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Medium format is a film size, that relates to any film that is larger than 35mm (a film size that is associated with a measurement of 36 x 24mm) but less than large format which is usually a size that is measured by 4” x 5”.

Not One Format

Medium format thus is not a fixed format size. It varies depending on the make. The term applies to digital cameras as well. All cameras that use a sensor of this proportion are known as medium format cameras.

Main Medium Format Cameras

Among the current crop of medium format cameras, Hasselblad and Fujifilm come to mind immediately. Hasselblad has always been a leader in this segment with their legendary line of cameras.

Other notable manufacturers are Rolleiflex, Mamiya, and Yashica.

Medium Format = High Cost

Medium format in the digital segment is a very expensive option. Cameras are routinely priced at $6,000 and more often reaching sky-high prices north of $20K.

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