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A company that was originally founded by three adventure enthusiasts and photography-loving brothers – Mike, Greg, and Jeff Lowe, it manufactures backpacks for a wide variety of camera systems, laptops, and personal electronic equipment. Originally, the parent company manufactured outdoor equipment and the two businesses kind of went hand in hand thanks to the passion and drive of the founders.

Greg Lowe is credited with the designing of the world’s first internal frame backpack with a close fitting architecture. Jeff Lowe is a larger than life individual, a phenomenal climber, academy award nominated cinematographer and photographer. Greg’s brother Jeff is the first person to have climbed the treacherous Eiger Nordwand via the Metanoia route.

Today, the company is one of the most renowned camera backpacks makes in the world. These include bags for DSLRs and mirrorless systems, compact point and shoots, and even drones and quadcopters which have caught the fancy of the general professional photography fraternity.

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