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laster printer toner

Are Laser Printers Good for Photos?

Have you been looking for a new printer for photo prints? You might be wondering, are laser printers good for photos? Find out more!

Kit Lens Upgrade: How to Choose a Second Lens

If you’ve been photographing with a DSLR or mirrorless camera for a little while, you’ve probably gotten to that point where your kit lens just isn’t enough. Which means that it’s time for a kit lens upgrade. But what should you look for in a second lens? How do you choose the perfect kit lens upgrade for your needs? That’s

photography terms

Photography Terms: A Guide to Key Terminology for Photographers

Do you want to know the photography terms that are essential for beginners and hobbyists? The basic photography terms that everyone interested in photography should know? That’s what this article is all about. Because I’m about to give you all the photography terminology that you’ve ever wanted to know–which will get you immediately sounding like an expert. Let’s dive right

dslr settings

5 Simple DSLR Settings Every Photographer Should Know (For Stunning Photos)

There’s no way around it: If you want to capture amazing photos, then you absolutely have to master camera settings. Fortunately, camera settings are far simpler than most people realize. There’s not any math involved. And there’s not a lot of technical material, either. All you have to know are a few basic tools. And you’ll be on your way

Raw vs Jpeg

RAW vs JPEG: Five Reasons You Should Be Shooting in RAW

If you’re looking to produce the best possible photos, then you absolutely need to be shooting in RAW. In other words, the RAW vs JPEG question is closed. There’s no way around it, because RAW files are better than JPEGs (and HEIFs) in pretty much every way. That’s what this article is about: Explaining five key reasons why you should

White Balance

Understanding White Balance

White balance refers to the process of correcting color casts in your photos. You can set the white balance yourself using a gray card.

What Can Shutterstock Photography Do For You? – A Shutterstock Review

If you’re even remotely familiar with the world of stock photography, you’ve no doubt heard of Shutterstock. As one of the largest microstock sources around, they sell vector illustrations, video clips, and photographs. Currently, the database houses more than 40 million clips, files, graphics, and images. Each week, about 100,000 uploads are added to the collection. So, it should come

Review of the Best Canvas Printing Service Providers Top 10

Review of the Best Canvas Printing Service Providers

We checked out the best canvas printing services online. We found 12 notable companies. Our pick is CanvasPop.com as it makes your photos pop on those canvases. Check our review post and why you too should print one of your photos in large format for your empty walls at home or in the office.

android phones with removable lenses

Best Lenses for Android Phones

When it comes to the best lenses for android phones it can be difficult to know which lens is right for you. We selected the 7 best lenses you can buy.

photodirector 10 review

PhotoDirector 11 Review: More than a Photo Editor

PhotoDirector 10 was a popular photo editing program. Cyberlink continues this trend with the release of PhotoDirector 11. This updated program offers a myriad of updates and improvements. Furthermore, it offers all of the features you would expect such as adjustment editing, transformation tools, and photo management. We have tested this new release and created this PhotoDirector 11 review. We

Best Travel Cameras for the Pro and Enthusiast

The Best Travel Cameras in 2020 Top Picks

When traveling, a small camera is a must. In this article, we give you the best travel cameras. Get stunning images with a small, yet powerful camera!

Best Street Photography Cameras Compared (and How to Choose the Best Option for Your Budget).

Best Street Photography Cameras for any Budget

The principles of capturing street photography, how to choose the proper camera for your images and our list of affordable to mid-level to more expensive street photography cameras.

Getting started in Levitation photography

Levitation Photography Tips and Tricks: 20 Ideas to Spark Your Creativity!

Seeing an object defy gravity forces any audience to stop and stare for obvious reasons. So, it shouldn’t come as much of surprise to learn that levitation photography has garnered a strong following. But how, exactly, is this illusion possible? What goes into creating levitation photography? To answer your questions, let’s talk about how to create your own photographic magic.

photography goals 2020

20 Photography Goals for 2020 to Improve your Photography Skills

Creating photography goals for 2019 can really help give you focus – it can also help drastically improve your skills and knowledge. In this article, we look at 7 different goals that you could set, such as creating a photography blog, starting a 100 strangers project, and enrolling in a photography course.

