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Red flower with a yellow bug in the Luminar Neo photo editing software, final edit. Make Boring Photos Burst with Life: A Step-by-Step Guide Using Luminar Neo Learn how to transform dull photos into vibrant masterpieces using Luminar Neo's powerful editing tools with this step-by-step guide.
Woman MC at a wedding laughing into microphone as a male guest fake proposes to her. Capturing Candid Moments and Genuine Emotions in Event Photography Seasoned photographer Paul Fox reveals his secrets for capturing emotions in event photography – the raw, genuine moments that tell a story.
Portrait of a smiling man with white hair and beard, wearing glasses and a brown blazer over a light blue shirt against a dark gray background. Headshot Photography Posing Tips for a Natural and Flattering Look Improve your headshot photography with advanced tips on posing, camera setup, and capturing authentic, natural expressions with Joshua Gharis.
A skateboarder wearing a red beanie and sweatshirt performing a trick in a skatepark bowl at dusk under artificial lights. Choosing the Right Camera Gear and Settings for Sports Photography Navigate the dynamic world of sports photography camera gear! From the fast-paced Sony a9 III to Nikon's D850 powerhouse, seize every moment with precision.
A smiling woman with dark hair tied back, wearing a blue top, against a white background. Through My Lens: My Approach to Camera Gear and Settings for Stunning Headshots Learn how to shoot professional headshots that truly stand out with these insider tips on camera gear and settings.
Man sitting outside Starbucks looking at his smartphone. Capturing the Essence of Urban Life: Advanced Street Photography Techniques Elevate your street photography game with techniques for lighting, composition, and storytelling. Uncover the beauty of urban life through your lens.
2024 signs on the beach with a photographer in the background, sunset. 20 Photography Goals to Strengthen Your Photography Skills Photography Goals for 2024 – we look at easy ways to expand your photography skills and broaden your horizons.
Woman reading Exif data Exif Data Basics: Understanding the Fundamentals of Image Metadata Exif Data Explained: Mastering Image Metadata for Better Photography
A woman taking photos and smiling. Best Photography Workshops in 2024 (US, CA, UK, AUS) The best photography workshops run a by pros. 7 great photo workshops around the world, including the National Geographic Expeditions.

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Golden retriever in black and white with a flash burst in the background. The 4 Best Camera Settings for Indoor Photography The best shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and focusing mode for indoor photos. Capture crisp, clean, well-exposed images indoors.
American photographer Steve McCurry The 30 Most Famous Photographers (And What We Can Learn from Them) Who are the 30 most famous photographers of all time? And what can we learn from them? We give you a curated list of 30 famous photographers!
viewfinder tool 15 Fun Photography Lessons for Kids Do you want to get your child started in photography? These 15 photography lessons for kids are a great way of showing them the ropes!
photo of bird in water 52 Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills (Fast!) Do you want to improve your photography as fast as possible? Discover 52 ways to instantly improve your photo skills!
Hot matcha Japanese milk green tea latte on white table. high key photography. High Key Photography: An Ultimate Guide to High Key Images If you're looking to capture stunning high-key photos, you've come to the right place. Discover the secrets for beautiful bright portraits!
7 Camera Angles Explained (Shinjuku-ku, Japan, by Dmitri Popov) The Psychology of Camera Angles Discover the psyology of various photography angles. See sample images of 7 most common camera angles. Learn, get inspired, and shoot better.
White Balance Card Understanding White Balance White balance refers to the process of correcting color casts in your photos. You can set the white balance yourself using a gray card.
Instagram Pose: smiling woman leaning forward and playing with hair. Cute Poses for Instagram: 20 Flattering Shots for Every Woman’s IG Feed Discover our top 20 cute poses for Instagram so you can get share-worthy pics in seconds. These poses are sure to satisfy!
Headshot Photography Tips - lighting and shadow Headshot Photography Tips There is a fine line of difference between headshot photography & portraitures. Discover 10 easy to implement headshot photography tips.
photography aestheti Photography Aesthetic: A Simple Guide to Creating Beautiful Photos What is a photography aesthetic, and how can you use it for amazing results? We share plenty of techniques for beautiful photos.
