The Best Glass Photo Prints You Can Order in 2024

There are so many ways you can print your images, from the more traditional paper and canvas options to the newer metal and acrylic products. Yet even more recently, companies have started printing photos on glass, and these prints are great for a host of reasons.

Glass prints can make any home look sleek thanks to the modern frameless aesthetic, and they can also preserve colors from fading for a tremendous amount of time. Additionally, unlike acrylic prints, they don’t attract dust, yet they’re extremely durable.

But not all glass prints are created equal. If you want to decorate your home with glass but you’re struggling to pick the right printing service, don’t worry. We’ve done the research for you and selected the seven labs offering the best glass photo prints on the market in 2024!

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1. MyPhoto

Our Pick
An impressive array of glass products

With so many glass products to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Plus, the quality is outstanding!

An outstanding array of glass-exclusive products
AirGlass helps make gallery walls easy to design
Great price for the quality
Print sizes are small

Thanks to its tremendous list of glass print products, MyPhoto blows many of the other online printing services out of the water. Products you can make out of your images include AirGlass, Miniblox, glass pads, diamond glass, dry-erase glass boards, paperweights, ornaments, and much more! 

The AirGlass deserves mention for its ingenuity. AirGlass prints are made of the same glass as your cell phone screen, making the products unusually lightweight and durable. The prints actually stick to your wall and are reusable, so you can mix and match them for some fantastic gallery walls. 

MyPhoto was started as a way to share snaps from your phone in a printable format (although the company does, of course, accept photographs from DSLR and mirrorless cameras). As such, the company is quite good at handling family snapshots and memorable everyday pics, and the technicians certainly know how to effectively print lower-resolution files!

2. Fracture

Also Great
A nice glass print specialty shop

If you’re looking for beautiful glass prints in a variety of sizes, this lab is the way to go.

Beautiful prints
Fast shipping
Good price
Sharp corners; the glass is not beveled
Poor packaging

Need sleek, high-quality glass prints? Then Fracture is a great option. The company’s glass products are extremely durable and can easily be mounted to walls with the provided hardware; in fact, thanks to their foam backs, Fracture prints float nicely just off the wall. The prints are crisp, and they don’t have any of the standard glass print problems (such as banding).

If you purchase one of the smaller offerings from Fracture, the print can be displayed using a tabletop stand, which adds to its versatility. Additionally, the size range for prints is much more diverse than most of the competition, ranging from 5×5 to 21.6×28.8. 

When we reviewed Fracture’s glass prints, we did run into several issues; for instance, the company’s approach to packaging left much to be desired, and the sharp print corners could be seen as a hazard. But the quality was superb, so if you can get past those issues, Fracture is a very worthwhile option. 

3. TilePix

Best for glass tiles

TilePix offers beautiful glass tile prints that boast a nail-free mounting system to prevent wall damage.

Can easily create a wall gallery
Convenient mounting system
Beautiful finish and overall design
Thoughtful packaging and fast shipping
Banding in print
Limited sizes

When you think about glass prints, a photo tile option might not be the first thing that springs to mind. But TilePix lets you order premium photo tiles on glass, which you can turn into a stunning wall photo display.

We’re big fans of the square tile products, but if tile prints aren’t your thing, that’s okay, too; you can also get standard glass prints, freeing you from the constraints of a square crop. You can print pretty large, too – the biggest glass print offering is an impressive 16×24.

TilePix glass photo print showing a puppy lying on a blanket.

Another great thing about TilePix glass prints is the magnetic mounting system. If you want damage-free hanging, the prints can be mounted without nails, and they’re fairly easy to remove, too. We did find that the adhesive for the mount doesn’t work well with matte paint, though if you struggle to hang your print, you can always use nails.

When viewing our TilePix glass print up close, we did notice some banding, but this is pretty common when printing on glass and is basically invisible from a normal viewing distance. 

4. Prints on Glass

Prints on Glass
Prints on Glass
A professional lab with eye-catching offerings

Have a big, bold idea for a glass print? This lab can make even your wildest dreams come true.

Exceptional professional-quality glass prints
Offers custom sizes
Makes very unique glass backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms
Shipping from Australia can be slow

For professional photographers wanting to offer their clients a unique product, Prints on Glass is the perfect pick. Because the company is located in Australia, products may take a bit longer to ship to the USA, but it certainly can be done.