Best Astrophotography Photography Cameras

Best Cameras for Astrophotography (6 Top Choices for Stellar Photos)

Did you ever want to make a great shot of the stars at night?
Or even the milky way or the northern lights when traveling to Scandinavia, Canada or Alaska? In this case, you need a pro camera. If the light is great, the camera doesn’t really matter that much.
Do you want to capture stunning images of the stars? If so, then you’ll want the best camera for astrophotography. Read on to find out more!

best mirrorless cameras under $1000

Best Mirrorless Cameras Under $1,000

The best mirrorless camera under $1000, revealed! Discover the perfect mirrorless camera for your needs, including great budget options.

Samsung S10 and iPhone XR

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XR

Are you struggling to decide which smartphone to buy? Has your decision come down to the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the iPhone XR? Read on for our winner!

Best Photo Scanners

Best Photo Scanners You Can Buy in 2020

When it comes to scanning your precious prints, you need one of the best photo scanners you can buy. We’ve handpicked the best so you don’t have to!

portrait pictures

Best Camera Settings for Portraits: Settings for Stunning Portrait Photos

What are the absolute best camera settings for portraits? How do you choose settings that will get you amazing portrait photos, consistently? It’s a common struggle… …which is why we’ve created this portrait photography settings guide. In it, you’ll discover everything you need to know about portrait camera settings. And you’ll never struggle when choosing portrait photography camera settings again.

laptop with analytical info on

The Best Website Hosting Services for Photographers Using WordPress in 2020

You’ve got your sights set on a URL, you’ve made the decision to use WordPress, and now you’re at the tricky, and confusing, stage of choosing which service to use for hosting your website. Now, as a photographer, you’re probably wondering what exactly is the best website hosting for photographers? And maybe even, what is website hosting? Well, the good

Luminar 4 Review

Luminar 4 Review – AI Features, Sky Enhancement, and Smooth Editing

In our Luminar 3.1 Review, we look at this latest iteration of the popular editing program from Skylum. Luminar 3.1 brings a whole host of new features. It allows users to quickly and efficiently edit RAW photos. Using the editing features, beautiful end pieces can be made. Furthermore, Luminar also has basic photo management features to catalog your images.

wacom intuos pro tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro Review

The Wacom Intuos Pro is a high-end, yet still affordable, graphics tablet. This popular tablet can seriously enhance your workflow.

winter photograph

15 Winter Photography Tips

Winter is a time of extreme weather. It is a time that photographers test out their creativity and develop striking and unique photos. However, winter also brings out some potential challenges. Temperatures drop, daylight hours lessen, and nights become extremely dark. In addition to this, snow, ice, and blizzards are commonplace. As a result, winter photography is challenging but fun.

dahlia macro photo

Flower Macro Photography: 10 Tips for Amazing Flower Photos

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can capture stunning flower macro photography. In fact, taking amazing macro flower photos isn’t actually difficult. It just takes a bit of know-how (which I’m going to share with you today). Then you’ll be able to capture photos like this: And this: Are you ready to start doing some incredible

Canon M50 Lenses

The Best Canon M50 Lenses

Are you looking for lenses for your Canon M50 but don’t know where to start? In this article, we cover the best Canon M50 lenses for any photographer.

Easy Landscape Photography Tips

The Best Landscape Photography Courses in 2020: An Ultimate Guide

What are the best landscape photography courses out there? In this article, I’m going to answer that question. I’ll take you through the best courses for budding landscape photographers–courses that will teach you how to shoot absolutely gorgeous landscape images. I’ll explain exactly who each course is for and what it offers. Are you ready to discover the best landscape

CyberMonday Photography Deals

Best Cyber Monday Photography Deals

The Best Cyber Monday Photography Deals in one place. Find deals and coupons on gear, photo prints, and photo software. GEt up to 83% OFF today only!

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