5 Best Metal Photo Print Companies in 2022

Metal photo prints look elegant and pristine; in fact, they may be the absolute best way to display an image. But where should you actually do your metal printing?

We’ve scoured all the options out there, paying careful attention to aesthetics, accessibility, and costs. Below, we share the five best metal print producers in 2022!

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Best Metal Prints

1. Bay Photo Lab

Our Pick
Offers stunning quality and plenty of options

Bay Photo Lab offers a gorgeous metal print option. It’s also one of the most famous labs in the US.

Five great finishing options
Very fast turnaround
Framing options available
Affordable for a metal print
Prices can add up very fast

Bay Photo Lab, a well-known professional printing service in Northern California, offers an assortment of high-quality professional prints. 

Many customers are impressed by Bay Photo’s Single MetalPrints, which infuse dye directly into the surface. The results are beautiful, but Bay Photo doesn’t stop there; the lab also produces unique Curved MetalPrints, Creative Edge prints, and much more. If you’re after a highly modern look, you might consider purchasing a Double Float MetalPrint, which gives your photos an unprecedented amount of depth.

Bay Photo has six finishing options to choose from: High gloss, mid-gloss, satin, sheer glossy, sheer satin, and textured. Each renders photographs in its own unique way.

And if you’re rushing, don’t worry. Bay Photo Lab works fast. Production times are often as little as 2-3 business days.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll also love Bay Photo’s prices. A petite 4×4 print costs just $11.

That said, prices do add up fast. Bay Photo’s largest prints can easily exceed $1000, and there are added fees for mounts, frames, and specialized coatings. So just bear that in mind as you choose your perfect metal printing service!

2. Nations Photo Lab

Also Great
Another fantastic metal option

Nations Photo Lab offers consumer ease, professional quality, and great prices.

Fantastic metal print quality
Ordering is straightforward
Fast shipping
Offers retouching services
Low-quality print stands

Nations Photo Lab is an outstanding printing company that provides a great array of photographic print options, including paper, acrylic, and metal. Metal is one of the company’s most-loved options.

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In our view, their metal offerings are definitely worth purchasing. Ordering is a breeze that doesn’t require any excessive technical knowledge; just upload, select your options, and hit the “Place Order” button! Nations offers plenty of sizes, ranging from little 4×4 prints all the way up to large 24×36 prints (with prices from $16 to $230).

And although the print stands are a bit difficult to use, the quality of the prints is truly superb.

3. Pictorem

A fully customizable metal print lab

None of the standard options strike your fancy? This lab lets you customize down to the inch.

Create any custom size print up to 96×60
Lots of mounting options
Archival-grade prints
Can be pricey (though sales bring down costs to a reasonable level)

Pictorem is a multifaceted printing company that offers a slew of gorgeous options.

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For instance, there’s the stunning Metal Aluminum Print, which is printed directly onto the metal. There’s also the HD Sublimation Metal Print, which uses a dye-sublimation process to transfer your image onto aluminum. You can also opt for an Epoxy Metal Print, which protects the final product with a high-gloss resin coating.

Pictorem allows users to fully customize sizing by the inch (all the way up to a whopping 96×60!). However, this applies to aluminum and epoxy prints only.

Every print is made with archival, museum-grade materials. UV-cured ink prevents yellowing and fading from the sun.

While you can order a metal photo print without a mount for a slight discount, back-float mounts and frame boxes can elevate the presentation. Lightweight build and built-in mounting make these prints easy to hang straight out of the box!

Pictorem has a huge range of sizes, styling options, and prices. The largest prints can cost you a little over $2000, which is actually a pretty fair price for a metal photo print measuring around 40 square feet!

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You don’t have to spend big to enjoy Pictorem’s metal print selection, though. A simple aluminum print can cost as little as $22. Plus, sales and promotions can drive prices down by as much as 40%.

4. Printique

Best for creative metal prints

Adorama’s print lab is capable of doing metal, and the results are truly impressive.

All sorts of print shapes available
Very durable build
A great selection of mounting displays
Limited sizes
Only one metal product available

Printique currently only offers one type of metal print, but the quality is outstanding, and the company offers plenty of options for customization.

For instance, there’s no need to stick to standard rectangles and circles. The prints are available in a variety of different shapes, including circles, hexagons, and even hearts!

