Photography Ideas – Five Tips To Get You Back Into Action

Photography Ideas to Revive your Passion

Photography ideas are all about inspirations to keep your creative juices flowing. It is easy to lose steam when you are stuck in the affairs of the world and your camera gathers dust. Sooner than you think it can be forgotten. Very soon you could find yourself compelled to list it on eBay for sale. Before that happens, shake yourself out of the bewilderment and get back into groove. In this article we discuss a few photography ideas that can help you get back to your original best.

Here are Five Photography Ideas to Try Out

  • Overexposures

    photo credit: Sergiu Bacioiu

    Seeing the kind fetish that some photographers have when it comes to overexposing their photos in post-processing, there might be a virtue in trying this in-camera rather than sitting in front of the computer. Well at the end of the day you make photos with your camera and not with your computer. One of way you can play with overexposure is by putting the subject between you and the source of light. If you want to take a profile shot while completely washing out the background then you need to meter for the face. If you want to capture a silhouette of a person standing with her back facing you (like a person standing in a narrow hallway) then meter for the light.

  • Try some optical illusions and or Dutch (or is it a German thing?) camera angle

    The Dutch Angle
    photo credit: __Wichid__

    Sounds juvenile? Well that’s what amateurs do when they are not sure that the horizon line is better off straight. But even optical illusions can be pretty interesting if done tastefully.

  • Take Selfies

Take Selfies
photo credit: HereIsTom

The world seems to be split on this. Some are obsessed with this genre of photography and others don’t quiet consider this photography at all. However, I am happy to say that selfies are here to stay. For example, take a look at Alex Chacon’s selfies that were bundled into a 3-minute video. A snapshot of his travels across 36 countries over 600 days and across 125,946 miles. Now, that’s a Epic Selfie!

  • Reflections

Photography reflections
photo credit: Denis Collette…!!!

Stuck at home on a rainy day? This one is a sure winner. Grab your rain jacket, your camera and head for the streets. Reflection photos are simply about taking pictures of the reflections of people, buildings, trees, animals and anything else that may moves (or does not) against puddles of water on the streets. If there is a

Photograph Kids

photo credit: Libertinus

When I was growing up, me and my friends would organize rehearsals for plays. One act, three acts and anything else we thought was interesting. It is a different thing that none of those plays actually got staged, but we had a lot of fun, dressing up as Hansel and Gretel. If you have young kids at home, ask them to pose for you. Children of any age, really, can be a real treat to photograph. Provided you can keep the atmosphere light and funny and the kids have a great time!