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A photographer is only as good as his gear. Though it is true that the six inches behind the camera is more important, good gear makes it easier to do certain things. If you are a professional photographer someone whose bread and butter depends on the quality of work that s/he is able to produce, nothing but the best will do. For all levels of users we have a series of photo gear reviews which can help you decide.

Types of Photography Gears

Photography gear is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of equipment and tools ranging from cameras to lights, to diffusers, to stands, filters, bags and of course lenses. Even then the list you just read is not all encompassing. There are countless other tools that form part of an average professional photographer’s gear.

As a beginner photographer you will probably need three to five different types of gear. A lens, a filter, a light, a camera bag and of course a camera. At PhotoWorkout we help our readers find the best camera gear that they need based on their photography pursuits and budget.


Cameras are either film-based or sensor based. The last couple of decades have seen film cameras by and large sidelined in favor of digital cameras. Digital cameras truly are the ruling class of cameras in the modern day.

Digital cameras come in all shapes, sizes and underlying technologies. It is a fascinating time to pick up a camera and begin your journey in photography. There are simply too many choices. That can be a good thing as well as a bad thing depending on how you look at things.

A good thing because you have more choices to pick from. It is also a bad thing because you can easily get lost in the myriad of choices in front of you. But don’t worry, we are here to help. We have a series of content which are geared towards beginner and amateur photographers like yourself. We have looked at several camera systems, makes, models and technologies and have listed them according to their applications and best use scenarios.

So, you will find the best cameras for Instagram listed all under one page. Looking for the best Nikon DSLR cameras under $1K? We’ve got you covered.

And it is not just buying new cameras that we provide you assistance with. Are you looking for help with buying a second hand DSLR camera? Our comprehensive guide on buying second hand DSLR camera will help you pick the best choice. Maybe you are interested in shooting the best HDR shots and need the best camera that is capable of producing such images. For that you need to check out our review of the best cameras to take stunning HDR photographs.


Lenses are the single most important tool beyond the camera. Lenses capture light and then transmit them towards the sensor. Poor quality lenses are likely going to degrade the quality of images just as easily as a poor quality camera probably even more than an average quality camera. So, it is imperative that you buy them with extra care, choosing only the very best that you can afford. No wonder we have a number of photo gear reviews that are catered towards understanding and buying camera lenses.

If you were given a choice between buying an average camera and excellent lens and an average lens and an excellent camera, opt for the first combination. Any camera will shoot great images, but if the lens is of poor quality, even the best of cameras will struggle to produce half-decent images.

Now, there are lenses for different shooting situations. No two lens has the same profile. Though there are lenses which pretend to do it all, it’s hardly with any sort of conviction. Lenses like the 18-55mm, or the 18-200mm are very popular because they have a large focal length range, especially the 18-200mm. In reality these lenses are general purpose lenses.

You could buy a general purpose lens such as these, and never have to take it off your camera. But that would be like buying a convection microwave and using it only to warm food. Your DSLR is a versatile tool and in order to make full use of its potential you need to buy additional special purpose lenses. Not that you have to but ideally you should.

What are special purpose lenses? These are lenses designed with a specific shooting situation in mind. Such as when you are shooting flowers or landscape or architecture you need special purpose lenses. General purpose lenses will not give you the desired results.

So, we list some of the best Canon landscape lenses here. Flower photography enthusiasts as well as those having an interest in shooting creepy crawlies, here are the 10 macro lenses (for Nikon) worth your money.

DSLR cameras are seldom bought for shooting stills only. At least not anymore. They are also used for shooting videos. So, every time you hit the beach or have a party at home out comes the DSLR and it becomes the preferred tool for high quality videos. So, it is imperative that you have the right lens for shooting videos.

Beginner photographers, we haven’t forgotten you. You can check out the lenses every beginner photographer should own right here. This has an interesting mix of some of the best lenses that you can start your photography career with.


Lights, both continuous lights a well as strobes are very important for the purpose of photography. Most amateurs and beginners only ever shoot in natural light or use the built-in flash on their camera to expose for a scene when shooting in dark conditions. But there are other more powerful options, namely, speedlights and strobes as well as continuous lights. These are the choice of professionals.

Professionals use external lights because they produce consistent results over a long period of time. Daylight on the other hand, changes color temperature over the course of the day. These lights can be positioned as per the requirements of the shot which gives you an added advantage.

Other Photography Accessories

There are thousands of different accessories that you can use to improve your photography. It is unlikely that any of you will ever end up using all. Most will only use a few. Many of these tools are designed for a very specific photographic application.

