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Best A3 Photo Printers in 2022 (Top 7 Picks)

Photo prints come in all different sizes, but plenty of printers struggle to handle larger dimensions. The A3 size is 297 x 420 mm (11.7 x 16.5 inches) and is standard for posters, presentations, and more – though it’s not a size offered by your average desktop printer.

So if you’re looking to turn your photographs into dazzling posters or detailed prints for friends, family, or clients, you need one of the best A3 photo printers. And that’s what this article is all about.

Here is our nifty guide to picking the perfect A3 printer in 2022! 

1. Canon PIXMA TS Series

Best Budget Option
An inexpensive option to consider

If you want a decent printer at a low cost, a PIXMA TS Series is a stellar choice.

Wireless printing capability
Small and compact
Good for personal prints, but not high enough quality for professional prints

It’s the least expensive option on our list, yet the Canon PIXMA TS Series is a compact printer that gets the job done.

Canon PIXMA TS Series Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer - Print, Scan and Copy for...

If you’re not looking for anything terribly fancy or overly impressive, this Canon printer is a great buy; it’s good for casual photo prints for friends and family, and you can even print A3-sized photographs straight from your smartphone thanks to the wireless connect option. The color resolution isn’t bad at all, providing up to 4800 x 1200 DPI (dots per inch), more than enough for quality photo prints to decorate your home. 

Professional photographers and other serious shooters won’t be impressed with the photo quality, but for $150, the quality is pretty darn good. If you’re not a pixel peeper and you just need to print memories with lovely colors, this one’s for you. 

2. Canon PIXMA PRO-200 

A great mid-level photo printer

The PIXMA PRO-200 features great quality output, beautiful colors, and borderless printing!

Borderless printing available for all paper types
Beautiful colors and a great final result
Anti-skew mechanisms for the paper
Bright and useful LCD screen
On the pricey side
Slow printing speed

The Canon PIXMA PRO-200 is priced over $400 more than the Canon PIXMA TS Series, yet it has a lot more to offer. 

Able to print A3 and larger, the Canon PIXMA PRO-200 has a resolution of 4800 x 2400 DPI, creating quite brilliant color and detail production (when photographs are appropriately formatted, of course). The print quality is superb, and this machine is specifically created for printing (so it does not feature a scanner). The new inks used by the Canon PIXMA PRO-200 provide a brilliant array of colors, with beautiful, deep blacks. 

Canon PIXMA PRO-200 Wireless Professional Color Photo Printer, Prints up to 13'X 19',...

Borderless printing is now available for matte and fine art papers rather than just glossy papers, so the PIXMA PRO-200 can be applied for professional work. There are built-in anti-skew mechanics for improved precision, while the bright and decently sized LCD screen makes operation easier than ever. 

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The downside to the PIXMA PRO-200 is its actual printing speed; accurate printing can be a slow process, so patience is required. 

3. Canon PIXMA iX6850

Adding even more features than the PIXMA Pro

The PIXMA IX6850 keeps all of the same beloved features of the PIXMA Pro while adding wireless capability!

Similar features to the PIXMA Pro series
Wifi printing capabilities; you can use a smartphone!
Large printing size
Cannot handle RGB color spaces for photographs (must be CMYK)

Rounding out the Canon options is the Canon PIXMA iX6850, which ups the game even more than the PRO-200. This printer includes many beloved features of the PRO-200 we mentioned above, but also adds Wi-Fi and AirPrint capability for smartphone control. This printer can handle up to 329 x 483 mm (12.95 x 19 in), so the A3 size falls well within its range.

Canon PIXMA iX6850

Colors look more natural with the PIXMA iX6850 thanks to its solid gamut handling, so most photographers won’t find themselves disappointed. However, the printer’s ink cartridges are black, magenta, cyan, and yellow, which means that your photographs absolutely need to be converted to CMYK color rather than RGB. This should be done regardless, but some printers are more forgiving than others, and this one is not! RGB colors will come out dull. 

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4. Epson SureColor P900

The ultimate professional A3 printer

This is everything you could want in a professional photo printer and then some!

