Vistaprint Photo Book Review (Hands-On Review)

If you’re looking for the perfect photo book (to show to potential clients, to give to clients, or to give as a gift)…

…then look no further.

Because the Vistaprint photo book is incredible.

I ordered a photo book for myself, and I was blown away.

So read on to find out more about this photo book–and what makes it so special!

Let’s get started.

vistaprint photo book
Vistaprint photo books are a great marketing tool!

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Why Do You Need a Printed Photo Book?

First, printed photo books are an excellent marketing tool.

You can show photo books to potential clients. You can let them touch, feel, and take in the photos–which they just can’t do with a computer screen.

This can lead to more clients and more sales!

And beyond the marketing applications…

Photo books are a great way to share memories! That’s why photo books make amazing gifts. Imagine giving a collection of childhood images to your best friend on her wedding. Or a collection of images from a vacation to your friend.

Bottom line?

Photo books are valuable.

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So read on to find out what I liked about the Vistaprint photo book!

Vistaprint Photo Book Review: Delivery Experience

My order was received within a week of placement. No complaints there!

Vistaprint Photo Book Review: Packaging Quality

The quality of the packaging was very good.

The outer packaging was a thick box, one that fit snugly around the XL-size photo book.

The book itself was placed inside a water-tight plastic jacket.

(No need to worry about the damp!)

Vistaprint Photo Book Review: Options

When you order a Vistaprint photo book, you’re given a few options.

First, Vistaprint offers two types of paper:

Glossy and matte.

Both of these are standard photo book paper types. Glossy gives your photos a bit more punch. Matte, on the other hand, lends a little texture.

vistaprint photo book with woman
You can either choose glossy or matte paper.

Second, you’re offered several size options. You can choose between:

  • Small (5.5 in by 4 in)
  • Medium (8 in by 6 in)
  • Medium Square (5.5 in by 5.5 in)
  • Large (11 in by 8.5 in)
  • Large Square (8 in by 8 in)
  • XL (12 in by 12 in)

Now, Vistaprint offers 24 pages in the photo book–by default. But you can add additional pages if you’re willing to pay extra.

You’re also given the option to personalize your photo book’s cover. You can use one of your own photos to create a cover or use one of the ready-made cover choices that Vistaprint offers.

vistaprint photo book
You have the option to choose a cover type

You can also choose between linen textured paper and leather textured paper for a premium look. Both these options are available in multiple colors.

If you want a further touch of personalization, you can also give your photo book a title and captions.

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Vistaprint Photo Book Review: Print Quality

The big question:

How do the photo book images look? Are they blurry and dull? Or are they sharp and saturated?

Fortunately, I have good news:

The Vistaprint photo book photos look incredible.

vistaprint photo book
Look at the detail in these photos!

The images retained a lot of detail, and images were sharp.

Color accuracy was good, too (something that you should always check before buying a photo book!).

The colors were saturated and accurate–exactly as they should be.

vistaprint photo book colorful
Look at the saturated and accurate colors.

Vistaprint Photo Book Review: Ease of Design

Photo books require some designing. You have to upload your photos–and decide how you want them to be displayed in the photo book.

Vistaprint is no exception.

When it comes to design, Vistaprint offers two options:

  • A downloadable interface to design your photo book
  • A program on the web that allows for editing in the browser
vistaprint photo book
Creating your photo book is easy with Vistaprint.

I used the online editor–and overall, I found it to be simple to work with.

For instance, uploading images were easy. Moving them around the page was easy, as well. It just required a bit of clicking and dragging!

vistaprint photo book options
It’s easy to move images around the page.

Vistaprint even offers an ‘autofill’ option. This allows you to upload your photos, and then let software determine which photos go where. While the autofill option isn’t for everyone, it’s a real time-saver!

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Vistaprint Photo Book Review: Binding Quality

Unfortunately, the Vistaprint photo book disappoints when it comes to one thing: binding quality.

Is the binding quality bad?

No, not at all. The binding quality is decent. In fact, it felt like a standard hardback book: somewhat strong and fairly flexible.

vistaprint photo book bind quality
Notice the binding quality: Good, but not great.

However, given the photo quality, I expected better.

Clients want a book that’s going to last, after all!

Vistaprint Photo Book Review: Conclusion

All in all, the Vistaprint photo book is a high-quality option.

The quality of the photos is fantastic. Images are sharp and detailed. Colors are accurate.

Plus, Vistaprint offers enough sizes to please any photographer!

If you’re looking for an excellent photo book, Vistaprint is the way to go.

Vistaprint Alternatives

There are many good alternatives to Vistaprint photo books. You can read our post covering the best photo book printing services.

Vistaprint Photo Book Review
  • Print Quality
  • Binding
  • Color Accuracy
  • Web Interface
  • Customer Support


All in all, the Vistaprint photo book is a decent-quality option. The quality of the photos is good. Images are sharp and detailed. Colors are accurate. Plus, Vistaprint offers enough sizes to please any photographer.

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4 thoughts on “Vistaprint Photo Book Review (Hands-On Review)”

  1. Vistabooks deleted a 90 page genealogy album that I had been working on for over a year as well as a 50 page album charting my grandson since birth without notification. I was totally devastated. There was no warning of a 3 month time frame for completion. I will never use this programme again and have warned others of what happened.

    1. photoworkout author

      Hi Susan, sorry to hear about your negative experience with Vistaprint. Have you tried to reach out to support to see if they can restore your account/pictures?

    2. I downloaded their software & none of my books, which I have been working on for years (ditto the genealogy) have been deleted. I can go into them & work for a while, put it away & go back to it again.

      Were you using their downloadable software or their web design site?

  2. raymond barror

    What about cost. I have a 50 page photo book. €45.00. Is the competition more or less expensive?

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