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20 Home Office Ideas For Photographers

Home office ideas for photographers.

As a photographer, you most likely spend a large amount of time working from home. Editing images and completing projects in the comfort of your own space can be great. But, do you know what would make it better? Building and designing your own personal photography home office. Why not consider some of these home office ideas for photographers like you?

home office photographer
Having a dedicated home office space for your photography work can really help boost your efficiency and create a positive working environment.

We have compiled a list of the best 20 home office ideas for photographers. Let’s take a look at the options below:

20 Home Office Ideas For Photographers

1. Functional Work Desk

home office photographer
A desk is an essential component of your workspace, you need to make sure its high quality and offers the space and features you require.

Perhaps, the most important aspect of your home office is a functional, quality work desk.

Your work desk will be the center of your space. This means it needs to have room for all of your technology and be comfortable for your long working hours.

A rectangle or L-shaped desk is ideal for your home office. We recommend a wooden desk for a pop of design and easy cleaning.

Home office desk l shape
Choosing a desk with ample workspace is crucial.

L-shaped desks often provide more space which can be helpful for if you have a large spread of equipment. A desk like this may be ideal.

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2. Ergonomic Chair

home office photographer
Opt for a comfortable, adjustable chair for your workspace.

Another idea to improve your home office is to invest in a comfy, ergonomic chair.

If you’re working for long hours, an ergonomic chair is key.

Sitting at your desk and staring at the computer can be exhausting. To make your workday more comfortable and improve your posture – you need a quality chair.

Find a chair that can turn, swivel and be adjusted for your height preferences.

Bonus tip: Add a decorative pillow to spruce up the office and provide extra comfort while seated.

3. Storage For Your Gear + Lenses

The third component to your home photography office is a place to store your gear and lenses.

home office photographer
Store your lenses in an open space or on shelves

For your gear, you can either stack each tool in an open space such as on top of another smaller table. Or, you can place them onto a shelf.

Another idea is to keep all of your gear stored safely in your photography bag and place that bag either in a closet or on its own separate chair next to your desk.

This is the one office component that is really based on preference and how much gear you have. Some photographers want to display their gear, while others prefer to keep it stored away. The choice is yours.

4. Wireless Printer

home office photographer
A wireless printer means you can print important documents along with your photographs from the comfort of your own home.

If you don’t have a printer, or you’re looking to upgrade, a wireless printer will suit you well.

Having a wireless printer in your office adds an element of ease to your workflow. Whether you’re printing images or documents, connect the device to your WiFi network and print away.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget the glossy printer paper

5. Scanner For Your Images

home office photographer
Scan your important images and files

This next option could come combined with your printer, or you can choose to purchase it separately.

Scanners are great for photographers who shoot traditional or instant film and want to digitize their negatives.

Canon Scanner
A scanner can be used to develop film negatives into digital images.

If you’re a film photographer, find a scanner with the film holders to save money at the developing lab.

6. Back-Up Your Data With Hard Drives

One of the most essential tools on the list is a hard drive.

In fact, as a photographer, you most likely have multiple hard disks to backup all of your data.

Hard drive
Portable hard drives are essential for keeping your work backed-up and safe.

RAW files take up a lot of space – that’s why it is important to have an external place to safely store your work.

If you have multiple hard drives, be sure to label each one with the date and any relevant file information to keep your office organized.

home office photographer
Keep a number of hard drives for different sets of images. Having duplicate content on separate drives can also act as a safety measure.

7. Monitor For Editing

home office photographer
Monitors are an essential option for people who primarily work on laptops. When editing images, it is best to see them in a large format. In addition to this, using multiple monitors can allow you to manage many tasks at one time.

When the majority of your work is done on a computer screen, it makes sense to invest in a monitor for editing.

Whether you purchase a desktop computer or just a monitor to connect with your laptop – you need to be able to edit your images in a large, viewable format. Ideally with a high resolution and accurate color representation.

