Wiral LITE Review – Create Motion Shots & Timelapses Like a Pro

In today’s world of photography, and multimedia, we have a dizzying array of tools and equipment to play with. Creative ways to develop digital media such as photos and video has never been as accessible and exciting.

We have portable cameras such as GoPro. Moreover, we have remote control drones capable of carrying DSLR cameras. We also have a fantastic new invention – Wiral LITE.

In this Wiral LITE review, we look at exactly what this product is, who would benefit from it, and give it a hands-on trial.

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What is Wiral LITE?

So what is this fantastic new product and how can it be used? Wiral LITE is a camera mount combined with a cable system. It allows users to film and photograph unique angles and create cinematic masterpieces.

First, users must unwind the cable, and form a line between two points. Let’s say two trees, along a pathway, for example. The reel system is easy to use and unwind. Furthermore, at each end, there is a carabineer connect and a fastening system that allows the cable to be secured in place.

Once the cable is secured, the camera mount body with attached device is fitted on the line. Users can then use the high-tech remote control to move the main unit along the line as required. As you can imagine, this provides limitless creative possibilities. The system is easy to use and the 50m reel allows Wiral LITE to be used in a myriad of different places and positions.

Who would benefit from using a Wiral LITE cable system?

Wiral LITE has a mind-boggling array of uses. The obvious use is for extreme sports. Skateboarding, mountain biking, parkour – any type of sport that could involve set positions.

Imagine connecting the Wiral LITE unit between two buildings – you and your friends then complete a series of epic parkour stunts and capture the whole thing on video – the end result is a series of amazing sweeping panoramic shots. There is so much you can do with this product! Extreme sports are just the beginning – the following are some other example uses for the Wiral LITE device:

  • Extreme sports
  • Landscape video
  • Cityscape video
  • Promotional shots
  • Architecture video
  • Holiday video

Basically, this device opens up a whole new world of possibilities within different industries. Photographers can benefit greatly too and capture a myriad of shots from interesting angles. Moreover, they can use Wiral LITE to reach positions that would have previously been impossible to access.

The creative options this product offer really are amazing!

Wiral LITE Kickstarter campaign – instant success

Successful funding in less than 4 minutes

For a little background information, let’s delve into the history of Wiral LITE and the team of developers who created it. In 2017, a Kickstarter campaign was created for Wiral LITE.

The campaign was hugely successful and got 100% funding in less than 4 minutes (surely this is some type of Kickstarter record?). The original goal of $30,000 was smashed in no time at all and total Kickstarter funding stands at over $1,000,000. Moreover, it was originally advertised as, “the easy cable cam, for impossible film shots”. The public saw the potential of this amazing product. Furthermore, thousands of pre-orders were made – over 6,000 to be precise.

The company has fulfilled all backorders and now has a production facility. The support continues, and production and shipping of new Wiral LITE units are happening right now.

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Wiral has been shipping Wiral LITE on their web shop since early 2019, which is when they completed the shipping of all crowdfunding backorders.

Founded by a driven team of self-starters

What makes Wiral LITE even more interesting is that it was designed by a group of self-starters. The people who have created this product understand the industry. Furthermore, they have a passion for digital media, the outdoors, and adventure. This is why the product is so versatile and perfect for creating awesome action-packed video footage.

Price and availability

You will be pleased to know that Wiral LITE is less expensive than high quality video drones. The Wiral LITE system is considerably more affordable than other cable camera systems. 

Moreover, users can purchase this device, and achieve the same results. Currently there is only the Wiral LITE standard package available and a range of separate accessories. However, as you will see below, the standard package is extensive and essentially contains everything you could need.

Standard Wiral LITE package

The standard package costs $399.00. For what you get, we feel this is exceptional value for money. In comparison a DJI Phantom Drone costs a minimum of $500 – some models span into the thousands. Within the standard package, you receive the following items:

  • Wiral LITE Cable Cam Unit
  • Quickreel 50m Rope Reel
  • Quickreel Tightening Strap
  • Remote Control
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • End Stop Clips x2
  • Ball Joint Mount

We also got an extra rope (100m), the smartphone mount, and the action camera mount. See how the WIRAL Lite standard package + those extras look like:

Wiral Lite Unboxing – Detailed Review Coming Soon…

Unboxing of the Wiral lite kit. What’s in the WIRAL LITE Kit: Cable Cam System (there is no camera included, but you can use the system with your smartphone, GoPro or even a DSLR/Mirrorless camera if under 1.5kg), a smartphone damper mount, and a long rope 100m called Quick Reel (the standard, yellow rope is 50m).

This is everything you need to use the Wiral LITE cable cam system straight away. Just to reiterate, it does NOT come with a camera! You have to purchase a camera or video recorder separately.

Furthermore, there is actually a “go further” package which is basically the same as above but contains a 100m line instead of the standard 50m line.


Aside from the basic package, whilst creating our Wiral LITE review, we looked at the accessories. There is a limited number of useful accessories available for the product, including:

  • Premium travel case
  • 100m Quickreel
  • Smartphone damper mount
  • Action camera mount

Finally, there is a selection of replacement parts available. The parts included within the package are durable and robust. Moreover, it is unlikely that they would break. However, it is comforting to know that replacement parts are available if needed:

  • Remote Control
  • Tightening Strap
  • Universal Charger
  • Ball Joint Mount
  • End Stop Clips

We feel that Wiral LITE has a fantastic range of accessories and is extremely affordable compared to drones and other digital media equipment.

