We Tested Snapfish Photo Prints and Were Largely Unimpressed

When going through the trouble of printing a photograph, it’s natural to want a product that’s dependable as well as beautiful. And, you’re likely to come across Snapfish photo prints in your Google searches.

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Why Snapfish Photo Prints?

If you’re a frequent reader, you’ll know that this isn’t our first experience with Snapfish. In operation for nearly 20 years, the company has evolved from your average print press to a photo paraphernalia empire.

Whether you’re looking for a photo-plastered spiral-bound notebook or a tea towel, chances are high that Snapfish has it up for grabs.

Snapfish Photo Prints options
Snapfish offers a huge array of photo personalized products.

One of the most recognized names around, variety is far from the only thing Snapfish has to offer. Customers are attracted by low prices and limited-time sales. If there’s one thing you can expect from Snapfish photo prints, it’s a bargain.

Between the cost and the company’s longevity, we found it well worth giving this veteran a shot for our latest batch of photo prints.

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Placing My Snapfish Photo Prints Order

First, keep in mind that Snapfish isn’t necessarily made for the perfectionist professional. Rather, business is earned from average people seeking to get their favorite family photos printed.

As such, if you’re looking for advanced, state-of-the-art editing options or a wide array of print preferences, you’ll likely be disappointed. Customization is limited at best. For those that have experienced ordering prints, the “dumbing down” that takes place is frustrating.

Snapfish editing software
Aside from a few basic sliders and switches, Snapfish doesn’t offer much in terms of photo editing capabilities.

However, those not as confident in their abilities, well, Snapfish makes it effortless to order prints in as few steps as possible.

You choose between paper types (glossy or matte) and a size. That’s all there is to it.

Once you enter your payment information, Snapfish takes care of the rest.

Snapfish print options
Snapfish has a wide variety of photo products for customers to choose between. But do Snapfish’s traditional photo prints stand up to their other novelties?

To cater to the lowest common denominator, you don’t even have to go through the hassle of waiting for a package to arrive in the mail.

Instead, it’s possible to pick up your Snapfish photo print orders within a couple of hours at your local CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart. While this is certainly convenient, the practice does raise a red flag concerning the quality of their product.

What I Got:

So, how did the finished project actually turn out? To put it generously, the results I received were mixed.

Although I ordered everything in one sitting, my largest print shipped separately from the rest of my images. For whatever reason, it took two extra business days to receive the smaller and lighter of the two shipments.

So, I’ll start by going over the first package, then go on to compare what I received later on.

Large Format Imagery

The first piece that made it to my mailbox was an 11×14 Snapfish photo print rolled tightly into a tube. If you’ll be framing your print, this isn’t so big of a deal, but it’s typically best for prints to be shipped flat, not rolled up.

In this instance, it wasn’t a dealbreaker, but do consider your needs if you don’t want to be hassled by flattening out curled photo prints.

And, that being said, thanks to good experiences with a previous Snapfish order, I was cautiously optimistic upon unraveling.

Snapfish print delivery
My large format photograph was delivered in a cardboard tube – separate from my other prints.

Unfortunately, what I was met with disappointed me. Overall I found the image quality to be grainy and the detail to be lacking.

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Some of that may be on me for choosing a particularly light image that could have had a higher resolution. However, some responsibility falls on Snapfish for not catching the potential print issue.

Most competitors provide such alerts, so I’m not certain why Snapfish hasn’t installed safeguards for their customers.

Snapfish print comparison
I was frankly disappointed with the quality of my first print. The details in the brightest parts of the print were completely lost, and there was a bit of a blue color cast over my black and white image.

With several Snapfish photo prints still in transit, I didn’t want to jump to conclusions on Snapfish too quickly. However, the first impression certainly didn’t do much to impress me.  

Smaller Prints

Before I even opened my second package, I knew there would be some trouble with my order.

The photos arrived in a flimsy envelope without any sort of protection, I noticed the bottom corner of my package had been damaged in transit.

This resulted in my 5×7 print being significantly creased and bent.

Snapfish print damage
Unfortunately, my Snapfish order couldn’t stand up to the bumps and bruises of the mail. One of my prints was damaged and creased upon arrival.
Snapfishprint error
Another one of my prints came with a little knick in the corner. This error, unfortunately, looks to be more of an issue on the printer’s end rather than a delivery mishap

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Battle wounds aside, the second batch of prints only confirmed the issues with my large print weren’t just a fluke.

