screenshot of Printique metal print options with print types, shapes, and sizes on the right and sample prints on the left
Need metal prints in creative shapes? Printique has you covered.

Printique metal prints are highly durable, too. In addition to the standard heat and moisture resistance, every print is dry-erasable. Printique also offers a remarkable selection of display options, such as float mounts, easel props, magnetic backing, and even acrylic “pedestals” that allow prints to stand freely on their own.

A calculator will automatically give you an estimated price and turnaround time based on the shape and size of your desired print. And a virtual-room simulator provides an idea of how your room will look with a brand-new set of metal prints. You can even place orders straight from the editor!

Prices are consistently low. Small prints (5x7s) are available for just $17.99. Even the largest pieces, at 40×60, cost only $650.

5. Bay Photo Lab

Our Pick
Bay Photo Lab
Bay Photo Lab
Stunning quality and plenty of options

Bay Photo is one of the most famous labs in the US, and the metal prints look incredibly professional.

Five great finishing options
Very fast turnaround
Framing options available
Affordable for a metal print
Prices can add up very fast

Bay Photo Lab, a well-known professional printing service in Northern California, offers an assortment of high-quality metal prints.

Many customers are impressed by Bay Photo’s Single MetalPrints, which infuse dye directly into the surface. The results are beautiful, but Bay Photo doesn’t stop there; the lab also produces unique Curved MetalPrints, Creative Edge prints, and much more. If you’re after an especially modern look, you might consider purchasing a Double Float MetalPrint, which will give your photos an unprecedented amount of depth.

Bay Photo has six finishing options to choose from: High gloss, mid-gloss, satin, sheer glossy, sheer satin, and textured. Each renders photographs in its own unique way.

And if you’re rushing, don’t worry. Bay Photo Lab works fast. Production times are often as little as 2-3 business days.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll also love Bay Photo’s prices. A petite 4×4 print costs just $15.75.

That said, prices do add up fast. Bay Photo’s largest prints can easily exceed $1000, and there are added fees for mounts, frames, and specialized coatings. So just bear that in mind as you choose your perfect metal printing service!

6. Bumblejax

The print quality is amazing

Bumblejax is something of an industry secret. The aluminum prints look incredible, and the customer service is great, too.

Superb color accuracy and consistency
Various metals to choose from
Good customer service
Fast shipping
Website is a bit outdated and loads rather slowly
The prints don’t necessarily look like metal

Bumblejax may not be the most popular company on the planet, but there’s more to this lab than meets the eye. Bumblejax is a subsidiary of (the major brand) Revolution Inc. and has been in business for a whopping 30 years! The lab’s customer base is very loyal, and many professional photographers are very careful not to reveal the company’s secrets.

Screenshot of Bumblejax aluminum prints page showing example metal products mounted on walls.
If quality is a major concern, you can’t go wrong with Bumblejax.

The color consistency of the prints is superior to many other labs; Bumblejax essentially guarantees vibrant and genuine colors. Various metal types are available, and the customer service is also impressive.

Note, however, that the products made by Bumblejax are not what you might typically get from a metal print lab. While you do have the option to purchase prints that use the more conventional dye-sublimation process, some metal prints from this facility are produced by printing images on professional photo paper and mounting them on thick aluminum.

7. Mpix

Great for serious photographers

Mpix’s metal prints come straight from a pro lab, so you get access to the company’s excellent color-correction and retouching services.

Amazing quality offered in 27 sizes
Various floating-mount base color options
Fast and free shipping for orders over $35
Can color correct and retouch for you
No custom sizes

Mpix is the consumer division of the professional print lab, Miller’s – but that certainly doesn’t mean you get a drop in quality! Mpix has made itself beautifully accessible to the general public, and its metal print offerings are completely in line with Miller’s sterling reputation.

Screenshot of Mpix metal print options including a sample print and a print description
Mpix offers great-quality prints and fast, free shipping. What’s not to love?

