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7 Best Photo Organizing Software For Mac Options From Free To $$$

Best photo organization software for mac
With so many different photo organization software for Mac out there, it can be tough to decide which is best for you.

Working as a photographer, you are guaranteed to have a large and expanding inventory of images. So, how exactly do you keep everything neat and tidy? And, what image library programs are available for Mac users? Our answer: Up your organization game and install one of the best photo organizing software for Mac.

best photo organizing software for mac
Organization of photos is essential for people with large volumes of images.

Hey Mac owners! Could your hard drive could benefit from some organization? Download one of the best photo organizing software for Mac options and get cataloging!

To help you get started, let’s take a look at 7 of our top picks:

  1. Apple Photos
  2. Mylio
  3. Adobe Bridge
  4. Capture One
  5. Swivle
  6. ACDSee
  7. Unbound

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The Best Photo Organizing Software for Mac Users

1. Apple Photos for Mac

best photo organizing software for mac
Photos is a default photo viewing and organization software for Mac which is user-friendly across all Apple products.

Cost: Free / Already downloaded on your Mac device or available on App Store

One of the most obvious options as far as photo organizing software for Mac goes is Apple Photos. The software is made for Mac computers and comes installed on your system when you purchase a laptop or desktop device. It’s also free if, for some reason, it’s not already installed on your system. This is one of the most accessible choices for Mac users.

Photos best photo organization software for mac
Using Apple’s default software can be an easy way to organize your images.

It’s designed to help keep your growing library organized. This is accomplished by several methods including:

  • creating albums
  • tagging based on facial recognition
  • and even sorting through your files based on the date they were taken
photos library
Photos has various options for sorting your images including memories, shared albums, and media type sorting.

Plus, Photos has several editing tools to make any quick adjustments within the program.

editing on photos
Within the Photos app you can carry out simple touch ups and editing, such as adding filters and cropping images.

Want to free up hard drive space while you’re at it?

Good news!

Photos comes with the option to use iCloud Photos. This allows you to store your photos and videos within the Cloud system. You’re then able to access them all of your Mac devices.

With Photos, you can file, sort and access your images anytime, anywhere.

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iCloud storage for photo organizing for mac
With iCloud integration, you can access your images on all your Apple products using the Photos App.

2. Mylio

(Best Photo Organizing Software For Mac That Isn’t Free)

best photo organizing software for mac
Mylio is a cross-device photo organization software which starts out free.

Cost: Free for 3 devices & 25,000 photos / Premium Plans begin at $8.33 per month

The second best photo organizing software for Mac is Mylio.

mylio best photo organization software for mac
Mylio has a range of features which make it a suitable photo organization software for Mac.

Mylio is an app to collect all your photos, videos, and documents into a single library. So you’re getting a bit more than just a photo organizer.

With this program, images are manually uploaded or imported from online services such as Facebook and Flickr.

mylio file interface
With the ability to link Mylio to Social accounts and image capturing platforms, you have access to all your images at once.

Once you add your images, they’re organized using the calendar app. And, like Apple Photos, you can view them on any device – with or without Internet access. It also has useful features such as facial recognition sorting and automatic sorting.

Plus, with its free access – Mylio is great for photographers on a budget. It gives you the ability to collect, organize, and protect your memories without compromising your privacy.

3. Adobe Bridge

best photo organizing software for mac
Adobe Bridge is a simple file organization software with limited editing capabilities.

Cost: Free Download Through Adobe

The third best photo organizing software for Mac is Adobe Bridge.

Adobe Bridge is a place to centralize your creative assets and a library to organize all of your creative files. With Bridge, you place your images into categorized folders, add watermarks, tag with ratings, and set centralized color preferences.

Other features of Bridge include:

  • Bulk import, export, and preview of Libraries assets
  • Export/import network cache
  • On-demand thumbnail and metadata generation
  • Drag and drop flexibility
Creative Cloud plans
While Adobe Bridge is free, you can get other software from Adobe as a Creative Cloud member.

Adobe Bridge is part of the creative cloud program but can be downloaded for free. Take advantage of this high quality, professional program without a steep financial investment. Gotta love that!

Adobe Bridge users who also subscribe to an Adobe Subscription–the Photography Plan is popular–you can also edit, bulk edit, and export your photos using the Camera Raw plugin.

