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Canon Soon to Offer “Pro-Level” Mirrorless Camera With IBIS and More

Canon has set the professional photography world abuzz these past few weeks. First we get an announcement of the Canon 1D X Mark III, which offers a fantastic set of features that will make any serious action photographer salivate.

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Then we get rumors regarding a Canon 5D Mark V, the successor to the hugely possible 5D Mark IV, and a camera that’s bound to be special (even if it won’t come out before the end of 2020).

And now we’re getting a look at Canon’s plans for a professional-level EOS R model, through statements made by Canon employees.

So let’s go over what we know:

First, according to the same source that gave us Canon 5D Mark V rumors, the Canon EOS R Mark II is on the Canon internal roadmap. When the camera will come out is anyone’s guess, but there has been speculation that they’ll both debut around the same time in late 2020.

Then, in an interview with Digital Photography Review, Canon executives discussed the future of their mirrorless lineup. When quizzed by DPReview about its RF-mount cameras, the Canon execs explained that they “are working on a combination of optical and body stabilization, working together to give enhanced IS.”

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In that same interview, the executives hinted at some future EOS R model, saying: “Please don’t forget the pro-level camera that you’re expecting is on the way.”

It seems likely that these two statements apply (at the very least) to one camera, which will have in-body image stabilization (IBIS), a feature that has so far remained absent from Canon cameras. While the Canon 1D X Mark III is rumored to include IBIS, Canon’s recent announcement failed to confirm this feature.

Then, Canon told Amateur Photographer magazine that it is “looking into developing in-body stabilization for its next EOS R model.” Amateur Photographer also reported that the camera will have dual card slots.

But what are these cameras? Is it a Canon EOS R Mark II? Or is it a higher-end, full-frame mirrorless camera (which fans have been calling the EOS RX)?

While it’s hard to know for certain, it’s likely that Canon’s “pro-level” camera comments are referring to the EOS RX, not the EOS R Mark II. The Canon EOS R is not generally considered a pro-level body; the lack of the dual card slots guaranteed that, as well as the low continuous shooting speeds. And I wouldn’t expect the Canon EOS R Mark II to diverge significantly from its predecessor–at least, not significantly enough to fall squarely into the professional market.

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That leaves the Canon EOS RX, which would be Canon’s first mirrorless camera aimed directly at professionals. We can expect that the camera will probably feature a high-resolution sensor (potentially 50 megapixels or more) to cater to landscape and commercial photographers, or high continuous shooting speeds (i.e., 20+ fps) and a stellar autofocus system for a top-of-the-line action setup. Either model is possible; now that the Canon 1D X Mark III and the Canon 5D Mark V are either confirmed or rumored, it’s clear that this pro-level body will either be in a class of its own, or will exist as a mirrorless alternative to one of those two Canon bodies.

If this is correct, then it’s likely that the Canon EOS RX will come out sometime between now and the end of 2020. And in addition to the features I mentioned above, it will feature dual card slots and in-body image stabilization.

That said, the Canon EOS R Mark II is undoubtedly in the works. The EOS R line is growing, not dying, and an EOS R Mark II will likely be on the way within the next 12 months.

I would be surprised if it had only a single card slot, even if the EOS RX debuts sooner and offers that pro-level feature. Canon received a lot of criticism over its failure to provide two slots in the EOS R, and it would be a mistake to repeat the error.

So keep your eye out for further rumors regarding the Canon EOS R Mark II and the Canon EOS RX.

We’ll know more soon enough!

What is the Canon EOS R Mark II?

The Canon EOS R Mark II is a still-rumored Canon full-frame mirrorless model. It is the supposed successor to the Canon EOS R, which debuted in 2018. While the Canon EOS R Mark II hasn’t been confirmed by Canon, we do know that there are further Canon RF-mount bodies in the works, including a pro-level mirrorless body. There is a good chance that the Canon EOS R Mark II will feature in-body image stabilization, as well as dual card slots.

What is the next Canon EOS R model?

Canon has recently confirmed the Canon EOS Ra, which is designed for astrophotography. After that, it’s unclear what we can expect as far as RF-mount models go, though we’ll undoubtedly see a Canon EOS Mark II sometime in the next year or two. You can also expect a pro-level body of some sort, which we are currently referring to as the Canon EOS RX.

What is the release date of the Canon EOS R Mark II?

The release date of the Canon EOS R Mark II is unknown. Canon has not announced or confirmed the development of the EOS R Mark II, though rumors suggest it is on the Canon internal roadmap. Canon has, however, discussed the development of a pro-level Canon EOS R body. Whether this is the Canon EOS R Mark II, or some other mirrorless body, is uncertain. However, a release date of late 2020 for the Canon EOS R Mark II is probably the most likely, given how the Canon 1D X Mark III will be arriving in early 2020.

What will Canon’s pro-level mirrorless body feature?

Canon has confirmed a pro-level mirrorless camera in the works. Canon has also said that the next EOS R camera will feature dual card slots and in-body image stabilization; while this camera has no release date, it is currently in development. Whether this EOS R camera is the same as Canon’s “pro-level” mirrorless body is uncertain.

Are Canon mirrorless DSLRs the future?

Canon is still a DSLR powerhouse, but its forays into the mirrorless world haven’t gone unnoticed. While the Canon EOS R may not have lived up to expectations, it’s likely that Canon will learn from its mistakes and produce a high-quality EOS R Mark II or a EOS RX. Plus, Canon has a host of lenses that its mirrorless lineups can be adapted to use, making Canon mirrorless models very attractive. So while it’s difficult to say whether Canon will be the dominant mirrorless player in a few years (it’ll be tough to topple Sony), you can rest assured that there will be a lot of good products coming out of the company.

Will Canon stop its DSLR lineup?

While Canon is allocating many of its resources to its mirrorless cameras, it is unlikely that Canon will drop its DSLRs anytime soon. The Canon 90D just debuted, and the Canon 1D X Mark III has been officially announced. Furthermore, the Canon 5D Mark V is now rumored for late 2020. So we can expect to see continued innovation in the DSLR world, at least for another year or so.

Will the Canon EOS R Mark II have in-body image stabilization?

While we don’t know for certain, it’s highly likely that the Canon EOS R Mark II will have in-body image stabilization. IBIS is common among mirrorless cameras, and though the Canon EOS R lacked this feature, Canon has discussed the development of a mirrorless camera with IBIS and dual card slots. While Canon may have been talking about the Canon EOS RX (as it’s known by fans), the EOS R will likely receive these features as well, especially if Canon wants to stay competitive in the mirrorless world, where it faces competition from not just Nikon, but also Sony, Olympus, and more.

Will the Canon EOS R Mark II have dual card slots?

The Canon EOS R Mark II has not been announced, though rumors indicate that it may come out at the end of 2020. Therefore, it’s uncertain whether the EOS R Mark II will have dual card slots. After the criticism aimed at Canon over the lack of dual card slots in the Canon EOS R, it seems unlikely that Canon will leave off this crucial feature, especially because Canon has a mirrorless camera under development with dual card slots.


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