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We recommend you have a look at the photography equipment list for beginners to get started. If you are a pro, you should check out our pro photography equipment buying guide.

You may also want to check out the best external hard drives or some great monopods, and tripods under $200.


The Best Monitor Calibrators For Photographers: 6 Great Picks

As a photographer or graphic artist, you need to ensure that your monitor is optimized. Here are the best monitor calibrators for you to use.
ND DSLR Filter

Why You Still Need (3 Must Have) Filters for your DSLR

So which filter do you need for your DSLR camera? There are two filter you should have in your camera bag, especially when you head out for clicking nature.
The Best Tripods Under $100: 9 Excellent Choices in 2021 for All Photographers

The Best Tripods Under $100: 9 Excellent Choices in 2021 for All Photographers

The absolute best tripods under $100 in 2021 for beginner & enthusiast photographers. Find the best Manfrotto, JOBI, & brands at a low price.
best gimbals compared

Best Gimbals for Mirrorless and DSLR Videographers

The best gimbals for photographers and videographers that you can use for your DSLR, mirrorless, compact, action and smartphone cameras.
home office photo

20 Home Office Ideas For Photographers

As a photographer, you most likely spend a large amount of time working from home. Editing images and completing projects in the comfort of your own space can be great.
dslr filters

The Best Neutral Density Filters: 5 ND Filters Compared

What are the best neutral density filters for your needs? We compare the best ND filters out there. Discover which give you great results!
Traveling Photographer with Tripod

The Best Travel Tripods: 9 Top Choices in 2021 for Every Traveller

For travel photography, you need the best travel tripod you can get your hands on. Get stunning photos on your travels with these top tripods!
camera strops

The Best Camera Strap of 2021 (10 Great Picks!)

What's the best camera strap for your needs? Discover the best camera straps available. We'll help you pick the perfect strap!
Best Tripods for Real Estate Photography (Top7)

Breaking Down the Best Tripods for Real Estate Photography

We compared the best tripods for real estate photography. We picked these 7 (stable, tall, and durable) tripods for 2021.
Review of the 6 Best DSLR Leather Bags

6 Best DSLR Leather Sling Bags

If you want to look stylish when on a photo shooting trip or assignment, then you should get a DSLR Leather Bag. We made it easy for you to pick the best, by reviewing the top 6 Camera Leather Bags available on Amazon.
Genaray LED 6200T best on camera light

The Best On Camera Lights You Can Buy Right Now

When I am referring to best on-camera lights I am basically referring to the continuous lights that are imperative for video shooting. Video lights can be as expensive and complex
Real Estate Photography Accessories (Every Real Estate Photographer Must Have)

Real Estate Photography Accessories (Every Real Estate Photographer Must Have)

We did the hard work and researched the essential real estate photography accessories like ✓ color checker, ✓ speedligh & strobes, ✓ transceivers, ✓ tripods, ✓ filters, ✓ remote trigger; Find the best accessories now to succeed in your real estate photography business!
flash gun

We Found The Best Flash Gun For Your Canon and Nikon Cameras

Let's take a minute to talk about flashes. And not just any flash, let's get straight to the good stuff. Today, I'm going to introduce you to the best flash
Review of Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light

A Hands-On Review of the Neewer 5600K USB LED Video Light

We put the Neewer 5600K light to the test in this hands-on review. Discover if this lighting solution is perfect for you today.
selfie tripods

The Best Selfie Tripods for Stunning Smartphone Self-Portraits

Do you love taking selfies? Whether you're interested in solo or group shots, we've picked the best selfie tripods you can buy right now!
photographer in a photography studio

The Best Home Photography Studio Equipment on a Budget

How to start a photography studio under $1,000? Set up a great studio for your portrait shots with a quality DSLR, prime lens, and backdrop.
anti-theft backpacks

5 Worry-Free Anti-Theft Camera Bags To Keep Your Gear Safe

The best anti-theft cameras bags will leave your gear safe and your mind worry free. Here are 5 top picks for the best anti-theft camera bag.
Best DSLR Microphone the VP 83 by Shure

Best Shotgun Microphones (6 Bestselling External DSLR Mics)

Find the Best Shotgun Microphone. We reviewed the top 6 Best DSLR Microphones (External Microphone for Your DSLR). Compare the Top Seller Mics in 2017 and Get the Best Audio for your next DSLR Video Project.
Best SD Card for Canon and Nikon

Best SD Card for Your Canon 6D and Nikon D3300

Review of the best SD card in terms of extended memory and reliability for the Canon 6D and the Nikon D3300. The best Lexar and SanDisk SD cards compared.
StudioPro Lighting Kit

A Review of the StudioPRO 2500W Continuous Lighting Kit

The StudioPRO 2500 watt, consisting of a set of three soft-boxes, light stands, boom arm, an array of light bulbs, diffusing materials, and reflectors.
gifts for photographers

39 Gifts for Photographers: The Perfect Photography Gifts for the Holidays

What are the best gifts for photographers? Discover 39 amazing photography gifts for holidays, birthdays, and more!
Manfrotto Geared head 405

Manfrotto 405 Geared Head (Tech Specs)

The Manfrotto 405 Geared Head is not a cheap piece of photography equipment. It is, however, worth the investment and better than the Manfrotto 410 Junior or even more price Swiss Made Arca options.
Magnus VT 4000 Tripod Review

Magnus VT 4000 Review

Magnus VT 4000 tripod review: tech specs you need to know before making a final buying decision.
Essential Travel Photography Gear

Essential Travel Photography Gear

Venturing out into our world on a photography mission requires a host of specialized gear. We look at essential travel photography gear every enthusiast must have such as the Joby Gorillapod, the Lexar Professional SD card, and the Evecase hard shell camera bag.
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