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In this category, you find our best and latest photography tips. Make sure to check the current photography events, browse our outdoor photoshoot ideas, and check the best photography courses.

The Luminar Essentials Panel: Your Guide to Basic Editing in Luminar 4

The Luminar Essentials Panel: Your Guide to Basic Editing in Luminar 4

Do you want to create stunning edits using only the Luminar essentials panel? You've come to the right place.
wedding portfolio photo

How to Set Up A Wedding Portfolio Online

The top online resources for setting up, sharing, selling and promoting your professional wedding photography portfolio.
Hiking Photography Tips (from Mt Ijen, Indonesia)

Hiking Photography Tips (from Mount Ijen, Indonesia)

Do you love to hike with your camera, but aren't satisfied with your pictures? Then Sebastian Jacobitz has the right hiking photography tips for you! These tips will improve your photographs next time you head out for the mountains. See pictures from his trip to Mount Ijen in Indonesia where he photographed the sulfur miners and document one of the hardest jobs on the planet with his mirrorless camera.
macro photo of poppy

Macro Photography Lighting: How to Take Your Macro Photos to the Next Level

In this article, you’re going to discover the secrets to macro photography lighting. You’ll come away with the ability to get photos like this: And this: Because mastering macro photography
Capturing Bokeh

Bokeh Tutorial: How to Capture Stunning Bokeh in Your Photos

In this article we shall discuss tips on capturing Bokeh. The word Bokeh has been taken from the Japanese dictionary and it means “blur”.
luminar shortcuts

Luminar Shortcuts: 11 Quick Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Luminar Processing

How can you have a more efficient Luminar workflow? Dramatically improve your workflow with these easy Luminar shortcuts!
How to Take Good Selfies: 8 Must-Know Tips to Get Better Self-Portraits

How to Take Good Selfies: 8 Must-Know Tips to Get Better Self-Portraits

With the right technique, anyone can up their selfie game. Discover how to take good selfies with these eight tips and tricks!
product photography

Easy Guide to DIY Product Photography

Business owners who own an e-commerce site might cringe if they are to hear the cost that they will have to pay to hire a professional photographer to take photos
Natural Light Photography Tips

Natural Light Photography Tips

11 helpful natural light photography tips for shooting portraits and landscape; Learn about golden light, color cast, dual exposure, exposure compensation, mixing natural with artificial light & more!
sports photography tips

Sports Photography Tips

Do you want some sports photography tips that will revolutionize your photos? Do you struggle to take sports photos that rival professional portfolios? Don't worry. Because in this article, I'm
black and white photography

Black And White Photography Tips (With Inspiring Images)

The top 5 tips you need to know for creating better black and white photography along with images to inspire your work.
Drone Photography Tips

Drone Photography Tips to Take Your Drone Photography to the Next Level

If you want to capture stunning drone photography, read on and discover 15 drone photography tips to ensure you get great drone photographs
How to photography lightning

How to Photograph Lightning

Lightning is truly astonishing. The flashes of electricity escaping the sky spark fear and awe within. As a photographer, capturing lighting can be an incredible experience. In this article, we
long exposure image

Long Exposure Photography: A Guide to Mastering Creative Techniques

Do you want to learn how to take stunning long exposure photographs? Read on for our tips on mastering long exposure photography.
sharp image of bird in water

How to Capture Sharp Images: The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to capture sharp images every single time you take out your camera? You can. Because capturing sharp photos isn't actually hard. It just takes a little bit
antartic photo of penguin

Antarctic Photography Tips (the Ultimate Guide with Sample Photos)

Antarctica has to be one of the ultimate bucket list destinations and those lucky enough to visit the white continent such as myself are truly blessed. This diverse, unforgiving and
garden photography tips

13 Garden Photography Tips

You don’t have to travel far to take great outdoor photos – your garden, for example, provides a wealth of beautiful, colorful subjects. In this guide, we provide a plethora of useful garden photography tips for your benefit.
how to take memorial pictures holocaust memorial stones

How To Photograph Memorials – Useful Tips, Tricks, and Considerations

Memorials are structures that commemorate a certain event or action. War memorials, for example, commemorate those who lost their lives during particular battles or war theatres. Photographing these places can be extremely tricky – there are many considerations to look at. In this guide, we provide information on how to photograph memorials including composition, respect, and post-processing.
Vacation Photography Tips: A Guide to Taking and Sharing Photos

Vacation Photography Tips: A Guide to Taking and Sharing Photos

Taking vacation photography has never been easier. Follow these tips to take your vacation photography to the next level!
Engagement Photography Tips

How to Take Engagement Photos

These 6 engagement photo tips help beginner photographers to get started. Raymond explains how location, communication with the couple, lighting, picking the right lens and poses will help you make great engagement photos.
dog photograph

9 Dog Photography Tips To Shoot Pawfect Pics Every Time

dog photography tips Everyone wants an awesome picture of their furry friends, but the task is more challenging than one might expect. Not every animal is eager to cooperate for
winter photograph

15 Winter Photography Tips

Winter is a time of extreme weather. It is a time that photographers test out their creativity and develop striking and unique photos. However, winter also brings out some potential
landscape photo shot with smartphone

How to Shoot Better Landscape Photos with your Smartphone

Ever wondered how to make great landscape photos with your smartphone? Maybe you are not carrying your DSLR or Point & Shoot Camera. Find out how you can take great landscape photos with your smartphone.
newborn photography tips

Newborn Photography Tips

These newborn photography tips will help you get started. Understand the importance of planning and timing. 5 Must-Know Baby Photo Tips.
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