Peak Design Clutch CL-3 Review

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to safely holding your camera, the Peak Design Clutch may be the answer to your prayers. In this article, we give you an in-depth, hands-on Peak Design Clutch CL-3 review. Our extensive testing and careful consideration of how this accessory can benefit a photographer will allow you to decide if this is the next accessory for you!

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Peak Design Clutch CL-3: What’s In the Box

  • 1 Clutch Strap
  • 1 Standard Plate (V3)
  • 2 Anchors (V4)
  • 1 Microfiber Pouch
  • Hex Wrench/Allen Key
  • Bonus Branded Peak Design sticker

Peak Design Clutch CL-3: Specs

  • SKU/Part Number: CL-3
  • Product Dimensions: 82 x 22.5 x 32 cm
  • Weight: 50g (123g as packed) 
  • Max Length: 29 cm (11.4″) 
  • Min Length: 20 cm (8″) 
  • Width: 51 mm (2″)
  • Can bear weight up to 200 lbs (90 kg)

Immediate Benefits

  • Low-profile and unobtrusive product architecture 
  • Refined, stylish design 

Bonus Benefits

  • V3 standard plate is compatible with other Peak Design products i.e. ‘Capture V3’
  • Anchor connection is compatible with other Peak Design products and straps
  • Comfortable microfibre pad 
  • Lifetime warranty, product guaranteed for life

There is a huge amount of helpful information on the Peak Design website to help users get the most out of their accessory. The site features useful articles, informative blog posts, comparison guides, set-up tutorials, and much more. While there is a lot of information to be found on the Peak Design website, set-up instructions are also printed on the product packaging.

We have compiled all of this and combined it with our own personal experience using the Clutch, to give you a comprehensive review of the camera strap. 

Peak Design Clutch CL-3 Review


The Clutch attaches to the camera at two points; the tripod mount and camera strap mount. It is black with aluminum adjusting hardware and Hypalon webbing. The microfibre pad and inner lining of the strap reduce the build-up of moisture on the hands. The quality construction provides confidence and security when using the Clutch with your camera. However, there are some limitations when it comes to the movement and flexibility offered by the product. When the shooting hand is in the strap, it is almost confined there, making movement between the hand and camera difficult on occasion.


The strap can be used with any DSLR or SLR camera. It is also compatible with mirrorless set-ups however, there are some barriers to ease of use. Some of the drawbacks faced when attempting to use the Clutch with a mirrorless system are associated with the placement of the shutter button on the camera, the location of the camera’s strap connection, and the camera’s grip capacity.

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We experienced similar limitations when using the Clutch with a Nikon D3100. The brand markets the Clutch, as ‘quick-adjusting and quick-connecting,’ however it is not as ‘quick’ as the product description suggests. It was difficult to change the camera settings and, in some instances, operate the shutter release when the Clutch was in use. The strap either needed to be loosened or the hand needed to be released from the strap altogether in order to adjust the camera’s settings. This was a hindrance and resulted in lost shots due to the delay.

Furthermore, the anchor clip/plate, which is spun into the base of the camera unit, is a little cumbersome for a few reasons:

  1. Looping the anchor through the plate is not as rapid a process as it is advertised. The gap for the anchor cord on the plate is minimal and requires careful manipulation to ensure the anchor is connected. There are 4 openings on the plate to connect to and choose from.
  1. The fitted plate destabilizes the camera when the camera is placed in a stationary position. The camera cannot balance itself or stand straight when set down on a table or flat surface due to the plate at the base of the camera.


Unlike some other Peak Design products, the Clutch can only be used with cameras. That said, the strap and anchor system can be used with other Peak Design products which is extremely advantageous. The interchangeability and versatility seen throughout Peak Design’s whole product range is the overarching perk that defines the brand’s catalog. The Clutch works with other Peak Design straps such as the ‘Slide Lite’ and ‘Leash’. It is also compatible with the ‘V3 Capture Camera Clip’. 


Peak Design’s Clutch CL-3 camera attachment is a dependable and inconspicuous way to carry and handle a camera. It is extremely compact and easy to transport.

My hand fit nicely in the opening the Clutch offers however my colleague, with larger hands, struggled to fit his hand through and operate the camera effectively. 

While it can be difficult to adjust settings when using the Clutch, it offers security and support when locked in place. The comfy microfibre grip pad enhances the user’s overall clutch on the camera and makes for a more comfortable experience. It also allows you to rest your hand when the camera is not in use, alleviating hand fatigue, and stress. 

It certainly offers more protection and control over the camera when compared to long, loose neck-straps. Having your camera dangle idly while hiking or climbing close to jagged and rocky exteriors is neither practical nor convenient. Peak Design has created a solution to this with the Clutch. 


The Clutch is sturdy and robust and facilitates a steady shooting foundation. The materials used in the design are a testament to this.

The locking panels/anchor connectors are made with glass-reinforced nylon and stainless-steel springs while the anchors themselves which hold the whole thing together, comprise a 2-layer anti-abrasion woven thermoplastic with thermoplastic anchor over-molding. These anti-abrasion thermoplastic corded anchors can endure weights up to 200 lbs (90 kg). The laxation fabric on the strap extends to a maximum length of 29 cm and retracts to a minimum length of 20 cm. It is made with seatbelt-style nylon fabric and Hypalon, along with the release mechanism.


The Peak Design Clutch CL-3 is $50 from Amazon, with free shipping options available. It is $53 direct from the manufacturer with free shipping throughout the US. International shipping incurs additional charges.

The interchangeable plate and anchors are the biggest selling point of the Peak Design Clutch. The strap is durable, secure, and comfortable. The $50 price tag is appropriate, accommodating both specific and premium camera-carrying needs. One of the motos used by the brand is, ‘we make products for doing,’ solving camera-carrying challenges for creatives, commuters, and adventurers. The Clutch certainly presents as a carrying solution, keeping gear orderly, accessible, and safe. 

Peak Design Clutch CL3 Review: Closing Thoughts

After having the opportunity to use the Clutch and sharing this experience with you in our Peak Design Clutch CL3 review, you should hopefully have a better idea of whether this accessory is a good solution for you and your needs. While it does have some drawbacks, we feel that it is a great product made with high-quality materials designed for durability and comfort.

Have you used the Clutch? Do you have a preferred carrying accessory? Let us know in the comments!

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