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We recommend you have a look at the photography equipment list for beginners to get started. If you are a pro, you should check out our pro photography equipment buying guide.

You may also want to check out the best external hard drives or some great monopods, and tripods under $200.

photographer using a speedlight

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide – What Is A Speed Light & Why You May Need One

A majority of entry-level photographers don't appreciate the role played by a speed light. They don't realize just how much a speed light improves so many photos. Intrigued? Thinking to
Review of Canon Speedlite 430EX

Review of Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash

Read our review of Canon Speedlite 430ex ii and get ready to make great and bright images with this number one choice for your Canon DSRL.
peak design clutch cl-3 review

Peak Design Clutch CL-3 Review

In this Peak Design Clutch CL-3 review, we give you the low-down on this nifty accessory. Is this the solution to your carrying needs? Find out now!
Best External Hard Drives for Video Editing

Best External Hard Drive for Video Editing

Discover the best external hard drives for video editing. With options for everything from pro to beginner videography you'll find the perfect solution!
tascam recorder

Tascam DR-05 Review: Perfect Portable Recorder for Videographers

Is the Tascam DR-05 the right portable audio recorder for your needs? A Tascam DR-05 review. Discover the best and worst of this recorder--and find out whether it can record professional-quality audio.
tarion backpack

What We Liked and Didn’t Like About the Tarion XH Hardshell Backpack

Looking to take your creativity outside of the studio? Fumbling around with your favorite photo gear? It might be time to take a look into the Tarion XH Hardshell Backpack.
Comparing the Best Storage Workflow Solutions

Pro Photo & Video Workflow Storage Devices

Comparing the best workflow storage solutions: ✓ RAID Storage: WD My Book Duo, Sony RAID; ✓ Solid State Drives -All top storage solutions. A must-have for any Pro!
Best Lavelier Mic Video Recording

Choosing the Best Lavalier Mic

The Best Lavalier Mic Video Solutions (for wireless video recording). We looked at the best Mics available and reviewed brands like Sony, Countryman, Sanken, Audio Technica, Sennheiser etc.
Fieldworld Master MA7 Review

Feelworld Master MA7 Review

The Freeworld Master MA7 is a must have if you want to take your photography skills to the next level and monitor more in detail how your photos/videos look while shooting them. The settings and functions can initially be a bit overwhelming, but once you have played around for a while you will discover that the MA7 is actually quite easy to use.
Review of the Feisol Tournament CT-3442: A Compact Option for Serious Photographers

Review of the Feisol Tournament CT-3442: A Compact Option for Serious Photographers

In this hands-on review, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the Feisol Tournament CT-3442: How it works. Who should buy it. And whether it can
nixplay 2k smart digital picture frame

Nixplay 2K Smart Digital Picture Frame Review: Is the Frame Worth It?

Discover the Nixplay 2K Smart Digital Picture Frame in this comprehensive review. Find out more about how this sleek photo frame works!
Peak Design Everyday Backpack V.2 Review: A Great Camera Bag for a Premium Price

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V.2 Review: A Great Camera Bag for a Premium Price

In this hands-on review, I'm going to tell you all about the Peak Design Everyday Backpack (Version 2). I'm going to give you the best and worst of the Everyday
best waterproof camera bags

The Best Waterproof Camera Bags to Protect Your Gear on the Go!

Discover the best waterproof camera bags now! Keep your gear safe no matter the elements you face when you're out shooting.
USB-C Multimedia Adapter

Moshi USB-C Multimedia Adapter Review

Last week, Moshi sent us a Moshi USB-C Multimedia Adapter for review. So that's what we did. Disclaimer: this is not a paid review, but we received the item for
photos of newborns using props

10 Newborn Photography Props to Add Creative Flair to Your Photography

When it comes to newborn photography, having some props can really help enhance your photos. Read on for some of the best prop ideas you can find!
11 Best Webcams in 2020

11 Best Webcams in 2020

Whether you're looking for a webcam for conference calling, or to stay in touch with family & friends. Check out the best webcams available now!
Manfrotto 535 Carbon Fiber 2-Stage

Manfrotto 535 Tripod + 504HD Video Head = Amazing DSLR Videos

The Manfrotto 535 Video Tripod The Manfrotto 535 Video Tripod is crafted out of carbon fiber. It is lightweight, durable and ideal for those long haul shoots where every session
wiral lite review

Wiral LITE Review – Create Motion Shots & Timelapses Like a Pro

Wiral LITE Review – testing this amazing easy cable cam system and looking at how it could transform your photography and video capture.
LimoStudio Lights Review

LimoStudio Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella (Tech Specs)

LimoStudio Lights Review: 600W Day Light Umbrella by LimoStudio is easy to setup & only costs $50.
best lavelier for video recording (e.g. youtube)

Best Audio Options for YouTube Videos

Today, we shall be shortlisting the best audio options for YouTube video creation on a budget. Budding YouTubers often ask – ‘What is the secret to creating great YouTube videos?’
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