Photography Lessons For Kids

Dear friends, when I was growing up, my father gifted me a compact film camera and told me to click pictures of anything that interests me. That was my first camera. I had to load film rolls, which was a tricky process initially so I had to ask the clerk at the photo store to do it for me.

But it was fun shooting pictures and then watch them come alive in the form of prints. You probably have a different camera in your hands, one that does not use film but a memory card instead. But I’d imagine that you feel just as giddy holding the shiny new camera in your hand and just as excited as I was 25 years ago, cannot wait to start shooting pictures.

I have prepared some photography lessons for kids, which I have no doubt will immediately improve your skills.

Easy Photography Tips (Ideal for Kids & Beginners)

You will be surprised to see how quickly you can improve the quality of your photos with slight modifications to your technique. So, without further ado here we go:

1. Rule of Thirds

Keeping subjects bang in the middle is not always necessary, try placing your subject towards one side of the frame and preferably halfway towards the corner. Just half-press the shutter by placing the subject in the middle and then reframe by pointing slightly to the right or left of the subject. You just learned rule-of-thirds. Way to go!

2. Bokeh

Try to capture a photo of a person or a pet by keeping considerable space behind the subject. You will notice there is a nice soft blur behind.

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3. Focus on the Eyes

Another interesting tip for my photography lessons for kids is on photographing portraits. When doing so always ensure that the eyes of the subject (your mom/dad/family pet) are sharp in focus.

4. Use the Macro Mode

Some of these photography lessons for kids could also be used by a beginner to photography. Do you love flowers? I used to love photographing flowers when I was growing up. They make wonderful subjects because of their vibrant colors.

But have you been photographing them during mid-day? Instead, try to photograph them early in the day or when the sky is cloudy or overcast and the light is diffused. There is a small icon on your camera which looks like a ‘flower’. That is the macro mode. Turn it on and use it to focus more closely. Watch how the photographs improve suddenly.

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5. Use the Fireworks Mode

Look for a shooting option on your camera named “fireworks”. When you select this option the shutter speed gets reduced. It has some really interesting uses. Let’s say you are at a fireworks exhibition. Select this mode and place your camera on a flat surface. Point towards the fireworks display and press the shutter release. Watch how the fireworks display comes alive in your photos.

Go on and put these tips which you learned in these photography lessons for kids to practice and watch how your photos start getting better and better. Until next time! Take care!

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