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Macs official application store the Mac App Store is the equivalent of Google play store for downloading and installing applications that increase the productivity of your Mac. This is a platform for registered developers and the company’s internal development division to put up applications for the Mac.

Launched back in October of 2010, the company started accepting submission by registered and trusted developers developing applications for the platform into the second month.

Mac apps are as diverse as they can be. There are apps that will help you organize your documents on the web, share them with collaborators or staff as well as access them on the fly (Dropbox and of course Google Drive). Then there are apps that allow you to access your documents and other apps simply by using the keyboard (Alfred). Of course, you also get more powerful apps like photo editing utilities and video rendering utilities. The list is unending.

PicMonkey Online Photo Editor and Collage Maker

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What to expect out of the brand-new Pixelmator Pro release

Pixelmator Pro Review: This new advanced photo-editing app built for Mac is a more sophisticated version and worth your one time investment.
Direct Printing from iPhone

How to Directly Print Photos from an iPhone

How to directly print photos from your iPhone? Use AirPrint (part of Apple's MacOS and iOS) enabled printers or HP Direct Wireless Printing. Read our easy and quick tips and tricks on how to print photos with your iPhone.
Priime for Mac OS

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Priime Styles for Mac OS X Priime recently launched Priime Styles for the Mac OS X platform. This is a standalone photo editor that comes loaded...

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