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George Eastman established the Eastman Kodak brand back in 1888 when photography was still optical mumbo-jumbo and camera-wielding photographers were a rare sight.

However, the turn of the century saw a spur in the interest to own a camera, partly credited due to Kodak’s photographic camera namely the Kodak Pocket camera and then the fabled Brownie. They were followed by a number of other models. In order to have a stranglehold in the photography business, they also produced at first a paper-based film which was then developed into a transparent cellulose-based film for better performance.

Kodak also had significant contributions to the world of digital photography. It was a researcher at Kodak named Bryce Bayer who invented the Bayer Pattern color filter array, something that almost all digital cameras use these days.

Before that, a researcher at Kodak named Steve Sasson developed the first self-contained digital camera that shot 0.01-megapixel images and recorded them onto a cassette tape.

Recently, Kodak launched a Photography copyright protection blockchain. And the company keeps on making decent entry-level point-and-shoot cameras under $200 and in the under $300 price category.

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