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Find the best drones for photography and videography.

Best Drones under $200

Best Drones under $200

Looking for the Best Drones under $200? Drones came out of nowhere and became one of the most sought after products in 2016. Despite the growing restrictions on their usage, they continue to capture the imagination of the photographic and especially the video community. While professional drones...

Best Drones under $400 - The Traxxas Aton Quad Rotor Helicopter

Best Drones under $400

At just under $400 you can get some great drones. We reviewed the best: XIRO, UPair, Husban, Parrot, and Traxxas. See why the Traxxas Aton Plus is currently the best drones $400 can get you.

GoPro Karma Re-Release

GoPro Karma New Drone (Second Launch after Recall)

The GoPro was recalled earlier. Now it is coming back. Launch 2.0. Let us have a second look: The GoPro Karma is a foldable drone. It’s small and lightweight and breaks the stereotype when it comes to big, bulky unibody drone designs.

Best Drones in 2017 Compared

Best Photography Drones in 2017

The Best Photography Drones Under $1,000 DJI has for long dominated the entry-level drone segment. When I say drones, I specifically refer to quadcopters. Four propellers power these quadcopters, compared to the ones that have six or more. The enthusiasm surrounding the much-awaited drone of 2016...

GoPro Hero5 Black vs GoPro Hero4 Black and GoPro HD...What's new?

GoPro Hero vs Hero 4 vs Hero 5

GoPro Hero 4 vs 5: What's New? Nick Woodman’s venture to create a dedicated entry level camera for action and sports enthusiasts worked out better than he would have probably envisioned. GoPro is now synonymous with the phrase ‘action photography’. It has completely redesigned the specs of what...

GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic Pro

GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic Pro | Why You Will Love the...

The Battle of the Drones GoPro Karma vs. DJI Mavic Pro Two new drones are going to set a new benchmark in best drones for videographers and photographers category. As both are going to hit the market around the same time, we compared the specs of these two high-tech drones or...

GoPro Cameras: Can the new lineup safe the company?

Is Karma & Hero5 Saving GoPro?

Can GoPro Karma And Hero 5 Save GoPro? Or is RedBull coming for a Rescue? Is GoPro under strain? From the recent series of news and statements it sure seems that way. Excuse me for contradicting with the title of this article, but the financial health of the world’s most popular action camera...

Best Drones for Photogaphy

The Best Drones for Photography

Drone Photography Off late, drones seem to be the flavor when it comes to getting unique perspectives with your camera. With the physical limitations of a tripod seemingly having reached, it seems the new limit is now the sky when it comes to photography. Updated Post: The Best Drones in 2017...