15 Spring Photoshoot Ideas to Get You Inspired

Editor’s Key Takeaways: 15 Inspired Ideas for Vibrant Spring Photoshoots

Spring crocus flower

Spring marks an exciting period for photographers. This post offers 15 creative spring photoshoot ideas that photographers can leverage this season.

  • Flower Portraits: Incorporate flowers into photos to tap into the vibrant aesthetic of spring.
  • Use Pops of Bright Color: Utilize the season’s bright colors to create lively and eye-catching images.
  • Capture the Cherry Blossoms and Poppies: These are hallmark flowers of the season and are great for adding a touch of spring to the images.
  • Rain Boots, Umbrellas, and Puddles: Incorporate spring weather elements into your shots for a fun twist.
  • Sunrises and Sunsets: The longer days offer beautiful lighting opportunities.

How the spring season impacts your photography work depends on your niche. If you are taking pictures of children, families, pets, or nature, then spring will profoundly dictate the aesthetics of your images. Spring photography trends favour dream-like, ethereal photos with the subject isolated against the vibrant color backdrop of the season.


Spring is a great time for photographers. The blossoming of new life offers a fantastic color palette, and clients love the ideal weather in this gorgeous season.

But how can you start the season on a high note? Below, we share our top 15 spring photoshoot ideas to spice up your shots. So read this list, get inspired, and take advantage of these vibrant three months! 

What Does Spring Mean to a Photographer? 

Depending on your favored photographic niche, seasons may or may not have an impact on the aesthetics of your work. If you capture children, families, portraits, pets, and/or nature, however, then spring will profoundly affect your images. 

Each season corresponds to very specific colors, moods, and visuals. Popular spring themes include vibrant flowers, lush greenery, and a warm feeling. Spring is also when animals tend to have their babies, so the adjective “cute” tends to apply. Bright colors reign supreme and comfortable weather marks the beginning of this visually stunning season. The days begin to lengthen, offering more time to play. 

In recent years, spring photography trends have revolved around ethereal, dream-like photos produced by wide-aperture lenses. Isolating the subject from the vibrant background allows the location to lend color without overwhelming the subject. 

Keeping this in mind, let’s dive into our list!

1. Flower Portraits 

Flowers and flower portraits are part of the spring season. In fact, you won’t see dedicated spring photoshoots without them. There are a few interesting ways to include flowers in your photos:

In Fields 

If you are lucky enough to have access to a flowery field, this is one of your most eye-catching options! Whether you photograph the field as the subject or are place subjects in the field, the results are bound to command attention. 

But before you set off to frolic in flowers, make sure you have permission to do so. Many photographers have gotten into heaps of trouble for trespassing, as flower fields (such as lavender and sunflowers) are privately owned. Yes, sunflower photoshoots look amazing, but this isn’t a situation where you want to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. 

Minimalist Flowers 

Sometimes, the simplest images are the most effective. You can go minimalist and use just one or two flowers with your subject. 

Flower Compositions 

There are so many ways to compose subjects and flowers, so explore the variety of options by playing with perspective, vantage points, skewed compositions, and depth of field.

Place your subject into a flower bush and let them blend into the surroundings. Or use depth of field to encourage background flowers to become a colorful bokeh. 

2. Use Pops of Bright Color 

The beauty of spring is, well, the color! You can take advantage by requesting that your clients add some bright pops to their wardrobe. This can be achieved with a vibrant umbrella and matching rain boots, a bright pink belt on a cream-colored dress with matching shoes, and other such fashion or accessory choices. 

By adding these pops, you better connect your subject with the photoshoot setting. And bright colors will help communicate the feeling of spring, even if the location isn’t nature-oriented. 

3. White, White, and More White 

Sometimes, the best course of action is to help your subject stand out from the location by wearing white. White is strongly associated with wanderlust, innocence, and looks great in a bright image.

If the photoshoot location you’ve chosen features many spring flowers, greenery, and other saturated colors, putting your subject in white is a great idea. 

4. Capture the Cherry Blossoms and Poppies 

In some countries, the bloom of the cherry blossoms is the biggest indicator that spring has finally come. These pink flowers are an absolute icon, and given the short period of their bloom, it’s great to use them in spring photos. The color is so lovely and the trees tend to be so full that you can take hundreds of pictures without getting bored. 

