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MeFoto is a relatively new brand in camera and lighting support systems. Their aim is to primarily manufacture travel tripods. Travel tripods are generally lighter than their studio and video counterparts. They also have fewer features. The sole aim is to keep the weight light. But MeFoto has completely revolutionized the travel tripod industry.

Their tripods have the dual functionalities – being lightweight, and therefore perfect for studio work, while they also have a number of features built-in which would give traditional studio tripods a run for their money.

A number of MeFoto’s tripods come with a heavy-duty ball head for supporting the camera systems. A ball head is the ultimate when it comes to composition freedom. Unlike of course in video shooting where PTZ is what the main requirement is. MeFoto manufactures a range of tripods such as the RoadTrip, the Backpacker and the GlobeTrotter which are each dedicated towards a specific set of requirement.

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