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camera basics

Learn the camera settings basics

Discover all the camera fundamentals: camera modes, key settings (including aperture, shutter speed, and ISO), file formats, metering, and much more.

focus in photography

How Focus in Photography Works

Learn all about focusing in photography, so that you can consistently come away with tack-sharp images.

Light in Photography

Light in Photography

Learn the difference between natural and artificial light, shooting against the sun, how light affects photography and much more.

Artificial Lighting

Artificial Light in Photography

Become a master of artificial light. Discover how to work with flashes, modifiers, and much more!

Composition in Photography

Composition in Photography

Discover how to create breathtaking compositions, consistently. Learn all about the rule of thirds, the rule of odds, the value of symmetry, and more.


Choosing the Right Gear

Learn what camera, lens, and gear is the right for you. Also, discover how to carry and maintain your gear the right way.

Editing Photos

How to Edit Photos

Learn how to get started with photo editing in Lightroom and on your smartphone. Find your editing style, apply filters, and organize your photos like a pro.

Printing Photos

How to Print Photos

Learn the 101 of photo printing. You will learn how to print photos using Lightroom or your smartphone. Get an understanding of color management and output sharpening.

Jaymes Dempsey Photographer


I Am Jaymes Dempsey.

With 8 years of digital photography and macro photography expertise, I have taught the basics of photography to many beginner photographers. In the constantly evolving field of digital photography, it is my mission to provide individuals and photography enthusiasts with the skills to master the critical do’s and don’ts in Photography to convert their passion for photography into stunning images.


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