20 Amazing Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Are you part of a couple and looking for some outdoor photoshoot ideas? Or are you a photographer who frequently photographs couples?

Either way, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you’ll discover plenty of fantastic ideas for creative outdoor photoshoots. Some are romantic, some are adventurous, and all of them are fun!

1. Do Your Favorite Outdoor Activities

We’re starting off our list with a very intimate but wholesome photoshoot idea. Documenting yourselves doing your favorite outdoor activities together will capture the best parts of your relationship, as you’ll be photographing yourselves when you feel most comfortable.

Make sure to highlight your relationship by finding the best angles to shoot from. Take a stroll by the beach, enjoy a day at the park, or walk your dogs. These simple moments will make your photos that much more personal and meaningful.

2. Camp Out for Some Nighttime Photography

Some people might overlook the value of night photography due to the lack of natural light. But the night is actually a great time to take some truly interesting photos, especially because you can test out different light sources, camera settings, and camera equipment.

Use the darkness as an opportunity to try out silhouette photography. Alternatively, find different light sources -such as colorful neon signs – to add some character to your faces.

3. Take Snaps During Golden Hour

Ah, golden hour. It’s when the light creates a warm, romantic ambiance, making it a perfect time to shoot a few memorable photos.

Even simple shots captured by your phone look absolutely gorgeous when photographed during this short window of time. Find a nice place outside where you have an unimpeded view of the sunrise or sunset. Then experiment with close-up shots and shadows for various beautiful results.

4. Use Different Perspectives

There are a lot of ways you can experiment with perspective to achieve a more unique and interesting series of photos. The first is to create forced perspective images by shooting through objects like fences, crystal balls, or holes.

Another thing to try is shooting photos of your partner from your own personal point of view. Show your partner as you see them might see them when you’re holding their hand or having a shared drink.

Experiment with different camera lenses for different effects. A wide-angle lens will spread out the scene and emphasize the surroundings. A telephoto lens will do the opposite.

5. Experiment with Reflection Photography

Reflection photography involves using reflective surfaces to create artistic shots of your chosen subject. It’s a really unique and fun way to capture photos of you and your partner (kind of like a mirror selfie, but better).

You can explore this technique with a variety of objects: regular mirrors, lakes, or even little puddles of water. 

6. Get on a Roof

A rooftop photoshoot is great for people who like to experiment with scenes that you can only view from above. Choose to frame your couple shots with the sky or with the sea of architecture below.

Note that you don’t have to literally scale rooftops to take such a photo. That can be dangerous! A high balcony or terrace overlooking the city will do the trick.

7. Ride a Bicycle Together

Riding a bike with your significant other isn’t just a fun, dynamic date idea. It’s also an amazing opportunity to try out some outdoor photoshoot ideas for couples.

Posing around a bike can definitely give off both romantic and playful vibes. If you’re a sporty couple who regularly bikes around the neighborhood, you’ll find this couple’s photoshoot idea especially nice!

8. Keep Your Romance in a Frame

Framing is a great way to draw attention to your subject while telling a story. This tip can be taken literally, where you use human-made objects and shapes to box or frame the shot.

But you can also do this by positioning yourself and your significant other within existing natural or architectural frames like arches, trees, and doors.

9. Head to the Beach

The beach is another great outdoor location for a photoshoot. Here, you’ll have a mesmerizing ocean view as your background and lots of natural light. As long as you don’t shoot in harsh light, the beach makes for gorgeous results.

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Plus, beaches are a great place to relax, unwind, and simply enjoy each other’s company (after a photoshoot, that is!).

10. Have Fun with Balloons

Balloons are versatile props for any photoshoot. You can pose with them, or you can use them as background elements. Either way, a few balloons will surely add more texture and an interesting pop of color to your images. 

You can find balloons almost anywhere. Plus, they’re very cheap. They offer a great way to pull off an enjoyable couple photoshoot while on a budget.

11. Use an Incredible View as Your Background

A great view is the perfect photography backdrop. Why not include one when doing a photo session with someone you love? You can hike up a mountain or walk to your favorite waterfall, marvel at how beautiful the world is, and reminisce about how far you’ve come in your relationship.

Use a wide-angle lens to achieve the best results. Mount your camera on a tripod, activate your camera’s self-timer, then cuddle up in front of a picturesque scene.

12. Do a Close-up of Entwined Hands

Handholding represents a strong connection between two people. Shakespeare once even likened it to a kiss.

If you want to get creative, try interlocking pinkies, which depicts shyness or longing for one another. And of course, if you’re engaged, show off the ring!

13. Do a Piggyback Ride

A piggyback ride makes for some fun and playful shots. Plus, the pose shows how at ease you are and how much trust you have for one another.

If you’re shooting on your own, a piggyback pose can be hard to capture, so try bringing a friend along to hold the camera. (Alternatively, take a wide-angle, selfie-style shot!)

14. Serenade Your Partner

For those of you who are musically inclined, a song is a great way to express yourself to your partner. Surprise your loved one with a sweet serenade using their favorite instrument. And don’t forget to capture their reaction on camera!

15. Lie Down on a Picnic Blanket

A picnic session is one of the best outdoor photoshoot ideas with models that you’ll ever find; you have wonderful props, good food, and a nice outdoor backdrop. Picnics also offer lots of great natural lighting. So pack your picnic basket and get snapping!

16. Shoot with Fairy Lights in the Dark

Fairy lights can create a very whimsical and magical mood. Head out at night, then use the lights to creatively illuminate the outdoor photoshoot poses you’d like to create with your partner. Whether you hold hands, hug, or kiss, experiment with different camera settings for all kinds of unique effects.

17. Pose Forehead to Forehead

Eye contact is a sign of devotion, especially when you and your partner are standing forehead to forehead. This cinematic pose provides the perfect mix of intimacy, softness, and warmth. 

Try it with your gazes locked or with your eyes closed. And try closing your eyes, then capturing your reactions after your eyes have opened.

18. Lie on Your Partner’s Lap

Your partner lying on your lap – or the other way around – is a great way to showcase the comfort and familiarity you have with one another. It also shows how much you care for one another. Try holding hands during this pose for a romantic result.

19. Pose Together While Laughing

Genuine laughs are hard to fake. That’s why the best shots are sometimes the unexpected ones. If you can capture yourselves together in a state of pure joy, you’ll have an instant winner!

Just make sure you dial in your camera settings in advance so you won’t have to worry about missing that perfect candid moment.

20. Do Some Dancing Outdoor Photoshoot Poses for Couples

To quote Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: “To be fond of dancing [is] a certain step toward falling in love.” And it’s not wrong. 

Dancing offers plenty of great opportunities for candid shots. Couples get to enjoy one another’s presence while exploring different dance moves and styles, such as:

  • Twirling each other around
  • Sensual little dips
  • Slow dancing to soft music

Use one of the new mirrorless sports photography cameras to avoid blurry results.

Have Fun at Your Outdoor Photoshoot!

There are a lot of great photos you can take with your significant other (or as a photographer of couples).

So get inspired with these outdoor photoshoot ideas for couples. Grab your camera, find your better half, head out the door, and start clicking!

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