Specially designed for photography
Incredible color gamut and inks
Full of features such as smartphone control, built-in memory, and a 3″ touchscreen
Very expensive printer
Very expensive inks

Epson is another well-known imaging company in the photography space; the company produces incredible printers used by many photographers. The Epson SureColor P900 is one such printer. 

With a price tag that would make anyone faint, there is a reason that this Epson is so expensive; it’s really intended for professional use. Photographers that make a living on poster (or much larger) sized prints would do well with the Epson SureColor P900, as will the pixel peepers who need to ensure sound detail. This printer seldom disappoints. 

Epson SureColor P900 17-Inch Printer, Black

To start, this printer accepts UltraChrome HD inks, which brings the color quality to an outstandingly high level. The nine-color ink system diversifies the color pool, keeping colors deep and rich. This is because the printer was specially built to appeal to photographers who pride themselves on image quality. 

The Epson SureColor P900 is feature-rich as well, compatible with various wireless usage options through cell phones and computers. The almost three-inch touchscreen screen helps navigate through options easily. The built-in memory can remember prints and templates, making this printer revolutionary for product printing! 

5. Epson Expression Photo XP-970

Our Pick
A great printer for everyone

An all-in-one printer that does a great job for photography!

Good price
All-in-one printer with a scanner
Excellent photo printing quality
Six color cartridges for great color range
Inks can be pricier to use
Pitched for office use, but really more of an artist printer

The Epson Expression Photo XP-970 is another budget-friendly option (retailing at a little under $300). Unlike some of the other printers on our list, this is an all-in-one printer with a scanner, but that doesn’t take away from its great photo printing capabilities.

Epson Expression Photo XP-970 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier

Slim in size, the Epson Expression Photo XP-970 can easily fit on a shelf or under a desk. The cartridges fit six different color slots, making a gamut-spanning array. Granted, running six cartridges is a bit more expensive than running printers with four, but the gorgeous lifelike prints make it well worth it! Paired with 5760 x 1440 DPI, prints are detailed and lovely. 

Although marketing may have pitched this printer as a great office companion, the costly cartridges make it more of an artist’s buy than a desk accessory. 

6. Brother MFC-J5330DW

An unexpected option

It’s certainly bulky, but this printer does great work.

Very decent print quality
All-in-one printer
Automatic print feed is great for photographers producing many photo prints in a row
Takes up a bit of room
Best with natural colors

While certainly different from the options above, the Brother MFC-J5330DW is still a worthy A3 printer to consider. 

The automatic print feed is perfect for photographers needing to reproduce a large number of prints, whether it be for an art show or for personal use. The sheet capacity is 250 – plenty of paper for one big round of printing!

Running this printer is more cost-effective than some of the others on the list, with the caveat that the print quality is not as punchy as, say, the Epson models. However, for photographers who print more natural colors and opt for straight-out-of-camera images, the Brother MFC-J5330DW does great! 

Brother MFC-J5330DW All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Wireless Connectivity, Automatic...

Packed and loaded with wireless features, paired with scanner and fax capability, this is a good all-in-one for those that need both an office printer and one for photographs. 

The laser printer on the list

Differentiating itself by printing with laser, this printer is excellent for black and white prints.

Very detail-oriented printer with great quality
Consistent results that won’t fail
Bulky and large in stature

Xerox became such a popular brand name that in some places, printing is referred to as ‘xeroxing’! The Xerox VersaLink C7000 is a laser printer that may not have initially been intended for photography, but actually performs incredibly well. Black and white prints pop, offering great depth and range with the monochrome color. Everything looks highly detailed and exceptionally shaded! 

Xerox VersaLink C7000/DN Color Printer, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready

Although this printer is expensive and bulky, it’s highly durable and will get the job done right again and again. If you need consistent professional results in an A3 size, the Xerox VersaLink C7000 will have you covered on all fronts! This is also an all-in-one printer with scanning and faxing built-in. 

Which of the Best A3 Photo Printers Is Right for You? 

Although all of the printers on our list can print in A3, they are certainly not all the same.

For those looking to do casual prints and need something inexpensive, the  Canon PIXMA TS Series will become a compact best friend. For professionals, you cannot beat the quality of the exceptional  Epson SureColor P900. If you need something sitting more in the middle, our favorite general pick is the  Epson Expression Photo XP-970 for its well-rounded capabilities! 

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