A high-quality monitor will benefit your visual editing processes.

Not only will this be better for your edits and color grading – you will be giving your eyes a break.

Do you edit photos and videos at the same time? Go ahead, add 2 monitors to your space.

Purchase whatever you need to make your office space the ideal productivity hub.

8. Cable Organization

home office photographer
Organizing cords can be crucial. It prevents damage and makes it easier to find the right cord when you need it.

As a photographer, you’re a tech junkie. You have cameras, lenses, computers, phones, and gadgets aplenty. And, with each tool comes a cord or cable you need to use.

Instead of getting your cords in a knot, add a cable organizer to streamline your accessories.

Home office cable organizer
A cable organizer attached to your desk is a great set up. You simply plug and go.

They even have organizational tools that allow you to hide your cords from being seen throughout your office. Now, that’s functional and minimalistic.

9. Elevated Platform For Laptop

home office photographer
An elevated workspace can be kind on the eyes as well as your posture and hands.

If you work on a laptop, it might be a good idea to purchase an elevated platform for your laptop.

These mechanisms sit on your desk and allow you to tilt your laptop at a slanted angle.

Laptop adjuster
A simple angled laptop holder is great for ergonomic support.

This is meant to help your typing posture and adjust for issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome or even hand cramps.

If you’re spending hours on end at the computer, you need this for your office space.

10. File Storage System

home office photographer
A simple organization system, like using binders, can help manage important documents.

To keep your loose sheets to a minimum, our next suggestion on our home office checklist is a file storage system.

If you have yet to go completely paperless, you probably have some documents lying around your desk.

ring binders
Choosing a set of colored binders will help you identify and categorize your files.

Instead of losing your receipts or misplacing a client’s invoice – pick up some folders and binders to organize and categorize your files.

Plus, if you really want to keep yourself organized – grab some colored dividers and label each section with names, dates and photoshoot location.

11. LED Lighting

home office photographer
Having a dedicated desk light is helpful for when you work into the late night on a project.

Good lighting is essential when you’re working, which is why our next recommendation is LED lighting.

Whether you have an overhead source or lamp on your desk – you need proper light to work on your projects.

Desk Light
Lights, such as this, that have advanced controls for brightness are great for adjusting the light to the time of day and your needs.

Plus, if you can find a lamp that is eye-friendly and designed with controls for brightness -then you will feel more productive and in a better mood throughout your day.

Don’t let your poor lighting affect your productivity, stay on track with an LED light.

12. Wireless Keyboard

home office photographer
Wireless keyboards are great for mobile working, you can choose when you do your work from in your room.

Having the freedom to change your working environment can really help boost productivity, that’s why we recommend a wireless keyboard.

For your home office, we mentioned adding a monitor for editing. If you use a desktop or laptop, adding a wireless keyboard can help improve your typing and hand position.

Keyboard and mouse
Having a wireless keyboard and mouse really makes your work mobile.

Buying a No products found. can really improve flexibility.

As we said, working long hours can strain your mental and physical state. So, grab a keyboard that is easy to use and can be moved and stored on any point on your desk.

13. Bluetooth Speaker

home office photographer
A wireless sound system can be great for those who prefer to work with music in the background. It’s also ideal for handling calls from clients, handsfree.

If you want to have some sound whilst you’re working, it might be worth buying a Bluetooth speaker.

A Bluetooth speaker is perfect for playing music while you work or for taking calls from clients.

Wireless speaker bose
A wireless speaker with good sound quality is a welcomed addition to any room.

With its hands’ free capabilities, you can talk and work at the same time.

If only there was a talk to edit feature, a photographer can dream…

14. Noise-Canceling Headphones

home office photographer
If you’re looking to completely zone-in on your work then noise-canceling headphones are a great way of blocking sound from the outside world.

