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Free Ebook Nikon DSLR Guide

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Table of Content

  •  Getting Started – Unboxing
  •  Getting Familiar with Your New Camera ii
  •  The Main Command Dial
  •  The Sub-command dial
  •  The White Balance Button
  •  The ISO button
  •  The Quality Button
  •  The BKT Button or Exposure Bracketing
  •  The Flash Exposure Compensation Button
  •  The AF mode selector
  •  AF-area Mode selector
  • The methodology of using the Focus Lock Button
    The Art of Using the Manual Focusing Option of your DSLR
     Basic Camera Functions
  • How to Charge your Camera Battery
    • Inserting the Battery into the Battery Compartment
    • Inserting the Memory Cards into the Memory Card Slots
    • Different uses of the two memory card slots
    • How to format a memory card in-camera
    • Attaching a lens
    • Detaching a Lens from a Camera
    • The Diopter Adjustment
    • The Main Shooting Mode Dial
      • P – Programmed Auto
      • A – Aperture Priority
      • S – Shutter Priority
      • M – Manual Mode
  •  Other Important Shooting Modes on Your Camera
  • The Release Mode Dial
     Looking Through the Viewfinder
  • The AF area mode
    • Auto-focus mode
    • Focus Indicator
    • Battery power status
    • Shutter Speed
    • Aperture
    • ISO indicator
    • Memory Indicator
    • Memory Card Indicator
    • Buffer Indicator
    • Black and White
    • Flash Ready Indicator
    • The Exposure Meter
    • White Balance Adjustment
  •  ISO number and its correct Usage
  •  Interval Shooting with your DSLR
  • Using the Live View Mode
  • Video Recording
  • Metering Modes
    • Matrix metering
    • Center-Weighted Metering
    • Spot Metering
  • Image Transfer
    • Via the USB Cable
    • Via a Wireless Transmitter
  • How to Print Photos