Review of the Best Photo Sharing & Hosting Websites

5 Best Photo Sharing and Hosting Websites

Making prints and hanging your photos on the wall is great, but finding the right place to share them online can bring you a lot more exposure and even allow audiences around the world to access your favorite captures.

Many sites will even let you save your images online, compile them in photo books, or sell them to customers looking to purchase photographic art.

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The best photo sharing and hosting sites will share some specific criteria. You’ll want plenty of storage space to keep all your photos together, and saved in their original high-res state, rather than compressed and crunchy.

You also need a site that’s easy to use and easy to access, with quick uploads and the ability to search by tag or date.

With tons of options for hosting photos online available, it’s tempting to just go with the first site you find, but here are the best photo sharing and hosting sites for professional and amateur photographers.

1. Flickr

Flickr - One of the Best Online Photo Sharing Solutions. – One of the Best Online Photo Sharing Solutions.

Since 2004, photographers have been flocking to Flickr to share their best images, with the hope of having them displayed on the exclusive ‘Explore’ page.

If you don’t want to pay, you can still access 1TB of space for free, but a subscription will remove ads and save you money on an Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Flickr is great for tagging, downloading, viewing, and sharing, and you can easily access the original size images. You can arrange images into albums, even with other photographers, which is especially convenient for big events like concerts. Photo books can be ordered through Flickr as well.

This site features an incredibly clean and easy-to-navigate interface. It also gives you the chance to participate in groups and discussions with photographers from around the world. It’s no wonder Flickr has continued to be one of the top choices for professionals and amateurs looking for online photo hosting services.

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2. 500px

500px An Awesome Photo Sharing Website – An Awesome Photo Sharing Website

More serious professionals might want to consider 500px, which is a clean and beautiful way to display photos online. The design of the site showcases images in an elegant and dramatic way, making it a joy to browse through an album of work.

Space is more limited here – a free account only allows you to upload 20 photos each week, with a storage cap at 2,000 images.

There are paid options that will get you more space, however, as well as other features. While 500px does not offer any print services, it’s easy to order products like cards, calendars, and photo books from other sites.

There are paid options that will get you more space, however, as well as other features. While 500px does not offer any print services, it’s easy to order products like cards, calendars, and photo books from other sites.

One of the main selling points for 500px is that you can sell your images directly from the site as royalty-free artwork, making this option not only great for photo hosting and sharing but also to earn a little additional income.

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3. Imgur

Imgur most awesome images on the Internet is best for Viral Images. It claims to have the “most awesome images on the Internet.”

If you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of image quality for easy sharing, Imgur is a great option for photo hosting. You will see some compression, especially if you don’t want to invest in a pro account.

Your images also won’t be displayed in beautiful digital galleries on Imgur, but you will be able to share them with an enormous user base and access them from browsers or mobile apps.

Imgur is also integrated with tons of other sites, like Reddit, making it easy to share your images across multiple social media platforms with the click of a button.

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4. Google+ Photos

Google+ Image Sharing Site.
Google+ Image Sharing Site (Screenshot). Images look better here than on Facebook.

This is similar to iCloud but is open to both Mac and Windows users. This service began as a simple backup space for photos and videos shot on mobile phones, but it has become a great location to host, share, and even edit photos.

Uploads and storage space are unlimited on Google+ Photos, but without expanding your storage space on Google Drive, you will be limited to a 16-megapixel resolution.

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5. SmugMug

SmugMug - One of the most Professional Image Sharing Sites. is one of the most Professional Image Sharing Sites.

SmugMug doesn’t have a free version but does offer a stylish layout and beautiful space to display your images. You’ll be able to set a custom homepage to make it easy for clients or customers to access your pictures and choose from well-designed templates to customize your page.

The reasonable subscription fee will allow you unlimited storage of both photos and high-res video, and even offers a selection of editing tools that you can use to easily tweak images without having to load them up in Photoshop.

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With your photos safely stored online and readily available from any device, you can share them as much as you like, and even order unique items to show them off in person. Clients will be able to browse albums and place orders directly, presenting your images in a professional way and still saving you a bit of time and work.

Don’t let your photos go to waste filed away on your computer or even sitting on a memory card. Give them an audience thanks to these photo sharing and hosting websites.

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