With 27 sizes to choose from, including options as large as 40×60, there is plenty for everyone! That said, Mpix doesn’t offer custom sizing, so this might frustrate consumers in need of unusual print ratios. The metal prints can be finished with a metal easel or float-mount base and are placed on an aluminum plate that is 1/16th of an inch thick. The float mounts offer some level of customization (you can choose from three different colors).

Mpix does come from a professional lab, so customers can have their images retouched or color corrected by the printing pros. And for those who do know what they’re doing, it’s simple to opt out of the color-correction service.

Mpix’s shipping is free for orders over $35, and the company tends to produce and send the prints very quickly (in fact, our tests indicate that Mpix is one of the fastest printing services in the US). It’s perfect for those too excited to wait!

8. MetalPrints.com

Great for easy printing

Metalprints.com is a straightforward printing service that offers a slew of metal options.

Large variety to choose from
Metal prints are a specialty
Durable metal print option for outdoor decor
The shipping can be rather pricey

MetalPrints.com offers a rather large variety of metal print products, more than most of the labs on our list! It’s great for the photographer who really wants to ensure their metal prints match the style of the home.

Screenshot of MetalPrints.com home page with a metal print hanging in a living room overlooking the ocean
If you’re serious about decorating your home with metal prints, a specialist such as MetalPrints.com can help.

There are conventional frame options, including inset, flush, and rear frame mounts, as well as acrylic, bamboo, and metal-easel supports. In addition, the wall-art section offers dozens of distinct styles, over 60 different sizes, and over 10 different types of wall-sized art.

An added bonus is the outdoor metal prints, which are created using high-performance EXT metal. This ensures that your print can survive the elements (such as weather and sun). 

9. CanvasChamp

Decent metal prints on a budget

Canvas prints aren’t the only thing CanvasChamp can do! If you’re looking for reasonably priced metal prints, this lab is a great choice.

Good budget option
Very vibrant and rich prints
Quality control may be a factor

Although the name implies that the company only does canvas prints, CanvasChamp shouldn’t be overlooked for metal work. If you’re after a good deal, this shop offers metal prints at a fraction of the cost of many other services. 

Screenshot of CanvasChamp metal prints pricing page with a sample metal print on the right side
Are you on a budget? Then consider CanvasChamp.

Just be aware that your metal print can originate from a country other than the USA, which means that the quality control may not be as good (simply because CanvasChamp isn’t an in-home lab with techs who check production). The company focuses on reducing costs so that it can provide excellent rates.

That said, the prints tend to be rather vibrant and poppy in color, which is great for photographers whose work is full of bright hues. Be sure to order your metal prints with the frame or mount attached; otherwise, you’ll just receive a metal slab! 

10. ChromaLuxe

The ultimate high-quality metal print

ChromaLuxe products may be expensive, but they’re the best of the best – and perfect for photographers in need of pro-level metal prints.

Quality is outstanding
Prints are sharp, detailed, and vibrant
The high-quality ink doesn’t fade
Cannot be ordered directly

ChromaLuxe is an unusual addition to this list. Technically, it isn’t a company you can order from; instead, you have to find ChromaLuxe products through distributors and third parties. But we’ve included ChromaLuxe because once you do find its products, you’ll be blown away.

Screenshot of ChromaLuxe metal prints page with different customization options and sample metal prints hanging in a room
ChromaLuxe products are uniquely high quality.

ChromaLuxe sets a high bar for metal prints that are considered high-definition. These prints are tack-sharp, vibrant, and beautiful; they almost look like three-dimensional masterpieces. The inks last longer than other types of ink printed on metal, so you can rest easy knowing that your prints will not fade with time.

Select the Perfect Metal Print Provider and Begin Your Creative Journey!

Choosing the right metal print company is straightforward with such a diverse range of options. Leading the pack is CanvasDiscount, renowned for its Best-Price Guarantee and UV-resistant, lightweight prints, ideal for those seeking quality at a great value.

Whether it’s the customizable offerings from Pictorem, the efficient service of Nations Photo Lab, the innovative designs of Printique, or the unparalleled clarity of ChromaLuxe, each provider caters to different preferences and needs. Explore the options, find the one that best suits your vision, and look forward to showcasing a stunning metal print in your desired space.

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