If you want to know how to learn photography, you may want to get hold of an e-book to explain the basics to you. Although much of the basics of photography are actually learnt by doing, reading an e-book on how to learn photography can help you to pick up the basics, which you can experiment with later.

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Read the following list for a rundown of some of the best e-books on how to learn photography:

  1. The 123 of Digital Imaging – The 123 of Digital Imaging is one of the most comprehensive e-books / learning software available today on the art of digital photography. The interactive book guides the reader through the whole process of digital photography, from choosing your equipment, right through to touching the image up with Photoshop once it is on the computer. The guide is frequently updated, so as to stay abreast of all of the latest digital imaging developments. Click here to buy.
  2. TEN - How to learn photography
    TEN by Craft And Vision

    The Inspired Eye: Notes on Creativity for Photographers. Vol 1 – The Inspired Eye series by David DuChemin provides budding photographers with an excellent commentary on how to find inspiration in everyday objects, and how to use your muse to your advantage. The first volume in the series is the best for new photographers, although old hands may want to keep a copy close by for those days when they just can’t seem to find any inspiration of their own. Click here to visit Craft And Vision.

  3. Ten Ways to improve your Craft, none of them involves Buying Gear – Ten is another e-offering from David DuChemin and is an excellent read for photographers who are looking for a way to improve their pictures without having to invest in expensive equipment. This guide shows that it is possible to take fantastic photos without breaking the bank. This book offers tips for people who already know how to use their camera but need more assistance when it comes to taking photos which really stand out. For a limited time only, this book is available for free from David DuChemin’s website. Click here to visit Craft And Vision.
  4. The E-Book Series from Digital Photography School – This e-books are guides which have been put together jointly by the team at the Digital Photography School (dPS). dPs is a site dedicated to helping photographers of all levels get the most out of their cameras. Part of the dPS is to produce quality ebooks and training resources for their readers. Click here to visit Digital Photography School.
  1. Wildlife Photography – Wildlife Photography by Uwe Skrzypczak is the definitive guide to photographing animals in their natural habitats. The book is a must for anyone who is planning to go on a photo safari in East Africa. This guide includes great tips on how to capture animals in action. Click here to buy Wildlife Photography: On Safari with your DSLR

Another great way to learn photography is to take online courses. Click here to take the beginners course on “How to become a better photographer” on Udemy.

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