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Our Thoughts on the CanvasPop Triptych Set: A Review

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We’ve ordered from CanvasPop before. They have a fantastic set of print items available in their store, from standard prints to magnets and pillows. But this time around, we’re testing out the CanvasPop triptych set.

As the title suggests, the CanvasPop triptych set offers not one, but three panels of photo goodness to hang on your walls.

Does CanvasPop maintain their stellar reputation when requested to work in threes? We’ll go a step beyond covering the highs and lows that you need to know. Addressing the roadblocks along the way, we’ll go over how, exactly, you can make the most of this service.

Ordering My Triptych Set Online Through CanvasPop’s Website

Working with the website to create a triptych set reminded me of my other experiences placing orders with CanvasPop –  for better or worse. On one hand, the process was intuitive and quick, taking just a few minutes to complete. But the site’s simplicity makes it a bit restrictive at times for more advanced projects.

What’s more, some misleading advertising led to a few unpleasant surprises concerning the order limitations. Luckily, a bit of creative thinking and simple substitutions made getting exactly what I wanted possible.

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Work Around the Three-Way Split: Tips to Get Your CanvasPop Triptych Set Just Right

Just as you’d expect, the CanvasPop triptych set includes three separate panels. However, there’s a catch to the deal. CanvasPop does NOT allow you to print three unique images across the three panels. Rather, you’re limited to just one image, which is then split into three parts.

Of course, this isn’t always a bad thing. This is exactly the effect that some customers want. Nevertheless, it does severely limit the creative possibilities at hand. Furthermore, not every image works well split into three parts.

The solution to this issue? Use a program like Photoshop to merge three images together into equal thirds, then save as a single file. When you upload the photograph to Canvaspop, they’ll automatically divide into three equal parts. Simple as that!

If you do choose this route to get three independent images, just be sure to request a digital proof. This will ensure that the prints look exactly the way you’d like them to!

Get Whatever Size you Want – For a Price.

One of CanvasPop’s boldest claims is that they’ll print at “any size”. Unfortunately, it’s a statement that’s not entirely true.

First off, the site will not accept heights less than 8” or widths less than 24”. This is because the width refers to the width between all three canvases rather than for each individual panel. In other words, a 30”x20” triptych set order would be delivered in the form of three 10×20” pieces.

What’s more, many aspect ratios are incompatible because the total width must be divisible by three. For instance, a 20”x16” shot would not be accepted. You’d either have to crop down to fit an 18”x16” set or zoom in to fill a 21”x16”.

If you are really set on a specific size and not willing to budge, you can try ordering your image(s) as three custom-sized canvases instead. That being said, if you can work your order into a triptych, it’s in your best interest to do so. Per piece, the CanvasPop triptych set comes at a slightly better price.

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CanvasPop Triptych Set: The End Product

Once I found a few workarounds to get the photographs I wanted, I placed an order for a 30”x20” triptych set. Using the trick I mentioned above, I was able to choose three colorful detail shots from my trip to the Nevada desert last spring.

About a week and a half later, the thin package containing the trio arrived at my doorstep. Though I had worked with CanvasPop in the past, this was my first time ordering an actual canvas from their print store. Needless to say, I was excited to see how my work had translated into triptych form.

The CanvasPop Triptych Set: Prints Made to be Together

Technically, I couldn’t have been much happier with the print quality of my photographs. Despite some abstract choices, CanvasPop did an excellent job at retaining detail without drowning out the canvas texture. The stark colors that initially drew me to the images translated especially well from file to print.

All three canvases measured exactly the same size, to my relief. What’s more, there wasn’t any overlap between images present in the final triptych. In this department, CanvasPop delivered a high-quality triptych set that I was more than impressed with.

I’ll admit, I had a bit of a bad taste left in my mouth given the limitations I encountered placing my order. However, the bad feelings quickly washed away once I had the impressive triptych set physically in my hands.

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CanvasPop’s Hit-or-Miss Construction

I always have praise for company’s that include and install hanging equipment with orders at no additional cost.

On a printer’s end, it’s a thoughtful gesture that shows a degree of care for customer satisfaction. What’s more, it takes a lot of the headache out of the hanging equation.

Attached taught across the back of each panel of my CanvasPop Triptych Set was a metal wire, making wall attachment as easy as hammering a nail in place. Another nice touch was the rubber “bumpers” attached to the corners of the canvas. Their presence removes the possibility of any scuffs on the wall should the canvas ever begin to shift.

Unfortunately, the presentation wasn’t entirely perfect. I found that the canvas edges were a little bit sloppy and uneven, to the point of sticking out from that back at certain points. Though this may seem a bit like nit-picking, the construction may be a cause of concern for some perfectionists.

Is a CanvasPop Triptych Set Worth It?

In short, the answer is probably yes.

The CanvasPop triptych set can be a bit limited, specifically for those that want to get creative with their presentation. While this is something of a drawback, there are ways to bypass many of the restrictions.

With a solid middle-of-the-road price tag, CanvasPop does provide great prints despite a few minor flaws. Details and colors are portrayed beautifully, and canvases are ready to hang right out of the box. If that weren’t enough, the company’s “100% love” return policy shows that the company is committed to keeping customers happy.

There’s plenty of ways in which art can bring a room to life. However, the CanvasPop triptych set is a particularly alluring option. With professional looks at attainable prices, three has never sounded better.

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