Printique metal prints are highly durable, too. In addition to the standard heat and moisture resistance, every print is dry-erasable. Printique also offers a remarkable selection of display options, such as float mounts, easel props, magnetic backing, and even acrylic “pedestals” that allow prints to stand freely on their own.

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A calculator will automatically give you an estimated price and turnaround time based on the shape and size of your desired print. And a virtual room editor provides an idea of how your room will look with a brand-new set of metal prints. You can even place orders straight from the editor!

Prices are consistently low. Small prints (5x7s) are available for just $16.50. Even the largest pieces, at 40×60, cost around $600.

5. Collage

Best for budget prints

Collage offers impressively low prices, and the printing quality is great, too.

Appealing price
Great quality prints
Prints are lightweight and won’t damage walls
Limited sizes available

Collage offers all sorts of photo prints, including canvas prints, poster prints, and even home decor prints (such as printed pillowcases and blankets). But while the company is hardly a metal print specialist, you can expect very high-quality results.

Print quality is excellent. Collage.com uses a high-definition dye-infused printing, which produces a wide range of vivid colors. And the metal sheet is lightweight and easy to display (you don’t need to worry about prints damaging your furniture or tearing out the wall).

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Collage.com offers a decent set of print sizes, ranging from 5×7 up to 20×24. No, the list of options isn’t huge, but that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing a beautiful metal print. And with prices between $17.99 to $64.99 (with many discounts throughout the year), these metal prints really are quite appealing.

Pick a Metal Print Producer and Get Printing!

As you can see, there are plenty of great metal printers to choose from. Our top choice is Bay Photo Lab as it offers gorgeous-quality results and wonderful prices. Nations Photo Lab is also great and offers similarly high-quality prints.

Metal prints look amazing – especially when they’re produced by one of the best print companies. So choose a photo, select a printer, and within a few weeks, you should have your new metal print hanging on the wall!

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4 thoughts on “5 Best Metal Photo Print Companies in 2022”

  1. Thanks Meghan for the in-depth review.
    How has the gallery/museum community embraced the metal prints?
    I have been doing fine art inkjet prints on glossy paper that is then laminated to diamond on the back and non glare acrylic (optium) on the face. They are stunning in both appearance and cost.
    What are your thoughts on this? Archival stability?
    It seems if a metal print got damaged a restorer could at least work on the surface to repair it but my process if there is a problem in the lamination you just have to replace the print.
    Thank you in advance

    1. meghan boilard author

      Great questions, Tom!

Answering your first question is difficult, as galleries and museums are so subjective in what they choose to display. I’ve certainly seen metal prints hanging on gallery walls. The medium does a lot to strengthen certain types of images (b&w, landscapes, etc.) However, I think it’s important to consider that not every venue has the means/materials/experience necessary to properly mount and display metal prints. Likewise, a curator that values consistency may not want to include a metal print that breaks away too much from a set of selected paper prints. If you’d be interested in submitting your work as metal prints via a call for entry, my advice would be to research the curator’s work before entering to see if it seems like the metal style would suit their personal taste. It also wouldn’t hurt to email the venue to see if they’re able to accommodate your prints.

      The process you are using to create your prints sounds stunning, but converting to metal prints might be able to save you some money in the long run. Of course, factors like finish and size can really impact the price tag. The archival stability will really depend on the service you choose as well as your own preservation methods. That being said, there’s no reason that a well-made metal print kept in the right conditions wouldn’t be able to last just as long (if not longer) than a print made with archival paper.


I can’t speak to how feasible it is to work out things like surface scratches – I believe that it would be highly dependent on the technique the printer used to transfer the image to the metal. In the event that a metal print got damaged, there’s a good chance that you’d be in the same situation of having to replace the entire piece. However, metal prints are pretty durable and many have some level of scratch-resistant coating. You’d also likely be able to correct any sort of kinks or bends with the help of a metal worker (although, again, I can’t speak much to what something like that would cost).

      Hope that helps!

  2. Creating a metal print for the first time ever, and confused on how many choices there are! I’m doing a sunset picture and want to know how to get the best look? I prefer a more subtle matte finish, versus glossy. But does anyone have tips on best finish for a sunset picture?

  3. And another question. Do cell phone pictures usually turn out well on metal? Does it depend on how much they are enlarged? I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and the quality is quite good, for a cell phone. Thank you!

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