Authorized Retailers

Wiral LITE is available for direct purchase from their website. Furthermore, there is a myriad of authorized retailers who sell the product. There is authorized retailed currently in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Spain
  • Germany

The product is not currently universally available. It is widely available in Europe, North America, and Australasia but not available in Asia. The full list of available countries is found here. The company is dedicated to expanding its worldwide presence and moving into other international markets.

Technical specifications

Now that you understand a little about the history of this device, we have listed the different components and their technical specifications. Further on in our Wiral LITE review, we show hands-on testing and give our opinions of the device. 

Cable Cam Unit

The actual cam unit is made from durable material and looks superb. It has two extendable arms with rollers attached – these rollers attach to the cable system and allow the unit to run smoothly along the reel. Furthermore, the foldable arms allow the unit to be easily stored. As part of our Wiral LITE review we have listed the main specifications of the cable cam unit below:

  • Weight: 590g
  • Size: 279x82x50
  • Carrying Capacity: 1.5kg
  • Battery: 12.6V Lithium-polymer battery
  • Battery Life: up to 3 hours

Wiral LITE is capable of holding a range of different cameras including action cameras, 360-degree cameras, and even DSLR models. The main factor is the maximum weight of 1.5kg. For example, the Canon EOS M50 weighs 0.38kg, therefore, it could be used in-conjunction with the Wiral LITE. The following are examples of compatible devices:

  • GoPro
  • Garmin
  • Kitvision
  • Insta360 One X
  • Samsung Gear 360
  • GoPro Fusion

Quickreel Rope Reel

The Quickreel rope system has a superb design. Furthermore, it is possible to set up the reel system within a few minutes once you get used to how it works. The rope has a dual connection. One end has a Carabiner attached. This allows the reel to be secured around an object such as a tree, or a lamppost. The other end has a fastening strap – this is locked off at the reel and attached to the other object to complete the cable run.

The clips and reel system is well-designed. It is clear that the developers understand the basic needs of the user and the requirement for a quick and no-nonsense cabling system. The following are the technical specifications of the reel unit and rope:

  • Weight: 370g
  • Size: 256x113x55
  • Length: 50m or 100m
  • Rope Color: Yellow for 50m, Black for 100m
  • Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Rope Type: UHMWPE

Remote Control

The remote control unit is advanced and has a myriad of different features. Firstly, it has a spring-loaded speed dial – this allows users to quickly alter the speed of the unit traveling along with the cable system. Furthermore, there is also a set end stop feature – this ensures the unit does not smash into the end of the cable system if you are otherwise occupied.

Moreover, there is a button to set an automatic speed level, and a manual select mode for the speed too. The different controls are easy to use and provide users with a fantastic level of flexibility over the movements of the camera unit. The following are the technical specifications of the remote control:

  • Weight: 70g
  • Size: 130x40x40
  • Range: 200m
  • Top Speed: 9.5 m/s
  • Minimum Speed: 6.6 m/s

Aside from the above, the remote control also has three modes – time-lapse, normal, and sports

Camera ball joint mount

To attach a camera to the cable cam unit, there is a rotatable ball joint. This joint has full 360-degree movement, and allows the camera to be positioned however you like. Furthermore, the ball joint has a standard camera tripod screw attachment. This means that it is extremely versatile and can attach to a huge number of devices. The maximum weight the ball joint and unit can hold is 1.5kg.

Wiral LITE Cable Cam with Remote for Action Cameras Insta360 X3/X2/ One RS/R, GoPro 11/10/9, Smartphones and DSLR Mirrorless Cameras up to 3.3LBs - Film Moving Shots Even Where Drones Can't Go
  • Wiral LITE Includes everything you need to start capturing smooth fluid action shots with your favorite action camera,...
  • 3 MINUTE SETUP: The patent pending QuickReel rope system comes with a generous length of 164' UHMWPE high tensil light-weight...
  • MOUNT YOUR FAVORITE CAMERA: Wiral LITE is compatible with al smartphones, action cameras, 360 cameras and DSLRs or Mirrorless...
  • 3 SPEED MODES: Wiral LITE has a mode for every occasion. Whether you want that perfect timelapse, a scenic panorama shot or...
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: x1 Wiral LITE Cable Cam Unit, x1 Quick Reel 50m (164'), x1 Quick Reel Tightening Strap, x1 Remote...

Newly introduced feature: Ping Pong Motion

To enable Ping Pong Motion, please make sure to update the unit to the latest firmware version, 1.3. Ping Pong Motion provides automatic movement for Wiral LITE in Normal Mode. 

To update, you need only download our Wiral Updater app (available on iOS and Android) and update as described here. To use Ping Pong Motion for filming, just follow the quick instruction here.

Our Verdict (After Unboxing and First Test Runs)

The Wiral Lite is a gadget every enthusiast video maker should have in their toolkit. It is a nice addition to drones and gimbals.

What We Like About the WIRAL Lite:

  • it works with all kind of cameras (including your smartphone),
  • is easy to set-up,
  • has a time-lapse mode,
  • now has a mode which automatically detects movements (see video below)

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