A woman at home looking outside the window. 15 Indoor Photography Tips for Stunning Results Struggling to capture gorgeous photos indoors? Fear not; we share fifteen tips to make your indoor photography shine!
A yellow lambo on a desert road in Dubai. 16 Car Photography Tips to Take Compelling Car Photos What's the secret behind those jaw-dropping car photos? We share the best car photography tips to help you capture compelling images.
Corporate portrait of a woman with a laptop Corporate Portrait Photography Tips 6 Amazing Tips on How to Shoot the Perfect Corporate Portrait Photo. Learn How to make that Pro Headshot for your New Professional Profile.
A woman buying a magazine. The 20 Best US Photography Print Magazines Here are the 20 best photography magazines available in the U.S. giving you industry insight, professional reviews, and top tips.
Crackers, cheese, and berries on a white plate above a dark blue surface. 11 Basic Food Photography Tips for Beginners Beginner-friendly food photography tips to capture appetizing images with effective settings, lighting, composition techniques, and more.
Portrait of a young woman, flash photography, dark background. The Ultimate Guide to External Flash in Photography Do you want to capture stunning photos using external flash? This guide will tell you everything you need to know for pro-level external lighting!
man looking at camera settings 5 Simple DSLR Settings Every Photographer Should Know (For Stunning Photos) Discover the 5 key DSLR settings that you should know as a photographer. Take your photos to the next level, right now!
macro photography The Best Macro Photography Settings (for Stunning Close-Up Shots) What are the best settings for macro photography? Discover six key settings for jaw-dropping close-up shots!
Watching Youtube on Smartphone 10 Best Photography YouTube Channels to Follow in 2024 We narrow down the best YouTube channels to learn photography, offering tutorials for beginners to advanced Photoshop editing tricks.
person using smartphone Light and Exposure in Smartphone Photography: A Complete Guide Discover the secrets to smartphone exposure and lighting. Tips and tricks to take incredible photos--with only your smartphone!
what is urban photography What Is Urban Photography? The Essential Guide What is urban photography? Take stunning urban photos like a pro with these tips, style examples, and gear recommendations.
dahlia macro photo Flower Macro Photography: Tips for Amazing Flower Photos Do you want to capture stunning flower macro photography? Discover the secrets to incredible flower photos. Level up your photography!
Girl leaning against a fence with a church and a leafy tree branch in the background. Best Camera Settings for Portraits: 4 Essential Tips We share the best camera settings for portraits! Keep your portraits sharp, detailed, and artistic with these fundamental settings tips.
golden hour outside photograph The Best Time to Take Pictures Outside: An Essential Guide When's the best time to take pictures outside for stunning results? Discover our favorite types of natural light for amazing photos!
fashion magazines 20 Most Famous Fashion Photographers (and What We Can Learn from Them) To be a better photographer, we need to look to the greats. Here are the best famous fashion photographers and what we can learn from them!
Family walking outside in the spring with matching color outfit. The Best Colors for Family Pictures Outside: Picking the Right Outfit Learn what to wear for your next family photoshoot! A complete guide to the best colors for family pictures outside.
Woman running on beach with sun in background. High-Speed Sync Flash: What Is It and When Should You Use It? High speed sync is a useful flash photography technique - but when should you apply it? And what does it actually do? It's all in this article!
outdoor portrait with bright light in the background The Best Camera Settings for Outdoor Portraits – In Rain or Shine! Discover the best camera settings for outdoor portraits so you can nail that exposure and get stunning shots no matter the weather!
Cherry Blossom Photography Tips 20 Cherry Blossom Photography Tips (Including Best Locations) Capture beautiful photos of cherry blossoms. We share plenty of tips and tricks for cherry blossom portraits, nature shots, and more.
10 photography exercises for beginners 10 Photography Exercises to Boost Your Skills Learn 10 photography exercises for beginners. Boost your skills and develop as a photographer, fast!
Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips - Head and shoulders of young woman sitting outdoors Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips Five outdoor portrait tips to help you improve and elevate your work. Including how to utilize lighting, lenses, tools and specific times of the day to create visually appealing and compelling imagery.
diy photo studio The DIY Photo Studio Ultimate Guide: Make a Studio in Your Home Discover how to make a DIY photo studio in your own home. Step-by-step, budget-friendly directions. For portrait and product photography!
