NIKON Photography Gear

Nikon produces one of the best camera and lens systems in the world. They have always enjoyed a position of privilege while Canon ruled the sales charts. That said they have their own dedicated fan following. Nikon has popular offerings in the entry, mid-range and professional segment. They also have a decent presence in the point and shoot segment as well as the mirrorless camera segment. They also released the first ever DSLR that could shoot HD videos.

Nikon, however, entered the full frame DSLR segment much later than Canon. A reason why Canon had so much success in the initial years. Nikon also makes a sizeable number of lenses for their proprietary camera system.

Apart from lenses and camera systems, Nikon also makes a range of other accessories including teleconverters, remote triggers, speedlights, and speedlight accessories.

Nikon also manufacture a range of spotting scopes and binoculars which are used in a range of other sporting activities.

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