Even my smallest photographs looked overly sharpened. I’m unsure if Snapfish applies filters in post-production processes or if quality issues stem from the printers, but the end product doesn’t reflect the original file.

Snapfish 4x6 prints
Snapfish detail
Upon close inspection, all of my images seemed to be overly sharpened, seriously impacting the overall quality of my images.

In the small print’s defense, I will say that I preferred the matte texture of my smaller images to the glossy paper used for my large format print.

Nevertheless, while the materials are adequate, I wouldn’t say that they’re anything special.

How Does Snapfish Compare?

Snapfish Canvas Print Review
  • Price
  • Image Quality
  • Delivery
  • Materials
  • User Interface


Despite being one of the most popular on-demand photo printers around, Snapfish delivers mediocre results. While the materials used aren’t bad and the prices are affordable, buyers should be wary of potentially sloppy work.

This may come off as harsh, but I don’t want to hold back.

Nothing about Snapfish wows me.

I’ll even go as far as to say that I feel that Snapfish photo prints have gotten a bit sloppy with age.

This comes as a huge disappointment, as I was very pleasantly surprised by the photo canvas I previously ordered from Snapfish.

Honestly, I’m not quite ready to write off their services as a whole. However, their prints have certainly made me feel a little less confident about the products they have to offer.

Original file vs Snapfish print
Compared to the original file, it’s clear to see the degradation in quality that took place when Snapfish stepped in.

Even as far as budget printers go, the main competitors provide more reliable results.

In short, I wouldn’t recommend Snapfish’s photo prints, as there are some serious flaws somewhere in the production process. Despite the convenience Snapfish provides, customers would be wise to risks and rewards before placing an order.

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9 thoughts on “We Tested Snapfish Photo Prints and Were Largely Unimpressed”

  1. I’ve used Snapfish for at least 12 years. They used to be the best. The order I received today will be my last. It seems like they are no longer professionally printing photos the old fashioned way and are now using a printer. Same garbage prints as CVS or Walgreens.

  2. I have used Snapfish for 12 – 14 years, and have always found the quality to be good. You do have to be careful to pick the right format (true digital, 4 x 4, or 4 x 6) when ordering and make sure your photos are high resolution. If you send them photos with low resolution, they can’t fix that – you will get back grainy, unfocused images.

    1. Yesterday I just ordered 72 prints from an inexpensive digital camera from Snapfish because Snapfish got very good recommendations on several photography blogs. I have always used Walmart and their prints have always been pretty good but I wanted to try Snapfish now.

      Their site does recommend the correct sizes for the best resolution as Judy said and truthfully they don’t have to do this, they could have you just pick a 5×7 or an 8×10 and make more money because these sizes cost more than true digital 4×5.3 or even 4×4 or 4×6’s,I followed their advice, they recommended all of my pictures except one to be true digital, one a 4×4 because they tell you if the bigger sizes have low resolution Walmart only tells you if the size of the prints you pick on their site are low resolution but they don’t recommend what sizes you chose instead.

  3. The photo books I had made 4 years ago we’re amazing, but now the quality of prints and books has dropped significantly. Maybe this is to keep up the illusion of a great deal, but honestly if you’re framing a photo or getting a photo book made you’ll want to look elsewhere. Very disappointed with the current product from Snapfish.

  4. Snapfish quality is terrible. The colors are dulled from the prints and I also had a lot of heads chopped off in my photos. When I called to talk to them they stated that it was my fault and that that is how I submitted them. I edit my photos before I upload them and I know that that is not how they were submitted. I will never order from Snapfish again

  5. Sloppy, inexcusable!
    Heads were missing from 8x 10s and or chopped at the forehead???
    As were some of the other sizes.

  6. agree with this article. My photo prints always come out low resolution; unimpressed compared to viewing the photo directly from my phone. Found out photos uploaded directly from my iphone is “optimized” (or more like “compromised”) and there is no option to upload at “full resolution”. Snapfish also doesn’t warn you about that, so I’m stuck with low resolution, not impressive prints…

    1. Does the low resolution triangle print on your photo? I just ordered a big book thinking it would not print. I have not received the book yet. Thanks!!

  7. Ordered from them. Simple little 4X6 framed pictures. High quality images. What I got? Terrible quality and a lot of sass from the customer service team. Avoid snapfish, really bad experience.