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4. Capture One

best photo organizing software for mac
Capture One is a professional photo organizing software for Mac.

Cost: Capture One Pro Subscription / $20 per month

The fourth best photo organizing software for Mac is Capture One. This system is a bit different from the rest on this list. Capture One offers high-performance editing tools in addition to its library features. We’re talking a complete Photoshop alternative.

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Capture one features best photo organization software for mac
With more advanced features, Capture One provides a much more tailored approach to photo organization.

On the asset management side, Capture One allows you to store, organize, and categorize thousands of images. Plus, Capture One is the leading software program for tethering.

When tethered, Capture One uploads your photos directly to your library as you take them. This allows you and your client to view the images as they appear on your screen.

You heard us right: you can see your photos appear on your computer in real time.

No that isn’t a characteristic unique only to this piece of software, but few others on this particular list can claim it.

Capture One is a truly professional solution, albeit with a hefty price tag. So, be sure you’re ready for the investment before purchasing. Our advice it is to test it out first with the 30-day free trial.

5. Swivle

best photo organizing software for mac
Swivle allows you to manage all your digital assets, but given the price, it is best suited to businesses with multiple contributors.

Cost: $179 per month

The fifth best photo organizing software for Mac and the most expensive option on our list is Swivle.

Swivle is an intuitive digital asset management platform that allows you to manage all of your files in one place.

As the most expensive option on the list, I bet you’re curious if there’s a good reason to justify the price tag.

Well, the answer is yes and no…

Swivle Features best photo organization software for mac
Swivle provides more advanced services and can be a good software for those processing multiple files from a large capacity of contributors.

We consider Swivle to be a platform for teams rather than an individual photographer. So, if you run a photography studio or work within a visual marketing department, handling multiple accounts – this software would be great for you.

If it’s for just one person, pass on this particular option.

The file management on Swivle is visual and intuitive. You can share your assets in a public or password protected portal, collaborate as a team and integrate with all of your favorite applications like Photoshop.

Swivle can be used to store and organize your images, contracts, and other files that pertain to your creative projects. More than just an image organizer, Swivle could be the next program you use to manage your growing photography business.

6. ACDSee

best photo organizing software for mac
ACDSee Photo Studio has a specific photo organization software for Mac.

Cost: Free download / Upgrade Current promotional price is $49.95 / Regularly $99.99

The sixth best photo organizing software for Mac is ACDSee.

ACDSee Controls best photo organization software for mac
With advanced workflow systems, you can make handling photo organization a breeze.

ACDSee is known for its best in class digital asset management and RAW processing power. It gives you instant, import free access to you photos.

And, it has flexible organizational tools to satisfy any workflow. It uses a location map to display the location of your images and isolate groups of files by region for processing.

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ACDSee location function
Advanced location features allow you to sort images based on their geographical locations.

Plus, you can use the Image Basket to gather and hold images from different locations and the Filter by feature to single out files based on their ratings, color labels, tags, and categories.

With ACDSee, you can create as many databases as you like and swiftly and smoothly switch between them.

Is there anything this program can’t do? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Test it out now with their free trial download.

7. Unbound

Unbound best photo organization software for mac
Unbound is a low cost, simple photo organization software for Mac.

Cost: $10 / Available for a free trial

The final choice on our list for best photo organizing software for Mac is Unbound.

Unbound Features best photo organization software for mac
With a small feature set, it’s easy to pick up and optimize your photo organization strategies using Unbound.

What’s so great about Unbound?

It’s simple.

Unbound keeps photo organization quick and easy. It allows you to store your photos in albums, not a proprietary library and uses instant search to find any album.

You can navigate your library using the keyboard, sync your files using a cloud-based service, and easily view camera settings for each photo.

For a no-frills photo organizational system, test out Unbound today with their free trial.

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Best Photo Organizing Software for Mac: Conclusion

As you can see, there are several efficient and quality photo organizing software available to Mac users. Again, I recommend you try the free trial first before shelling out cash for the paid options. They’re all great pieces of software and we stand by our choices, but everyone’s needs will be different.

Of course, the free options are all decent too!

Do you have a go-to photo organizing software that you use on your Mac system? Share with us in our comments below.

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