A portable photo printer for example or a travel tripod. Which means these tools are only ever going to be used by photographers pursuing a very specific genre of photography. Nevertheless, these tools are just as important, but in the right hands. We have covered some of them in our photo gear reviews and will continue to bring in more quality reviews that will cover the rest.

So, if you are looking to know more about tele-converters this is a must-read. Then again, if you are unsure about photographic backdrops and are looking for some ideas in that area you can read what makes photography backdrops great?

Best Drones for Still Photography Compared

Best Drones for Still Photography

Drone photography can create some truly magnificent shots – you can take your still photography to a whole new level, and capture our world and surroundings in a different light. We look at the best drones for still photography, including popular models such as the Yuneec Typhoon H Pro, and the DJI Mavic Pro.
Sirui SR tripods

Announcing the SIRUI SR Series

The New Sirui SR Tripod Models (Sirui SUSR 3203, SUSR 3204 and the Sirui SUSR-3004) are now available at Sirui.com, Amazon and B&H. They were specially designed for the photographer/videographer who needs maximum stability and versatility. Read what's new with this premium line of tripods.
USB-C Multimedia Adapter

Moshi USB-C Multimedia Adapter Review

Last week, Moshi sent us a Moshi USB-C Multimedia Adapter for review. So that's what we did. Disclaimer: this is not a paid review, but we received the item for free.If you own a new...

Mixbook Photo Book Review

Our Mixbook Review Verdict: Mixbook creates a piece of art you'll be proud to show off to friends, family, and clients. Raed our honest review with images.
PxBee Review

PxBee Review: The Industry’s New Stock Photography Website

A comprehensive review of PxBee, the industry's new stock photography website. We examine the quality of images, categories available, comparison of pricing to other stock image websites as well as the potential revenue for contributors.

Macx Video Converter Review (an Intuitive Free Video Editing Software)

Review of the free maxXVideo software. This basic video editor and transformer is the new standard for 4K video processing. It's simple, fast, and quality-oriented. Plus, you can resize and encode 4K/5K/8K and HD/SD videos easily.

Review: The Brand New CanvasPop Photo Book

CanvasPop Photo Book Review: We tested the new Photo Books app. It allows you to create 6x6" photo books (of up to 60 prints) within minutes.
The Best Tablets for Photo Editing in 2018

Best Tablets for Photo Editing in 2018 to Go Fully Mobile (Top 5 Picks)

New and Updated: Best Tablets for Photographers. Compare the best Tablets for Photo Editing in 2018. We reviewed the best Apple and Microsoft Tablets. Find out which one is the best.
Best Photo Printer in 2018: The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 InkJet printer

Best Photo Printers (for Home/Office Use)

Are you looking for the best photo printers for home/home office usage? Your search ends right here. We have looked at several photo printers in the medium price range and have prepared this list. Our top choice among the best photo printers is the Canon imagePROGraf PRO-1000. If you really want to splurge go for it.

Best Cameras for Product Photography

Compare the best 10 cameras for product photography. We analyzed the tech specs of the best Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and even smartphone cameras. Find the best now!

Best Lenses for Product Photography

We compared the best lenses for product photography: Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Sony, and Fuji. Which one is the best? Well, it depends on what other lenses & cameras you already have. In this post we show you some lens options you may want to consider when venturing into product photography.
Best Cameras for Instagram

Best Cameras for Instagram

Are you not happy with your Instagram pictures? Do you see amazing photos on social media and wonder how on earth are others getting such amazing shots? Well, it may be the light or the composition, but also the camera you are using can make or break your photos. Check out our 10 best cameras for Instagram we compared for you.

Review: CanvasPop Photo Throw Pillows

CanvasPop exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for custom throw pillow prinsts you can count on CanvasPop to deliver great prints as always!

Best Drones For Real Estate Photography

Which are the best drones for real estate photography? This article answers this question and provides you with 5 high-quality drones that will help take your real estate photography to the next level. From the DJI Phantom to the 3DR Solo, these drones are just what you are looking for.
Best Nikon DSLR Lenses for Beginners (the Complete Buying Guide)

The Best Nikon DSLR Lenses for Beginners

Choosing the best Nikon DSLR lenses for beginners is slightly complicated than you think. Don't worry, this list will help you choose the one that you need. It is a heady mix of some of the most well designed DX format lenses, garnished with a few FX lenses that would go well with any f-mount camera.
CanvasPop Magnets

Review: CanvasPop Photo Magnets

I ordered two custom photo magnet batches on CanvasPop.com. See how they turned out! Plus: get a special coupon for 45% off on your order!
Sigma 180mm F2.8 EX APO DG HSM OS Macro for Nikon SLR Cameras

