Gifting Ideas for Photographers

…For Your Photo Friends or Yourself 😉

1. A Designer Camera Neck Strap

designer camera neck strap

A Nice Gift for Photographers: Camera Strap (Vintage Antislip Belt)

The camera neck strap that comes along with your camera isn’t just to show off your favorite brand name. Most people use it to hang their camera around the neck.

Photography is one pursuit where you don’t get any kudos for doing the same thing as everyone else. So why attach the same annoying neck strap as every second or third person on the planet?

Give yourself a break. Buy something that matches your personality. There are design and even custom-made camera neck strap dealers online.

All you have to do is pick one or order one with your name or favorite color on it and boom you have something unique around your neck to show off.

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2. Wireless Microphone Set

wireless camera mic

Easy Solution for Audio Recording: The Nikon ME-W1 Wireless Microphone

Ever wondered how pros manage to record crisp in-camera sound, even when shooting from great distances?

They use external microphones of the wireless variety. External mics are always better than built-in ones.

Built-in mics have a limited range. Plus, they have trouble picking up sound when your subject is a bit further away.

Additionally, most external mics have noise canceling feature which is excellent for recording quality sound bites to go with your video, even when the wind is playing spoilsport. But when you need to shoot from great distances, even these are not enough. You need wireless mics.

Let’s say that you are shooting some clips for a personal project. Two people are walking towards the camera while having a conversation. That can be a nightmare situation for small budget productions to record the conversation correctly.

Wireless mics are must-have photography accessories to shoot great quality videos.

I love the ones that come with built-in clips. No wires are sticking out. Spotless. Ensure that you buy the mics with good sound quality.

The distance may not always be a major factor because you wouldn’t be recording from more than 100 feet anyhow. Most good mics will easily transmit from a distance of 100 feet and beyond.

3. Spider Camera Holster

Spider Camera holster

A Great Photo Gear to Have: The Spider Pro SCS Single Camera System

Many times I wish I had a belt or something that I could use to hang my photography tools when I am working.

If I could just let go of my camera, I could do a lot more with my hands rather than having to rely on assistants.

Sure, I always put my tools on the table nearby. When I am working outdoors, my camera bag is always at hand. So I can put things that I don’t need right away inside my bag.

But there isn’t a convenient way to put down my camera. I cannot just leave it on the ground. And I can’t tuck it in my jacket pocket either, at least not my DSLR. There’s got to be a better solution. There is one – the Spider Camera Holster.

The Spider Camera Holster is one of the most original pieces of photography accessories. It is a belt that goes around your waist.

There is a metal clip on one side. The metal screws onto the bottom of your camera. It uses the same threads you would usually use to mount a tripod quick release plate. Once the lower metal plate attaches to your camera, all you need is to slip it to the holster. The belt will take the weight of the camera and transfer it to your waist. Just like a construction workers tool belt.

The metal parts are made out of stainless steel and aluminum. They are lightweight but incredibly strong.

Just choose a belt commensurate with the weight of your camera and heaviest lens you plan to use.

4. Hand-held Camera Stabilizer

Ever wondered how pro videographers make those perfectly smooth videos while panning, or running or shooting over the shoulder point of view videos while running with the protagonist?

While pros use much larger often expensive gear, there is a low-tech solution for beginners like yourself. Hand-held stabilizers.

Hand-held video stabilizers are designed for smaller camera systems, such as DSLRs. These are stabilized by what is a 3-axis gimbal.

There are counterweights placed at the bottom of a central column, on either side. You place your camera on a quick release plate, and then mount the camera on the top of the stabilizer, just like a tripod.

The gimbal powered handle ensures that the camera is always stabilized. As you run over a terrain, go up or down the stairs or even ride a horse, for that matter, your footages are always shake-free, no matter what.

Watch this video to understand better how a hand-held camera stabilizer works:

5. Camera Jacket

What does a photographer need when he is headed outdoors on moderately cold days?

Photographer's Jacket

An ideal gift for a Photographer: The CampCo HUMVEE Cotton Safari Vest with Extra Pockets

A photographer’s jacket!

These jackets are versatile and have purposes beyond just keeping you warm. These jackets can be identified by the sheer number of pockets. Certain jackets are very convenient for carrying small items like spare batteries, memory cards, cords, filters, and adapters.

The best ones are designed so that they can easily accommodate overfilled pockets.

6. Photographer’s Gloves

Photographer's Gloves

A must-have for every DSLR Photographer in Winters: Freehands Stretch Gloves

One of the most sought after photography accessories you need when shooting in cold weathers is a glove that protects our hands from the chill and yet does not in any way come in between a good image.

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If you have ever shot on a cold morning, you’d know how it feels to take off the relative comfort of a warm glove and push that cold shutter button.

What if you could simply take the top off the index and thumb? Now that’s a great idea.

These are known as photographer’s gloves, and they are ideal for those cold winter mornings or when you are shooting polar bears in Alaska.

The best ones have a way to hold the tip of the index finger and the thumb away from getting in the way of pressing the shutter or the AF buttons.

The basic requirement of the gloves is to keep your hands warm, with the added advantage of removable tips for the index finger and the thumb.

7. Sports Strap

Camera wrist straps are extremely convenient when you would be hand holding your camera for the entire duration of the shoot.

The intelligent design transfers the weight of the camera onto your shoulder.

Designed in a gear style the strap slings the camera under your right shoulder while supporting the bulk of the weight on the left.

There is a firm underarm support on the other shoulder. The beauty of the design is that you can sling your camera conveniently for long durations without having to worry about your arms. Just like the spider camera holster, this is a very convenient design.

If the spider camera holster seems a bit too drastic, then the sports strap is your best option.

Hope you liked these 7 gift ideas for photographers or found some gear for yourself!

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Wanderlust at heart and a shutterbug who loves to document his travels via his lenses; his two passions compliment each other perfectly.
He has been writing for over 7 years now, which unsurprisingly, revolve mostly around his two favorite pursuits.

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Rajib’s love for the road is second only to his love for photography.
Wanderlust at heart and a shutterbug who loves to document his travels via his lenses; his two passions compliment each other perfectly.
He has been writing for over 7 years now, which unsurprisingly, revolve mostly around his two favorite pursuits.

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