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BenQ is a Chinese brand headquartered in Taipei. The company is engaged in the manufacturing and sales of among other things computer monitors, digital projectors as well as digital cameras. The word BenQ actually is an abbreviation of the slogan – Bringing Enjoyment N Quality to life. BenQ makes some of the best field monitors as well as computer monitors.

The company was actually an offshoot of the Acer brand. Launched in 2001. However, in 2006 Acer sold off its holding stake in BenQ and the brand became an independent unit. BenQ has had tied ups with Siemens a company that they acquired and launched a series of phones. The BenQ-Siemens association did not last for long, but BenQ continued to produce phones on their own long after. BenQ spun off its manufacturing division and was renamed Qisda Corporation.

Later the company also acquired a gaming products manufacturer names Zowie Gear which is very popular with professional gamers.

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