The quality is absolutely exceptional and worth the wait (and worth the extra shipping fee for sending prints overseas!). From standard to custom sizes, Prints on Glass can do it all. Images come out vibrant, beautiful, and exceptionally eye-catching, plus there’s a guarantee on each offering.

What makes Prints on Glass even more incredible is the unique glass backsplash offering – you can actually turn your photographs into a panoramic backsplash for the kitchen or bathroom! This is a great photo print idea for anyone looking to really spruce up their home, and it can make your photography the centerpiece of a room’s design. The company’s decade of experience will ensure that even the most ambitious glass decor design becomes a reality!

5. Cameo Glass Prints

Cameo Glass Prints
Cameo Glass Prints
Best for unique glass prints

From serving trays to cutting boards, this lab offers plenty of amazing glass prints for gifts or practical use.

Great glass product offerings, including the very unique glass trays and glass cutting boards
Gorgeous quality
Specializes in glass
Limited sizes
A bit higher in cost than most consumer labs

Cameo Glass Prints is a lesser-known company that can transform your images into beautiful glass art. Cameo prints a wide array of glass shapes and thicknesses and is the perfect company if you’re looking to add various glass-oriented products to your home.

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Some of Cameo’s bestsellers include trays, paperweights, and flat prints. The curved glass offering makes for a beautiful display in front of a natural light source (such as a window) as the sun’s rays will illuminate the image and make it even more vibrant. 

The glass trays aren’t offered by other labs and are excellent for commemorating special events. Glass cutting boards are another great offering that you won’t find elsewhere and are both beautiful and utilitarian. 

Since this lab specializes in glass prints, you can be confident that you’ll receive exceptional-quality products. 

6. Shutterfly

A solid consumer lab

Known all over thanks to its great marketing campaigns, Shutterfly offers a tremendous number of print options, including glass.

Many products
Affordable price
Prints let a lot of natural light pass through
Decent quality
Limited sizes
Intended to stand on shelves or desks, not hang on walls

Shutterfly is one of the most famous consumer printing companies in the world thanks to its marketing campaigns and easy-to-use online interface. Although this lab is hardly a glass specialist – it offers a huge array of products, including canvas prints, metal prints, and acrylic prints – the quality is great for the everyday home! 

The Shutterfly website with several glass print products.

The glass prints are printed directly on glass, and the result is translucent, allowing plenty of natural light to flow through the images for a light and airy feel. The glass has a smooth beveled edge, which keeps it from being unpleasantly sharp.

Shutterfly offers both flat and curved glass prints. Although the sizing is limited, each print comes at a reasonable price.

Shutterfly’s glass prints are not intended as wall art; instead, they’re designed to sit on desks, bookshelves, and tables. The curved prints can stand on their own, and the company includes a stand with each straight print for easy display. 

7. Snapfish

Another consumer-friendly lab

Although Snapfish is very limited on glass print sizes, what they do offer is beautiful and will look great in any home!

Offers different types of prints
Great quality
No sharp corners
Only two glass print sizes available

Like Shutterfly, Snapfish is a generalist printing company for consumers. And although the company offers fewer products than Shutterfly, the interface is just as simple and is both web- and mobile-friendly. 

The Snapfish website showing several glass photo prints products.

Snapfish only offers glass prints in two sizes – 5×7 and 8×10 – so the company certainly lacks versatility, but the results are exceptionally vibrant, detailed, and crisp. Each glass plate is thick with an all-around beveled edge and comes with a really neat acrylic stand. 

The products are a bit pricey, but Snapfish does have very frequent sales, so you’re bound to find something within your budget. 

Decorate Your Home with Beautiful Glass Photo Prints!

The list is on the shorter side because many labs don’t actually offer glass prints. However, the available options are quite excellent, and our consensus is that for the consumer, MyPhoto, Fracture, and TilePix are all great choices. You can’t really go wrong with any of them, and you can expect your prints to turn out wonderfully crisp.

And if you’re a professional, Prints on Glass is the way to go. Not only is the quality amazing, but the company also prints in custom sizes and can even add full-on home decor backsplashes featuring your photographs!

Glass Photo Print FAQ

What’s the difference between glass prints and acrylic prints?

Glass prints are vibrant and perfectly sealed from the elements. Acrylic is an alternative to glass that is vibrant and durable. However, acrylic material attracts dust and great care must be taken when handling it.

How should you format your photographs for printing? 

It’s best practice to have your images formatted at a minimum of 300 DPI in the CMYK color space.

Do glass prints need a special hanger?

Glass is heavier than other materials, so stronger hanging hardware can be required.

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