Champagne glasses for event participants. 14 Event Photography Tips to Make Your Images Shine Level up your event photography with these must-know tips. Learn how to choose the right settings, elevate your compositions, and more.
woman blowing hair with sun in the background Best Camera Settings for Sunset Portraits (Plus 10 Sunset Poses) Learn the best camera settings for your next sunset portrait photoshoot. Includes exposure, metering, flash, and 10 bonus pose ideas.
phone and instagram logo The Best Instagram Photographers Using Their Smartphone: 10 Top Picks Who are the best Instagram photographers using their smartphone? Discover the top smartphone photographers on Instagram. Be inspired!
photography tips for beginners - featured image: dog photo 20 Tips for Photography Beginners How do you capture stunning photos? Discover the secrets to amazing photography with these 20 photography tips for beginners!
Woman in dark with light shining on her face. High Key vs Low Key Lighting in Photography: A Complete Guide What's the difference between high key vs low key lighting? Discover everything you need to know about these two photography styles!
Close-up of a camera lens with aperture blades. Wide vs Narrow Aperture: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Aperture Setting Learn the difference between wide vs narrow apertures. Pick the perfect settings for beautiful results.
exposure bracketing example Exposure Bracketing for High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos: A Complete Guide Do you want to know how exposure bracketing works? If you're looking to create gorgeous HDR images, then you've come to the right place.
Indoor Portrait Photography Tips 7 Tips for Better Indoor Portrait Photography 7 tips for creating better indoor portrait photography including choosing the right gear, balancing natural and artificial light, and creating an organized and interesting background to frame your subject.
vantage point in photography aerial forest and lake Vantage Point in Photography: A Guide (Plus 22 Examples) Discover everything you need to know about vantage points in photography for amazing results. And see plenty of inspiring examples!
Master interior photography - ai generated. Interior Photography Tips: 12 Essentials for Getting Stunning Interior Shots Do you want to take stunning interior photos? If the answer is yes, you need to know these twelve essential interior photography tips.
Ad posters inside of a bus stop; vertical and horizontal orientation. Understanding the Key Differences of Landscape vs Portrait in Photography Discover how landscape vs portrait can enhance your photography technique. From camera settings and styles to photographic orientation. Become an expert!
low light photo Low Light Photography: The Ultimate Guide to Shooting in Low Light How do you capture amazing low light photography? Discover the secrets to gorgeous photos in low light situations. An ultimate guide!
tungsten light bulb The Importance of Lighting in Photography Why is seeing the light in photography is so important? It matters! Different types of natural/artificial light produce soft or hard light.
Best Camera Settings for Night Photography Best Camera Settings for Night Photography: Useful Tips and Ideas Discover the best camera settings for night photography. Take a wide variety of amazing shots in low-light situations!
American football players 5 Must-Know Sports Photography Tips Discover 5 amazing sports photography tips to take your images to the next level. Learn techniques used by the pros!
landscape photography shot with best settings 5 Landscape Photography Settings Every Photographer Should Know Discover 5 landscape photography settings that will take your images to the next level. Capture amazing landscape photos, consistently!
Getting started in Levitation photography Levitation Photography Tips and Tricks: 20 Ideas to Spark Your Creativity! Levitation photography can be an exciting learning experience that pushes creative boundaries. Read on for some levitation photography tips to inspire you!
blue hour photography city skyline Blue Hour Photography: A Comprehensive Guide (With 7 Tips) What's blue hour? And how can you use it to capture amazing photos? Discover everything you need to know for great blue hour photography!
antartic photo of penguin Antarctic Photography Tips (the Ultimate Guide with Sample Photos) Antarctic photo tips about gear, camera settings, how & where. Capture the best of Antarctica and its' animals.
Fstoppers - one of the best blogs to learn photography The 8 Best Blogs to Learn Photography From reviews, tutorials and step by step guides these are the top 8 blogs for learning and understanding the world of photography.
lensball photography Lensball Photography Explained: Essential Tips for Creative Images Discover the art of lensball photography and start capturing uniquely stunning photos with these must-know tips and tricks!
hdr night photograph HDR Night Photography: 11 Tips for Stunning Night Photos Want to do stunning HDR night photography? We share 12 tips and techniques to take your night HDR skills to the next level!

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