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Best Gimbals for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Best Gimbals for Mirrorless and DSLR Videographers

Finding the Best DSLR Gimbal for 2018 If you haven't already experimented with one, a stabilizer can be a filmmaker's best friend. So, for aspiring videographers entering the new year, we've assembled the candidates worthy of being named the best DSLR gimbal for 2018. Put simply, a gimbal is a pivoted support system that uses motors, sensors, and...

6 Best Desktops for Photo Editing (for 2018) 14

6 Best Desktops for Photo Editing (for 2018)

We reviewed the best desktops for photo editing again (and picked the best models for 2018). The iMac by Apple still goes strong, and also the HP Curved All-in-one Desktops are ideal for your photo editing tasks in 2018.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

New Full Frame: Canon EOS 6D Mark II

The New Canon EOS 6D Mark II Full Frame. Tech specs: 26.2 megapixels, 45 cross-type AF points, ISO 40,000, viewfinder coverage 98%, flip out, rotate LCD, plus top LCD screen, full HD (1920 x 1080p) video, continuous speed 6.5 fps, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC, and weather resistance.

Manfrotto Geared head 405

Geared Head Review: Manfrotto 405

The Manfrotto 405 Geared Head is not a cheap piece of photography equipment. It is, however, worth the investment and better than the Manfrotto 410 Junior or even more price Swiss Made Arca options.

Best Cameras for Astrology

Best Cameras for Astrophotography (6 Top Choices)

Did you ever want to make a great shot of the stars at night? Or even the milky way or the northern lights when traveling to Scandinavia, Canada or Alaska? In this case, you need a pro camera. If the light is great, the camera doesn't really matter that much. You can still get an amazing shot. But at night and low light camera sensor size, ISO...

Best Sigma Lenses (6 Top Choices)

A Review of the Best Sigma Lenses

Sigma is known for making Nikon and Canon like lenses at a much lower price without compromising much in terms of quality. We reviewed the best Sigma lenses ranging from 20mm all the way to 600mm focal length.

Best Portrait Photography Camera

Best Camera For Headshots – Top Six Choices

We have Looked at the Best Camera for Your Headshot Photography Needs (all the 6 compared cameras, ranging from Full-Frame and Crop Sensor DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras) are not only great for Portrait Photography, but also work Great as Allround Cameras!

EOS 5D Mark IV

EOS 5D Mark IV: NEW Full Frame

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is now available. The power packed full frame DSLR has a 30.4 MP full-frame CMOS sensor, can shoot up to 7.0 frames per second, has a 61-point AF system and comes with 41 cross-points for expanded vertical coverage.

Olympus E-M1 Mark II

A Review of the Olympus E-M1 Mark II

The Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II, a high-end mirrorless camera, competing against Fujifilm, Sony, and Panasonic. This micro four-thirds mirrorless is the successor of the Olympus E-M1 and it is not is not cheap! Let us look at what you get for $2k, plus $1k for the lens.

The FUJIFILM GFX 50S Mirrorless Digital Camera

For the Pro: The New Fujifilm GFX 50S 51.4MP

Now Available: The Fuji GFX 50S Fujis' medium format mirrorless camera, the Fujifilm GFX 50S, is now available for pre-order (since February 28, 2017). Fuji vs. Hasselblad With two eagerly-anticipated medium format cameras (the other being the Hasselblad X1D covered earlier), it is the best time to give a quick rundown of the GFX 50S and its best...

Review of the Nikon AF Micro Nikkor 20mm f:4D IF-ED Macro Lens

A Review of the Nikon AF Micro-NIKKOR 200mm f/4D IF-ED Lens

Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4D Review This is a review of the Nikon AF Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4D IF-ED lenses. A lot of acronyms. But hopefully, by the time you finish up this article, you will have a good idea of the lens and what it is capable of. First up, the one thing that you need to know about this lens is that this is a macro lens, meaning it has...

The New Leica M10 Full Frame 4

The New Leica M10 Full Frame

Leica M10: Film Meets Digital Leica announced the launch of their latest digital rangefinder camera – the Leica M10. Available at Leica dealer stores since January 19th, 2017 the Leica M10 is designed around a new 24-megapixel sensor. The new Leica has a redesigned frame, and the new digital rangefinder promises to be “the perfect balance of long...

Panasonic Lumix GH5 Review

Introducing the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Mirrorless M43 Camera

Panasonic Introduces the GH5 The New Panasonic LUMIX GH5 (available for pre-order on Amazon, ships March 30, 2017) is a much-loved camera, especially because of its video shooting features. Some quick facts about the new LUMIX GH5: The GH5 mirrorless camera comes with native 4K and 30p video recording capabilities. Promises to level up the stakes...

Manfrotto 535 Carbon Fiber 2-Stage

Manfrotto 535 Tripod + 504HD Video Head = Amazing DSLR...

The Manfrotto 535 Video Tripod The Manfrotto 535 Video Tripod is crafted out of carbon fiber. It is lightweight, durable and ideal for those long haul shoots where every session of shooting is punctuated with a re-jig of the entire set-up. The Manfrotto 535 has a weight of 2.3 kilos. Thus, carrying it is a lot more convenient compared to most...

The Hasselblad X1D Review

Introducing the Hasselblad X1D

The Hasselblad X1D is Here In the world of 35mm digital SLRs and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, there is not much room for groundbreaking development, unless you transform the camera into something that is fundamentally not a 35mm format camera. The real estate is finite and that means unless the entire sensor designing is re-engineered...

Best Travel Cameras for the Pro and Enthusiast

The Best Travel Cameras to Check Out Before Going on that...