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This is also true of poppy flowers, especially in world-famous locations such as the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in Southern California. The bright orange flowers complement many different looks.

Note that it’s important to be respectful when shooting. Take care not to damage the plants, as this may prevent them from growing the following year.

5. Rain Boots, Umbrellas, and Puddles 

With spring comes spring showers, which aren’t as violent as rainstorms (depending upon where you live, of course). Rain showers here and there are a common staple of this season, so embrace them! 

Plopping on some rain boots and playing in puddles is a great way to utilize this wet time – especially if you photograph children. You can also add some color with bright umbrellas! 

6. A Blanket in the Grass 

Picnics are a common activity in the spring, and they also provide plenty of great photoshoot ideas! Do you photograph young children, sweet couples, or pets? Put a nice blanket into some lush green grass for a pretty image. It’s also a good idea when photographing subjects who object to grass stains on their clothes! 

Be sure to pick a blanket that contrasts with the grass, as it may otherwise get lost in the photograph. 

7. Floral and Flowing Dresses 

Much of spring revolves around flowers, so it’s common for clothing designers to release spring collections with flowers in mind. Because of the warmer weather, dresses are a big hit – specifically flowing dresses. This gives the photographer and the subject a lot of options when determining poses.

Photos are inherently two-dimensional and static. But you can add lots of movement and liveliness by capturing flowing dresses in action.

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8. Birds and Other Wildlife 

Birds and wildlife love to come out in the springtime. Therefore, capturing wildlife is an absolute treat in the spring, and even photographers who aren’t traditionally interested in wildlife and bird photography may be inclined to dust off their telephoto lenses and have some fun.

9. Picking Fruit 

If spring were a taste, it would probably be a sweet and juicy fruit! Fruit grows well in the spring, and it’s a great prop idea for your portrait photos. (Just remember to eat the fruit after you’re done. Don’t let it go to waste!)

10. Cafes and Farmers Markets

Spending time at farmers’ markets and cafes is another popular spring activity, and capturing the hustle and bustle of delicious markets or the calm serenity of a local cafe is a great way to go! 

If you are looking to get into the social media side of photography, this is a great photoshoot idea to pitch to Instagram influencers who hire you to produce their content. The backdrops of both farmers’ markets and cafes are vibrant and interesting, plus they help tell a story. 

11. Sunrises and Sunsets 

Although the sun is more associated with summer, it has an influence on spring. The golden and orange rays of a setting sun improve the vibrancy of the scene, especially if it includes flowers, plants, or a great spring dress! 

12. Spring Break Vibes 

For the school- or college-aged individuals out there, spring means spring break, full of road trips, beach bonfires, and a slew of adventurous fun. So much about photography is telling a story, so why not speak about the excitement of spring break? Look into expanding your abilities by telling a full story with just your images (no words allowed!).

Great spring break ideas include cruising in a convertible with the top down, hanging out by the beach, playing in some flowers, or hanging out with good friends. 

13. Bubbles Galore 

Let there be bubbles! Bubbles symbolize the innocence, fun, and outdoor playtime that is synonymous with spring (especially if you have children).

Bubbles make for wonderful additions to any photoshoot, and they can even act as main subjects. That’s because bubbles do a wonderful job of capturing reflections and rainbows, which can certainly spice up your photos.

14. Swings, Wreaths, Crowns, and Arches 

If you’ve got some crafting talent, a beautiful way to showcase spring is to make flower swings, wreaths, and arches for your clients! Spring portraits and mini sessions are great for encouraging frequent clients to book seasonally, and creating a full set of shots with these fun props is an excellent way to satisfy your customers. 

Additionally, these types of props make for very ethereal, magical, and eye-catching images! 

15. Props in Nature

Placing props such as chairs, suitcases, and benches out into nature makes for captivating images! Furniture props are especially trendy these days, and many famous photographers opt to mix nature with human elements. 

Look for furniture that is easy to transport and works well with your chosen location. A shallow depth of field can help the props fit organically into the scene.

Capture Stunning Spring Photos

Our hope is that some of these spring photoshoot ideas provide inspiration, imagination, and get you excited to capture spring in all of its natural glory.

As photographers, we all see the world in our own unique way. So take some of these prompts, run with them, and capture your very own vision of beauty! 

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