A review of the StudioPRO 2500W Continuous Lighting Kit

Review of the StudioPRO 2500 Watt

StudioPRO 2500 Watt
StudioPRO 2 x 1000W with 500W EZ Setup Softbox Kit

Photography Continuous Video & Photo Studio Softbox

Lighting Light Kit – 20×28″ – Softbox with One-Quick EZ Setup Softbox and Boom Arm With Bag

The StudioPRO 2500 watt is a three light setup consisting of a set of three softboxes, light stands, boom arm, an array of light bulbs, diffusing materials, and reflectors.

A really good professional grade three-light continuous lighting setup from a renowned brand can set you back by thousands of dollars. The StudioPRO 2500 watt is a much better solution in terms of the price that you have to shell out to own it. At just about $230 this is the closest that you can get to a virtual steal.

What’s included in the box

  • StudioPRO five socket head with umbrella mount
  • One rectangle quick setup softbox 20” x 28” with AC socket
  • Three light stands
  • Two rectangle softboxes 20” x 28” for the 5 head fluorescent sockets
  • 5’ Basic boom arm with sandbag
  • A set of 11 45w CFL 5500 kelvin daylight balanced fluorescent bulbs
  • A large bag for transporting the entire kit
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A medium sized softbox is ideal for those interested portrait lighting setups. Two lights are the bare minimum for a professional setup. There are however a number of ways in which a single light can also be used to produce a portrait lighting set-up. The StudioPRO setup provides not one or two but three lights. That’s a hundred different combinations you can create using the kit.

The StudioPRO five socket head is a powerful source of artificial light. It houses a total of 5 light bulbs with a maximum of 85W per bulb. There are a total of three on/off switches at the back of the socket head. When you add the 20” x 28” rectangular softbox to it, the resulting setup produces enough light for a really good broad lighting setup.

Add the second lightbox to it and you have a very nice studio portrait lighting setup going. Each of these softboxes has a removal inner diffuser. You can fire the lights bare for a much more intense hard lighting effect or use the diffuser to soften the intensity, for a more flattering portrait lighting setup.

The 5″ boom arm is ideal when you need a hair light or an accent light for your portrait images. On many instances, to create a moody partial lighting scenario it is essential to set up the light from high up the subject’s head.

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This boom stand is a great piece of tool for photographers who want to experiment with their lighting arrangements and add value to their production.

The setup includes a set of 11 light bulbs. Each of them is a 45w 5,500 ° K daylight balanced light bulb that produces 1500 lumens at 1 meter.


For just about $230, the StudioPro Lighting Kit manufactured by Fovitec, is a great three light set-up for a professional-quality studio lighting arrangement.

Continuous lights have an edge over flashes/strobes because they are always on. You can check the image even before pressing the shutter release button.

However, there are also a few downsides to them. They are less powerful. Plus they tend to get very hot over several hours. But with the StudioPRO 2500 watt set-up, you always have the option to shut off the extra lights when you don’t need them. This leaves only one on to act as a modeling light to frame and compose the shot.

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The other issue noted with continuous lights is the lack of power. This is a minor issue as you can increase the power of the lights. Simply exchange the 45w CFL lights for something with higher power.

Overall, this a very good setup to go with especially if you are just a beginner and looking for a less-pricey yet effective studio lighting solution to light up your portraitures and other shoots with.


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