Six Top Travel Cameras Small, beautiful and yet functional. That’s ideally what the USPs of best travel cameras should be. Yup, you guessed it right. Today, we talk about the best travel cameras out there. I am an ardent traveler and love making images when I travel. Photography isn’t just a perk of traveling but more of an integral part of the...

Pentax K-1 on Amazon

New Pentax K-1: Remarkable and Smart Full-Frame SLR

The Pentax K1 The first Full-Frame DSLR from Ricoh Back in 2015 at the CP+ Pentax announced that they were indeed serious about launching their first full-frame digital SLR camera. Pentax users, for long, have been writing to Santa for a full-frame DSLR that had the Pentax label on it. The Pentax K-1 (Body) is not available on Amazon.com for...

Best Field Monitors for DSLR

5 Best Field Monitors for Your DSLRs

This article is a review of the best field monitors for DSLRs and is aimed at budding cinematographers looking for a good solution for their video work. Read about the top 3 field monitors: Apture, Small HD, Ikan.

Review Syrp Genie

Syrp Genie Review: Motion control for time-lapses

A review of the Syrp Genie Shooting time-lapses have become a lot easier these days with built-in intervalometers, motion guided dollies and Wi-Fi enabled memory cards that shoot and transfer images instantaneously to a Wi-Fi enabled storage device. And recently on a kickstarter campaign resulted in a interesting motion control device: The Syrp...

Nikon D500

Nikon D500 Review – Hot Release in 2016

Nikon D500 Review The New DX-Format DSLR by Nikon CES 2016 in Las Vegas saw the announcement of two new Nikon cameras, the Nikon D5, and the Nikon D500. We decided to review both of them! Here below is the Nikon D500 review and the Nikon D5 review you can find here. While the wait for a worthy successor to the D4S (Nikon's flagship full-frame) was...

Nikon D5

The Super DSLR: The New Nikon D5

Nikon D5 (20.8 MP FX DSLR) The talking point in town since CES 2016 Nikon announcements is the new Nikon D5, the flagship behemoth that will make rival camera companies go back to the drawing board and come out with an answer, and real quick. The new Nikon D5 in all probability will be ruling the roost for the next few months at least. Let’s take...

The Best Extreme Wide Angle Lenses For Your DSLR 1

The Best Extreme Wide Angle Lenses For Your DSLR

5 Best DSLR Super Wide-Angle Lenses Extreme wide angle lenses immediately arise visions of an extreme circular fisheye perspective. But that extreme vision is not always what is signified by extreme wide angle lenses. True fish-eye lenses give 180 ° field of vision. Those lenses have very limited application in serious photography. You can take...

Best Accessories Pro Photographer

Best Accessories for the Pro Photographer

This Photography Accessories Will Make You A Pro Better Flash Lights What is better than one light? Two. Two lights allow you to create depth and dimension in your images. Essentially all photography is two dimensional. But the problem is we attempt to showcase a three-dimensional scene in that two-dimensional frame. As you can imagine that is a...

Best Full Frame DSLR

Best Full Frame DSLRs You Need to Check Out

Choosing The Best Full Frame DSLR The digital SLR technology has been improving in leaps and bounds in the last decade. Back in 2004 when I obtained my first digital camera, digital SLRs were still beyond the reach of most. Plus, to be fair with film cameras the cost-benefit ratio was still in favor of analog film cameras. However, standing at...

Primve vs Zoom

The Essential Photography Equipment for the Pro

Equipment You Need to be a Pro Photographer Having finally made it to a point where you are now starting to get paid gigs more often, this is the time to invest in some new and improved gear and catch up on that pending shopping list of yours. I am referring to investing in your now a money making venture and prepare for bigger and better...

Best Drones for Photogaphy

The Best Drones for Photography

Drone Photography Off late, drones seem to be the flavor when it comes to getting unique perspectives with your camera. With the physical limitations of a tripod seemingly having reached, it seems the new limit is now the sky when it comes to photography. Updated Post: The Best Drones in 2017 Photographers are now looking up in a sort of strange...

Wedding Photography Gear

Tools for a wedding photojournalist

What's inside a wedding photojournalist's bag? If there is anything out there that can help you make your work stand out, apart from your vision of course, then it has got to be the tools. The tools are what makes your vision come through more easily. If you don’t have the right tools it would be next to impossible to achieve what you may have...

Best Tripods for DSLR Video Shooting | Compare Top 4 Models

Best Tripods for DSLR Video Shooting | Compare Top 4 Models

Tripods for Video Shooting Top 4 Tripods for DSLR Video Magnus VT-4000 with Fluid Head (Our Pick: Best Tripod for DSLR Video Shooting) Manfrotto MVH500A Fluid Head DSLR Video Tripod Benro Aero 4 Video Travel Angel Tripod Sachtler Ace M Fluid Head with 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod & Mid-Level Spreader Modern DSLRs are versatile pieces of photography...

Best Lenses for Street Photography

The Best Lenses for Street Photography Street photography as a genre has been a point of debate for the last few years. This is because of the questionable approach that some photographers often tend to resort to in order to make a picture or two out on the streets. These approaches are far from being acceptable. Related Post: Best Portrait...

Canon 7D vs. 6D

New Canon 7D vs 6D

7D vs 6D Or Crop Sensor vs. Full Frame First off, why the 7D vs 6D comparison doesn't really make sense: The Canon 7D and the Canon 6D are cameras that are designed for two different user segments. But as the prices of these two DSLRs from the same manufacturer are quite same (at least the body), let us look at the differences and see which one is...