Photomyne Review (Scan Your Old Photos in Seconds)

About Photomyne

Photomyne App (Scan your photos with your mobile)
Review of the Photo Scanner App Photomyne

Photomyne, an Israeli startup company, aims to become the largest photo collection of the pre-digital era.

The team at Photomyne has developed an AI-based scanning algorithm making it possible to:

  • scan multiple old (paper print) photos in a single shot,
  • auto-crop the images
  • enhance them
  • and finally, save those as individual photos in a newly created digital album.

Also, Photomyne offers a dedicated web platform for curating, sharing and viewing these photo memories. The company’s ever-growing user base consists of 3 million individuals worldwide who scanned an accumulated number of 50M photos to date.

Where to get the App

Current Ratings and Reviews on App Stores

The reviews of the Photomyne app are plenty and positive:

  • As of 9 April 2018, the Photomyne app is ranked #42 in Photo & Video category of the Apple Apps Store and has a rating of 4.5-star rating with over 3,800 user ratings.
  • On the Google Play Store, the photo scanner app by Photomeyne has a review score of 4.1 and a total of over 1,800 user ratings.

Editor’s View: We have tested the app by scanning over 100 images and used all its features and can confidently give it a five stars and award the Photomyne photo scanner app the app of the month.

Scanning Images

Sanning Images with the Photomyne App
Scanning Images with the Photomyne App

The app can scan single prints as well as entire albums. You can have a look at this video to understand how simple it is to digitize your old photos:

Image Quality

Normal sized images (4*3 inch) turn out to be big digital files (e.g. 3264 × 2196px). This is a great file size to see your old paper prints on a large monitor. It feels as if old moments and memories come back to life on a vivid and big computer screen (apart from seeing and storing your images on the phone you can later see them on the web or download them on the computer).

Please note that we used the iPhone 7 camera and scanned single images from nearby. If you use a smartphone with a camera of lower quality or scan multiple images at once, you will get lower resolution images. Read more on how you can achieve optimal photo quality on the Photomyne website.

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Social Sharing of Images

Once you have scanned and saved few images, you may want to share them with friends and family. This too is a very easy process.

You can share your images via

  • an iPhone Message
  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Whats App
  • Or any app you have installed on your phone, e.g. Twitter, Dropbox, etc.
Sharing your scanned photos with the Photomyne app
In addition to the build in share buttons (an iPhone Message, Facebook, Messenger, Whats App) you can share your images on any other app you have installed on your phone.

Create your own Photo Album Website

In addition to sharing your images via a message or social media Photomyne also gives you the possibility to create your own website. All it takes is one click and your website is live!

Don’t want to share your photos with the world? Not a problem, you can easily add a password to your online photo website and hence limit the access.

Video: Photomyne vs Flatbed Scanner

Back-up your Photos in the Cloud

What we also like about the Photomyne app is that all your scanned photos get safely backed-up on your personal account in the cloud. Also, not only will you find all your cropped and edited versions there, but also the original scans in case you need them.

Scanned Photo Albums by Photomyne
Keep your scanned photo albums safe on your phone and in the cloud.

Discover other Peoples Photos

Another nice and fun function is the discover tab. Click on it and discover other peoples publicly shared photos. It’s nice to see some pictures from the 60’s and 70’s once in a while. A nice way of getting little nostalgic and a good break from modern and filtered Instagram images ;-).

Discover Old Images
Discover Old Images

Download your Scanned Images

And finally, if you want to download all your images from the app/cloud, you can do that too. Simply go to your account online and download the entire album folder.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars!

We love the app and recommend it to anyone who has a shoe box or two full of old photos laying around at home or a grandma with a bunch of photo albums.

An App that Makes Storing Photos Fun

Scanning your old photos with Photomyne is a nice time-pass for a Sunday afternoon. Sit together with your family and scan your old paper prints!

You will have a great time looking at those old prints, have a few laughs, and store your family memories for the next generations to come by getting them into a digitized and easy to share format.

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The Photomyne app is free to download (Apple App Store, Google Play Store), scan and save photos. To enjoy account sync and online access you will have to subscribe to a Photomyne account (the price for the premium version is $19.99 per year).


  1. Does everyone who needs access to the photos also have to have a Photomyne account? Or just to the saved data source (i.e., cloud, website, etc.)? What is included in the “Premium” Photomyne version?

    • You get your own website and can share the link to the album. The ones you want to share the photos with do not need to have Photomyne (just Internet access and a web browser).

    • You can share download links or to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Email in the desktop app.
      On the phone app if you have Google drive or Photos installed along with the Photomyne app it should work. E.g. I can save them in Dropbox because I have the Dropbox app installed. Or into a shared iPhone photo album. So I assume it will work with Google Drive or Photos too.

  2. Hi Judy, I have tried to export the photos from the Photomyne app to Google photos. There seems to be no direct option. The only way around is to save the photos to your phone camera album (or your desktop) and then let them sync with your Google photos album (you must have sync enabled on your Google photos app).
    Using the PhotoScan by Google Photos app may be the better option if you want to have the photos immediately ready in Google Photos.

  3. This app is the best app I have ever used, so easy and fast to use. I scanned over 300 photos in less than 2 hours. the quality is excellent. The colorization works well too but not always accurate colours. Although you can scan holding the phone i feel it would be better to have some sort of cradle to keep it steady, have ordered one from eBay, costs just under $12 AUD (YES UNDER $12 UAD).

    • Glad to hear that you find Photomyne and our review useful.
      Thank you for sharing the tip about using some sort of phone stand to avoid camera shake.

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