If you live in a city, next to a loud neighbor or just want to block out the noise of the outside world, then you need a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

As number fourteen on our home photography office ideas, these are a great way to reduce extra sound and avoid distractions while working.

Noise Cancelling headphones
Bose QC 35 II is an incredible noise-canceling headphone option.

A great option are Bose’s Quiet Comfort 35 II. However, it’s important to find ones that are a perfect fit, comfortable and can last a long time without having to be charged.

Pair with your Bluetooth speaker to play your working tunes or answer your afternoon conference call.

15. Charging Station

With so many battery powered devices, our next idea for your home office is to set up a designated charging station.

home office photographer
Being out and about on photography shoots means you need to ensure all your gear is charged before you leave the house, having a dedicated charging station can help ensure you regularly charge equipment.

As we mentioned above, you likely have a large number of cords for your technology.

Yet, as a photographer, one of the most important things to remember before any shoot is to charge your cameras.

Set up a charging station on your desk where you can plug in your phone, camera battery, extra camera battery and more. Keep everything neat, organized and powered up in one place.

16. Desk Calendar

home office photographer
Desk Calendar to organize your shoots

If you need to schedule events, or meetings, a desk calendar can make it so you can see everything that’s upcoming. You’ll never miss a meeting.

Now, if you’re a digital guru who keeps everything online – this may not be necessary for you. But, if you’re like me – writing out my shooting schedule, appointments and even to-do lists can help me feel more productive.

Monthly planner
Using a large layout monthly planner can be really useful for visualizing deadlines and any scheduled meetings.

Grab a calendar that can be spread across your desk or a small pocketbook that can be folded and tucked up with your other belongings.

As long as you don’t miss Saturday’s wedding shoot, then you’re good to go.

17. Coffee Mug For Your Daily Dose of Caffeine

home office photographer
Coffee / Tea mug for a boost of caffeine

For our caffeinated creatives, our seventeenth idea is a mug dedicated for your daily cup of coffee or tea.

Grab a mug that not only looks nice on your desk but gives you some words of motivation.

Even when your home office is comfortable and cozy, it can still be tough to focus.

Find a mug that reminds you of your hard work and dedication. And, can keep your beverage warm while you tackle every project.

18. Closet For Photography Backdrops + Props

For photographers who use more than just the standard gear, this home office idea is for you.

Having a space that has a closet means you can stow aways all your backdrops and props both neatly and out of the way.

If you lack the extra space for a closet, find a large dresser with doors to keep everything hidden and organized.

Clutter can cause stress and tension to your workflow. Adding a large storage space allows you to place all of your extra items in one neat and tidy area.

home office photographer
Make use of a closet to store away larger items that might make your workspace cluttered.

19. Plants For Positive Energy

This next idea will bring some life and positive energy into any photographers home office – add a touch of greenery.

Placing artificial or real plants in your office space is a great way to elevate your mood. You can put a small one on your desk, hang a few from the ceiling or situate a large, potted plant in the corner.

The more plants you add, the more energy and oxygen that is filling your office. Inhale work deadlines and exhale relaxation from your new peaceful oasis.

home office photographer
Create a green space for more positive energy in your workspace.

20. Art Prints For Inspiration

Number twenty, and our final idea on the photographers’ home office list are art prints for that jolt of inspiration.

While your own work is inspiration enough, adding other’s creations can help keep you stay motivated and creative.

Find images you admire or art prints that showcase abstract ideas. If art prints are not your style, how about adding posters with motivational quotes to keep your spirits high?

Decorative touches to your home photography office should give you energy and boost your excitement during the workday.

home office photographer
Prints and posters can really help with motivation and boosting your spirits.

Home Office Ideas for Photographers: Wrap Up

So, as you can see, there are many home office ideas for photographers. From having a functional desk to ample storage space, hard drive backups and decor for energy and inspiration – your space will give you the positivity and productivity you need to run a successful business.

Do you have any home office ideas for photographers like you? Share with us your inspiration in our comments below!


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