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How to Make a Full Body Portrait (Tips & Tricks)

How to Make Full Body Portraits

Learn How to Make the Perfect Full Body Portrait Photo. What Lens to use, which Lighting to Pick and how to Posture for a Great Portrait (from tip to toe).

Best Portrait Photography Camera

Best Camera For Headshots – Top Six Choices

We have Looked at the Best Camera for Your Headshot Photography Needs (all the 6 compared cameras, ranging from Full-Frame and Crop Sensor DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras) are not only great for Portrait Photography, but also work Great as Allround Cameras!

Baby Photography Tips

Proven Baby Photography Tips

7 Simple Baby Photography Tips It’s a beautiful moment when you welcome a little one into your family. As the father of a five-year-old, I remember her first days, when she would sleep most of the time and I would wait patiently to hold her in my arms.  But in those busy first few days, one should...

How to give a positive vibe to an image

How to Give Positive Vibes to Your Images

4 Tips to Spice Up Your Pics One of the challenges often faced by photographers is to give their images a positive vibe. If you are shooting portraits you know without doubts, that some images require just a plain old profile shot and others, where you are specifically requested, will have to give...

Color Gels for Flash

Using Color Gels when Working with Flash

How to Use Color Gels for Flash A challenge for pro photographers, and for that matter even amateur photographers, is color correcting for ambient light, especially when they are firing a flash at the subject. There are a number of techniques used by beginner photographers, such as using a gray...

sharp portraits handheld low light

How to shoot sharp portraits handheld in low light

Shooting sharp low light handheld portraits How often are you faced with a situation where you want to make a portrait image and the light is extremely low? Normally, when we attempt shooting portraits handheld in bright light, we set the shutter speed to something very high. The idea is to freeze...

10 Potrait Photography Tips

Video: 10 Secret Portrait Photography Tips

10 Secret Portrait Photography Tips 10 Beginner Portrait Photography Tips! 1. Use Exposure Compensation: To brighten up subjects dial up to +1 2. Aperture Priority Mode: Set a wide aperture to blur the background 3. Shutter Speed Settings: Set the shutter speed higher than the focal length 4...

High Key Photography

How High Key Photography Works: 3 Must Know Tips

An Introduction to High Key Photography High Key Photography denotes an overabundance of brightness in an image. Whenever you see an image that seems to have a positive feeling about it, say an advertisement for a clinic or hospital, an image of a smiling baby, a bride on her wedding day wearing...

Whit Background Portrait

Total White Background Portrait Photos

How To Make Pure White Look Pure White in Your Images One of the challenges that we face in a studio environment when shooting portraits is to make the white background of our photos appear truly white, and that is even after using a pure white backdrop. As you can imagine a true white background...

newborn photography tips

Newborn Photography Tips

Getting started in newborn photography Here are a few quick newborn photography tips that are surefire ways to make the first images of your baby truly adorable. Props and settings If you are going to use props let’s not make them clichéd. Try and take a leaf out of Queenie Liao, a mother of three...

Headshot Photography Tips

Headshot Photography Tips

Importance & Techniques Difference between Portraits and Headshots Headshots are not the same thing as portraits. They inculcate more, in the sense that these pictures, which focuses on the head of the person, aims at bringing out the personality of the individual being photographed. These...

Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

Shooting Portraits Outdoors In this tutorial, we shall be looking at some easy to follow outdoor portrait photography tips to improve your portraiture skills when shooting away from a studio / indoor environment. Related Post: Full Body Portrait Photography Tips Timing I wouldn't recommend shooting...