Best Nikon Tele Macro Lenses (9 Top Picks)

We compared the best 9 tele-lenses for Nikon. Find out which is the best (including third party lenses fro Sigma and Tamron).
iMac: Our Pick in the Category "Best Desktop for Photo Editing in 2018"

Best Desktops for Photo Editing (8 Picks for 2018)

We reviewed the best desktops for photo editing again (and picked the best models for 2018). The iMac by Apple still goes strong, and also the DELL XPS Desktops are ideal for your photo editing tasks in 2018.
CanvasPop Review (Canvas Print Order and Final Product Testing)

CanvasPop Review (My Photo Canvas Print Test Order)

Our final CanvasPop Review Verdict: ✔ 5 of 5. See why CanvasPop rocks and why you should order your canvas prints from CanvasPop, too. We reviewed the entire process of ordering a canvas print (photo on canvas) from start to delivery. Find out why we love CanvasPop and get a 45% Coupon Code.
Best Collage Photo Printing Service CanvasPop

Create Amazing Collage Prints (on Canvas & Paper)

We compared the best collage photo printing services (with special focus on prints on canvas, but also framed paper prints). Again, CanvasPop scored #1 because of its great quality/price ratio. Find out more about our top 6 picks for best collage printer and get a coupon code (45% off) from our top pick CanvasPop!
Best Compact Camera under $500 (Olympus Tough)

Best Point & Shoot Cameras under $500 in 2018

We compared the best point and shoot cameras under $500. Review and compare the best ✔ Olympus, ✔ Canon, ✔ Sony, ✔ Nikon, and ✔ Panasonic P&S Cameras. Our picks are all top rated compact cams in 2018 retailing below $500 (on Amazon.com). Find yours now!
Nikon AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED Lens (on of the Best Macro Lenses for Nikon)

10 Macro Lenses (for Nikon) worth Your Money

We compared the best macro lenses for Nikon (made by Nikon, Sigma, and Tamron) at different focal length: ✔ 40mm, ✔ 90mm, ✔ 105mm, ✔ 180mm ✔ 200mm. Compare the top ✔ 10 macro lenses, pick the best for you, and make that perfect close-up with your DSLR now!
Comparing the Best Canon Macro Lenses

Best Macro Lenses for Canon

We compared the best macro lenses for Canon. All Amazing picks at wide apertures & various focal lengths (like ✔ 100mm, ✔ 65mm, ✔ 180mm, ✔ 90mm, ✔ 70mm, and ✔ 150mm). We also covered the best Tamron & Sigma Macros for your Canon DSLR. Discover the best macro lenses now!
Buying a second hand DSLR camera

Tips For Buying A Second Hand DSLR Camera

Do you want to own a pro DSLR, but struggle coming up with the money for it? We got you covered with tips on how to buy a second hand camera (and why buying used pro gear makes sense). Compare the best second-hand online camera stores ( ✔ KEH, ✔ Amazon, and ✔ Adorama).
Best Monitors for Photo Editing (16 Picks for 2018)

Best Monitors for Photo Editing in 2018 (Top 16 Picks)

We have picked the Best Monitors for Photo Editing for 2018. All displays are ideal for photo editing tasks (Find BenQ, Asus, Acer, HP, Dell)
Comparing the Best Storage Workflow Solutions

Comparing the Best Workflow Storage Solutions

Comparing the best workflow storage solutions: ✔ RAID Storage: WD My Book Duo RAID External Hard Drive, Sony PSZRA6T RAID; ✔ Solid State Drives (SSD): Glyph Atom SSD, Samsung T3 SSD); ✔ CFast Memory Cards: Sony G Series CFast Memory Card, SanDisk Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 Memory Card; ✔ XQD Memory Card: Lexar Professional XQD Memory Card, Sony G-Series XQD Memory Card; These are all top notch pro storage solutions, highly rated devices and a must-have for professional photographers.
Comparing the best cameras for HDR Photography.

Best HDR Cameras

Best Cameras to Take Stunning HDR Photographs There are many different types of photograph we can take - this is part of what makes photography such a fun and exciting activity. As a photographer, you...
Best Laptops for Photo Editing

Best Laptops for Photo Editing

We compare the best laptops for photo editing in 2018. We checked the processors, displays, memory, graphics cards of the top notebooks like ✔ MSI, ✔ ASUS, ✔ Acer, ✔ Apple, ✔ Microsoft, and ✔ HP. Find the best Laptop for Photography now!
Best Laptop Photo Editing Under $1500 ASUS VivoBook Pro Thin & Light Laptop, 17" Full HD , Intel i7-8550U Processor, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, NVIDIA Gaming GeForce GTX 1050

