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In this category, you find our best and latest photography tips. Make sure to check the current photography events, browse our outdoor photoshoot ideas, and check the best photography courses.

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Headshot Photography Tips - lighting and shadow

Headshot Photography Tips

There is a fine line of difference between headshot photography & portraitures. Discover 10 easy to implement headshot photography tips.

Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips - Head and shoulders of young woman sitting outdoors

Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

Five outdoor portrait tips to help you improve and elevate your work. Including how to utilize lighting, lenses, tools and specific times of the day to create visually appealing and compelling imagery.

How to Make Full Body Portraits 5

How to Shoot Full Body Portraits

Learn How to Make the Perfect Full Body Portrait Photo. What Lens to use, which Lighting to Pick and how to Posture for a Great Portrait (from tip to toe).

Latest Photography Tips Articles
Learn from Trey Ratcliff with a Stuck in Customs Membership!

Learn from Trey Ratcliff with a Stuck in Customs Membership!

Trey Ratcliff is a successful photographer and technician. He’s even more successful as a teacher. Being the mind behind Aurora HDR, there’s no better instructor out there on the editing software. However, there’s a lot more you can learn from Trey. Join his Passport Membership Club Now to find out.

Best Photo & Video Youtube Channels

Must Follow YouTube Channels

Top 10 YouTube Channels …for Photo & Video Enthusiasts Photography and videography have certainly grown into popular art forms, letting artists express themselves in creative and engaging new ways. In

tungsten light bulb

The Importance of Light

Light & Photography 101 What is the most important aspect of photography?  Some would say it is the camera or the lens. Others would say it is the ‘photographic sense’ something

What's the Auto ISO Mode: When and How to Use it.

Auto ISO Mode: What, How & When?

What is Auto ISO? The Auto ISO Mode is a feature on some cameras where the camera decides what should be the optimum ISO for the exposure.  The camera reads

Hyper Lapese Videos

Understanding Hyper Lapse Videos

What is a Hyper Lapse? Moving time-lapse or hyper-lapse is an interesting genre of photography that demands a lot of knowledge on how to frame your shots accurately, how to use

Studio Photogrphy Ligtning

Playing Around With External Lights

Learn Contrast & Background Lighting In the concluding part of this three-part series on Playing around with external lights, we delve into creating contrasting lighting using grids. We also learn how

Low Key Light Photography

High Key vs. Low Key Lighting

In the first part of this three-part series on playing around with external lights, we learned the importance of light. We also learned how we can use external lights in

External Lights

The Magic of External Lights

Earlier we learnt about the nature of light and how different types of light sources can have an impact on our photography. We also learnt how the quality and color

Shooting during the blue hour

Shooting During the Blue Hour

Don’t Miss this Twilight Photography Tips While almost everyone in the photography fraternity knows about the golden hour, not much is actually discussed about the “blue hour”. No wonder, people

HDR Photography

HDR Photography Explained

Capturing a lot of dynamic range in a single image sometimes is an impossibility. This is where HDR photography comes into the picture. Let’s learn more.

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