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Advanced Photo Systems type-C is a sensor size, typically equivalent to the classic APS negatives used back in the old days of film. These negatives measured 25.1mm x 16.7mm.

Modern APS-C cameras by different makes use different sensor sizes.

  • For example, Nikon’s APS-C cameras use a sensor size of 23.5mm x 15.6mm.
  • Whereas Canon uses a sensor size that is slightly smaller – 22.5mm x 15mm. Canon’s sensors, thus have a bigger crop factor 1.6x when compared to 1.5x on the Nikon.

Crop factor is how Overall, APS-C sensors are much smaller than full frame cameras. As a result, with any lens that has been designed for the full-frame camera (and provided the lens is mountable on the APS-C camera), gives a longer effective focal length (and therefore smaller depth of field) when compared to that same lens mounted on a full frame camera.

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