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In this category, you find our best and latest photography tips. Make sure to check the current photography events, browse our outdoor photoshoot ideas, and check the best photography courses.

The Best Way to Store Digital Photos: The Ultimate Guide

The Best Way to Store Digital Photos: The Ultimate Guide

Keeping your digital photos safe is a tricky task. Find out the best way to store digital photos so you don't have to worry about losing your photos.
How to Make Full Body Portraits 5

How to Shoot Full Body Portraits

Learn How to Make the Perfect Full Body Portrait Photo. What Lens to use, which Lighting to Pick and how to Posture for a Great Portrait (from tip to toe).
photoshop edited image

How to Brighten a Part of Your Image in Photoshop

If you want to brighten a part of your image Photoshop offers great tools to do so. The Gaussian Blur and the Polygonal Lasso Tool help you brighten a spot.
Boudoir Photography History and Tips

Boudoir Photography (History, Photographers, Tips)

A detailed look into the concept, history and famous photographers of the boudoir industry and tips on how to create beautiful boudoir images.
Easy Landscape Photography Tips

The Best Landscape Photography Courses in 2021: An Ultimate Guide

What is the best landscape photography course? Discover the best landscape photography courses on the market! Improve your landscape photos!
Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips - Head and shoulders of young woman sitting outdoors

Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

Five outdoor portrait tips to help you improve and elevate your work. Including how to utilize lighting, lenses, tools and specific times of the day to create visually appealing and compelling imagery.
Rflection - a way to create a forced perspective | Image by Randy Jacob

How to Create Forced Perspective Photography

Forced perspective photography is infinitely interesting and creating. We look at how to create forced perspective photography and share a plethora of mind-boggling examples for your benefit.
How to Manage & Backup Lightroom Photos (Fast & Easy) 1

How to Manage & Backup Lightroom Photos (Fast & Easy)

How to best store and backup your Lightroom photos. In this tutorial you learn how to store your photos on external hard drive, clone them and keep a backup in the cloud. Easy to follow workflow process that will keep your pictures safe.
poppy abstract macro

20 Macro Photography Ideas for Stunning Photos (Right Now!)

Do you need some macro photography ideas? Discover 20 amazing macro ideas that you can shoot today! You're guaranteed to be inspired.
Indoor Portrait Photography Tips

7 Tips for Better Indoor Portrait Photography

7 tips for creating better indoor portrait photography including choosing the right gear, balancing natural and artificial light, and creating an organized and interesting background to frame your subject.
flat lay photography

Flat Lay Photography

Discover how to do incredible flat lay photography. Step-by-step flat lay instructions, covering composition, light, and more--for immediate results!
Headshot Photography Tips - lighting and shadow

Headshot Photography Tips

There is a fine line of difference between headshot photography & portraitures. Discover 10 easy to implement headshot photography tips.
DSLR Video Tips: How to Make Great Videos with Your DSLR 8

How to Make Great Videos (with Your DSLRs or Mirrorless Cameras)

Thinking of creating some videos with your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera? Then these DSLR Video Tips are for you: ✓ Focus, ✓ Stabilization, ✓ White Balance, ✓ Filter Tips and many more... Start shooting great vides now. Discover amazing picks created by our pro photographers.
The Quest for the Perfect Portrait

The Quest for the Perfect Portrait

Portrait photography lighting might seem hard, but it doesn't have to be. Discover how to create gorgeous portraits with these simple lighting tips!
white background portrait

White Background Portrait: How to Capture Portraits With a Pure White Background

How do you capture beautiful white background portraits? Discover easy techniques for perfect white backgrounds, both indoors and outdoors!
How to Quickly Open Your Smartphone Camera (On Any Model)

How to Quickly Open Your Smartphone Camera (On Any Model)

Discover how to quickly open your smartphone camera. Never miss a photo opportunity again! Pixel, iPhone, Huawei, and Samsung.
High Key Photography

How High Key Photography Works: 3 Must Know Tips

Introduction: High Key Photography High Key Photography denotes an overabundance of brightness in an image. Whenever you see an image that seems to have a positive feeling about it, say
Corporate Portrait Photography Tips (Top 6 Tips You Must Know)

Corporate Portrait Photography Tips

6 Amazing Tips on How to Shoot the Perfect Corporate Portrait Photo. Learn How to make that Pro Headshot for your New Professional Profile.
zone system photography

The Zone System: How to Nail Your Exposure Every Time

What is the zone system, and how can you use it to get consistently perfect exposures? Learn all about this technique pioneered by the photography greats!
Learn Photography

Bird Photography: The Ultimate Guide to Stunning Bird Photos in 2021

Do you want to capture amazing bird photography? Discover the secrets to amazing bird photos. Learn about light, composition, and more!
Learn how to Capture the Milyway

Milky Way Photography Tips

While the landscapes of Earth are beautiful, there is nothing quite like the starry night when you’re out in the wild, away from civilization and light pollution. If you’re anything
low light photo

Low Light Photography: The Ultimate Guide to Shooting in Low Light

How do you capture amazing low light photography? Discover the secrets to gorgeous photos in low light situations. An ultimate guide!
Inside and Outside View of a flat

How to Stack your Real Estate Photos in Lightroom

How to stack together images for your real estate shots, especially interiors with bright windows? By using Lightroom or the LR/Enfuse plugin or Photomatix.
software to upload photos to instagram from computers

How To Post On Instagram From Laptop & Desktop Computers

Do you have images on your computer you want to share to Instagram? Read on to find out how to post on Instagram from your laptop or desktop!
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