9 Amazing Laptops for Photography under $1,500

We compared the best 9 laptops for photography. See which ones are the best: ✔ Apple, ✔ Microsoft, ✔ Acer, ✔ Asus, ✔ Dell; We looked at them all and went through hundreds of reviews. Find the best laptop on a $1,500 budget now. Our pick? The ✔ ASUS VivoBook Pro Laptop.
ASUS VivoBook F510UA FHD Laptop, Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, USB-C, NanoEdge Display, Fingerprint, Windows 10, Star Gray (F510UA-AH51)

Best Laptops for Photo Editing under $1,000 (Top 7 Picks)

In this second part of this series on best laptops for photo editing, we look at the upper entry-level segment or the more aptly titled 'mid-range' laptops. What we missed in the budget (under...
5. Automatic Instagram Photo Book by Chatbooks (Fast and Easy) Website Screenshot from: https://chatbooks.com/instagram-photo-books/

Ideas to Print Your Instagram Images (You’ll Love them!)

We researched amazing ways to print your Instagram pics: books, postcards, stickers, pillows, tiles...we got you covered! Choose between: SocialPrintStudio, CanvasPop, Blurb, Instagoodies, Chatbooks, ImageSnap, Sincerely, or Sticha. These 9 new ways/apps to print your Instagram photos will inspire you!
Best Laptop for Photo Editing under $500: the Acer Aspire E 15

Best Budget Laptops for Photography (5 Picks under $500 in 2018)

Compare the 5 best laptops for photo editing under $500 (in 2018). Our Pick: ✔ Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM 15.6" Notebook with a full HD display. We compared it to the HP Touchscreen Laptop, Dell Inspiron, Lenovo Ideapad, and the Ausus Chromebook. See why the Acer Aspire is best for photography.
Photo Prints - Review of the Best Photo Printing Services USA and Canada

Review of the Best Professional Photo Printing Services

We have reviewed the best five professional & top quality Online Photo Printing Servcies. Compare the top players like BayPhotoLab, MillersLab, Mpix.com, NationsPhotoLab & ProDPI.
Huawei P20 Pro Back View

Best Smartphone Cameras 2018 (2 New Releases to Look out for)

We compared the Huawei P20 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S. Both have exceptionally great cameras! Especially the Huawai P20 Pro with its three lenses is going after the current market leader like the Apple X or the Google Pixel 2. Find out why these two new smartphone releases will impact mobile photography.
Woman Taking Pictures with a Tablet

Best Tablet Cameras

We compared the six best tablet cameras in 2018. Read why these 6 tablets are the best for making photos: ✔ Apple 10.5″ iPad Pro, ✔ 12.9″ iPad Pro, ✔ Apple 9.7″, ✔ iPad Mini 4, ✔ Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3″, ✔ Samsung 32 GB Galaxy Tab S3 9.7″. Find your best tablet now!
DJI Mavic Air Drone

The New DJI Mavic Air vs. the DJI Spark

DJI Mavic Air vs. DJI Spark The new DJI Mavic Air is the latest drone from DJI. After the upmarket Mavic Pro and the smaller Spark, the Mavic Air comes as a best of both...
iPhoneX - Probably the best smartphone camera in 2018

9 Top Smartphone Cameras in 2018

Best Smartphone Cameras 2018 Compared Every year new smartphones with better cameras hit the marketplace. To make it easier for you to understand which smartphones are great for photography we compared the best smartphone cameras...
Canvas Prints (Comparing CanvasPop vs CanvasChamp)

Comparing two of the Best Canvas Print Companies (Pop vs. Champ)

We reviewed and compared two of the best canvas printing companies: CanvasPop vs CanvasChamp. both CanvasChamp and CanvasPop offer some fantastic printing options: CanvasPop is super easy to use and CanvasChamp offers a ton of custumization. Find out which canvas printing company is best for you!
The Canon EOS 1dx Full Frame DSLR with trhe Sigma 85mm, a great portrait lens

Top (Full Frame) Portrait Lenses

We compared the best portrait lenses for full frame cameras in 2018. The ✔ Zeiss MILVUS 2/135mm is our pick and got crowned as the best full frame lens. Other brands we covered (we picked 13 top lenses on the market) are: Sony, Tamron, Canon and Sigma. Find your best portrait lens now!
Blurb vs Mixbook

Choosing Your Printer – Blurb vs. Mixbook

Compare Blurb vs Mixbook and find out which one is better. Both printers are fantastic ( in terms of ✔ price, ✔ reviews, ✔ printing options, etc.), but they cater to 2 different audiences. With Blurb you have more control and Mixbook is easy and fast to use for first time book creator.

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